More Caregivers, More Applicants, Less Time Qualifying

Need Help Recruiting Caregivers, CNAs, HHAs, Nurses, PT, OT, ST?
Our System Takes Gives You More Time to Focus on the RIGHT Candidates!

Recruiting Caregivers- It's About to Get Hot in Here. (VIDEO)


We Place the Ads for Caregivers, RNs, LPNs, CNAs, HHAs. Or, you use your current ad system.

  • Candidates Answer the Ad.
  • Candidates Answer a Few Qualifying Questions.

Our System Communicates via:

  • Text
  • Email
  • Voicemail Drop

The candidate self-schedules their interview time.

  • You approve.
  • The candidate is sent reminders 1 day, 1hour, and 15 minutes before their interview.

The best candidates self-identify by booking an appointment with you, and fast track their path to employment, saving you valuable time!

Here's How it Works


Here's The Result

No more chasing. Let Our System Do the Work.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What programs does this system replace?

Pretty much everything. We can even provide a full online job application on a HIPAA compliant server! The system handles texting, email, newsletters, mass texting, mass email, phone calls, and Facebook Messages.

Does this replace scheduling software?

Nope. This is only for recruiting and job applications.

Can candidates upload files, like CNA certificates, resumes, driver's licenses, and more?

Yes. If you need that functionality, it is easily added.

Does our staff get to collaborate on what certain items say? (Like texts, emails, voicemail drops)

Of course! Our set up includes an onboarding call where were we customize down to the last detail for you.

What if a candidate has a question? How does the system respond?

Your designated HR person is notified any time a candidate reaches out via text or email. That person can answer from their desktop or mobile device!

Who runs the ads for recruiting caregivers and nurses?

We can run the ads, or you can run the ads. We have a very good track record with "ad copy" that gets the attention of more caregivers. We are happy to set up ads that meet your budget criteria. If you don't need us to manage your ads, we are "hands off"!



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