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Video From Valerie V! Home Care Marketing Mastermind 2022!

Home CAre Mastermind Message Valerie V
Home CAre Mastermind Message Valerie V

Hey everybody. It’s Valerie V I just wanted to, uh, create a quick video and talk to you a little bit about something that’s coming up. Pretty soon, we have two events. One is free, and that is our event on January 13th. We’re gonna an in depth look on that webinar about leads, how home care agencies and senior care businesses are generating leads all the different ways. We’re gonna talk about those. Uh, and we’re gonna take a, a hard look at all the different options, because some are really expensive. Some require a lot of, um, you know, a lot of, uh, follow up. They don’t close fast. So we’re gonna take a whole look at that. That is January 13th. The link is below. I want you to attend that anybody in your office can attend. It’s totally free. Come on in. We’re gonna record it. The other thing I wanna talk to you about is our upcoming 2022 home care marketing mastermind.

Now, anybody in senior care can join this. Um, before you join, though, I want you to think about this. You might be the person who should attend the mastermind, but also maybe your marketing person should be the one to attend. And that’s okay. Before you sign up, think about all the people in your office who might a really good candidate to attend those. These are meetings on Fridays, they’re around noon. They’re like one o’clock Eastern, 12 noon central, uh, and they are all reported. So if you don’t get to attend live, you can always, um, you know, watch the replay, which is totally fine. And any notes, anything that we have to go along with that video will be right inside our membership air. You’ll get all of that. So before you sign up, uh, think about all the people that might be interested in your office, or should be interested in attending a marketing mastermind.

That means that we are going to I’ll do little teaching, um, and show you some strategies that are working for home care agencies across the country throughout the year. Let’s talk about all kinds of things, online, marketing, referral marketing, in person, marketing, all the different things, but we’re also gonna talk together and you’re gonna hear from, uh, ma from in the mastermind group, you’re gonna hear from veteran home care agency owners, and you’re gonna hear from brand new home care agency owners. We’re gonna talk about our struggles, our victories, all the things that are happening in 2022 and what we are learning and what is working for us. Um, we’re gonna talk about recruiting as well. So it’s not just marketing to get new clients, but also recruiting strategies. We’ve learned a lot in the last two years, and we wanna share that with you.

Um, we’re also gonna have some guest speakers that are gonna come in and talk about D aspects of marketing in senior care, um, or different services that they might provide and, and what they have found in their, um, their observations about the home care industry or the senior care market. So we have lots of exciting things to talk about all year long. We’re gonna meet every single Friday and you don’t have to attend live every time, but we hope that you will, or somebody in your office will still, before you sign up, think about all those people that might in your office that could attend. You only have to pay for one membership. Anybody in your office can attend. So it’s $57 a month, which is nothing. Um, <laugh>, we will it’s for people who are, you know, brand new and can’t afford gigantic big marketing budgets, so they can learn how to do some of these things on their own. It’s for veteran home care agency owners who maybe you’ve got, um, you just wanna learn and freshen up some new ideas. Maybe you’ve got a new marketer on your team who could use a little knowledge base about what other people are doing, whatever your situation is, uh, before you sign up, make sure you, uh, let us know who else besides you needs to be on that list. So one sign up, anybody in your office can attend. We would love to have you thanks. And we’ll see you soon. Bye.


Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

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