Honestly, it’s the little things we try to do for our clients that don’t cost them a dime. A little more publicity, an extra video for their YT channel, their FB page. I know I enjoyed this as much as David Faciana did, and he can use this in SO many ways on social media, his website, and more. When are you going to join the LTCEP family?

Valerie V Show EP 97: Interview with David Faciana, Owner, Avalon Home HealthCARE

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Avalon Home HealthCARE is located in Parma, Ohio and serves all of NE Ohio.


(440) 863 -3609

Valerie V:                           Hey everybody. Welcome to the Valerie V Show. We are so glad you could be with us today. One of the things that I really like to do is interview entrepreneurs and folks who are in the home healthcare business because that’s what we do. We help those folks market their businesses. Today we are lucky enough to have David Faciana with Avalon Home Healthcare with us. David is going to tell us all about his business and give you some insight into what they do. So David, welcome to the program.

David Faciana:                  Well Valerie, thank you very much.

Valerie V:                           It’s so great to have you here. The first thing that we want to know because everybody has a story. Everybody has a reason for getting into the healthcare business or the home healthcare business, so how did you get into this business of senior care and home healthcare? What drives you? Tell us more about it.

David Faciana:                  I could probably answer it because I get asked this question a lot, especially, I get asked why did I start a home healthcare business after I was already retired. The answer is always the same. It’s very simple. That is, I saw that a lot of seniors, a lot of people my age were forced to move out of their homes. Not because they want to or have to but because of the situation. They just couldn’t live there anymore. So I decided to get into this particular business. Very simple. I think I could do a much better job and relate to my patients.

Valerie V:                           Sure and they’re your peer group and they’re the folks that you understand their needs and that’s awesome. We interview a lot of folks who this is their second life or their second career. I think that’s honorable and a wonderful thing that you’re doing.

So tell us more about what areas you service?

David Faciana:                  The areas that I service as an independent home care agency, I started from scratch, is that we cover northeast Ohio. Basically we cover pretty much all of northeast Ohio which encompasses, obviously, the Dayton area. I have two offices now. I have an office in Strongsville which is where I started and I have an office in Parma also. I’m looking to maybe open up a third office in the far east part of the area.

Valerie V:                           That’s a big territory.

David Faciana:                  Yeah. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons I decided to open up or possibly open up a third office is to be able to cover those territories. As you well know, in this business, you really only need an office for recruiting for the caregivers. So I want to be closer to the caregivers so the caregiver is closer to the patient.

Valerie V:                           That is a great strategy. We don’t want to drive 50 miles to get to the office. It’s hard enough as it is. For you to open another location, that’s brilliant. I’m glad you’re doing that. You have a great coverage area. That’s a lot of seniors that you’re going to be able to serve up there. So that’s awesome.

So give us some examples of issues or client challenges that you know home care can help with, like peace of mind and things. Tell us about some of the folks that you’ve been able to help and how that just makes everybody feel so much better.

David Faciana:                  A lot of my patients and a lot of, unfortunately for them, are dementia or Alzheimer type patients. For example, we’re an accredited agent for the VA through the Care Planning Institute. So I have veterans or veteran spouses as my client base, the majority, a lot of them. For example, one of the areas is a couple in the east side of Cleveland. They’re both veterans. They are retired, obviously. They’re in their 80’s, mid-80’s. We take care of them. My caregiver … one thing I’ve learned about this business is the caregiver. You hire a good caregiver, they become part of the family. The patient really looks forward to seeing them which is pretty interesting in my area because quite frankly I never thought about that until I got into it.

The other area that I see a lot of and what I was majorly concerned with when I first started this business was putting a stranger into another stranger’s home. One of the things that I do is I do complete background checks of all my caregivers. I personally interview all the caregivers so I have a pretty good handle of the people that I put in place. Because when I go out and do the assessment that person who chooses Avalon Home Healthcare they’re choosing me.

Valerie V:                           Yes they are. You’re right.

David Faciana:                  I’m making sure that person that I put in there represents me and my company or the agency in this case very well. So I do background checks of everybody. I totally, I do personal interviews of all the caregivers. I also protect the caregivers by offering my patients … so I protect the patients and the caregivers with a million dollar personal protection plan or insurance program. In addition to that, I have a program for the patients which is really very good. Because almost all my patients are private pay. They’re paying either out of their own funds or family funds so one of the things I do is that after 26 continuous weeks, I give them a week free.

Valerie V:                           Nice, that’s really nice.

David Faciana:                  In addition to that I also give them, I guarantee that the hourly rate will not increase for up to two years. So with hen they come on the service with me, for at least two years they’re guaranteed that the hourly rate, no matter why my cost have increased, they still pay the same. For seniors, I think that’s an important aspect for them.

Valerie V:                           I think you’re right.

David Faciana:                  In addition to that, I not only do that, I put that in writing. So they get a copy of it. It’s not like, “Oh, yeah, we can do it.” No, this is how we run our business. This is what we do. When you’re investing in me and our company, you’re investing in me. That’s the way I like to run the business.

Valerie V:                           You know what David? That is an amazing a mount of guaranty and quality and integrity that you’re offering these seniors and their families because anytime a stranger, no matter how great they are, is coming into the home it can be a little disconcerting sometimes. So having an owner like you who puts all of these guarantees into place and is safe with our parents and our loved ones who we’re trusting with you, that makes me feel better as an adult child of an aging parent and I know so many more out there will feel the same way.

David Faciana:                  Quite frankly, that’s the reason why I did it. One of the advantages, again, that I have over other people that are in this business, is I live it. I lived it. I feel it, just because of my age. But also I have, I had parents that we had to put in the homes. I didn’t know too much about home care. When strangers come into your home it is, you’re right, it’s a very disconcerting thing until you feel comfortable with them. It’s stressful not only for the person who is being cared, but it’s stressful for the family members because they are entrusting that person and they’re wondering while they’re at work or doing their daily activities, raising their family or whatever, “Geez, is Mom being taken care of? Did we make the right decision?” So what I try to do is ease their mind and take some of that thought process out of the equation, especially in the beginning.

Valerie V:                           That’s amazing and so wonderful to hear. It’s so refreshing to hear an owner that’s so passionate about the safety of a senior and the peace of mind and well being of everybody, including the family members and caregivers. So how can people reach you if they want to get more information about Avalon Home Healthcare?

David Faciana:                  It’s very simple. They can either contact through my website avalonhomehealthcare.com. They can contact me through or contact or agency through Facebook, at Facebook.com Avalon Home Healthcare. They can also call into the office which is 440-863-3609. One of the things I also do is when a person, when a client becomes, a patient becomes a client of ours they get my direct cell phone number so they’re able to call me and contact me quite frankly, 24/7.

Valerie V:                           That’s great.

David Faciana:                  They have access to me all the time. In addition to that, at the end of the day when the office is closed and it’s evening, I transfer, I have the phones from the office transferred directly into my cell phone. So again, I’m pretty much hands-on with regard to everything about my business.

Valerie V:                           That’s great and we appreciate that about you because it’s so hard to find folks out there who are still as hands-on as you are and that’s amazing. I appreciate your guarantee, again. I know that we can read that guarantee on your website. What I’m going to do is, I’m going to put the links to your website and your phone number up here on the screen for everybody to see. Certainly folks, if you’re in David’s, in Avalon Home Healthcare’s service area, give him a call. If you’re thinking about home care, I know David can answer your questions. It may not be today that you need it or that your family member needs it but down the road a piece. Or it might be you have a crisis right now. Whatever the case, I know they can handle it.

So thank you very much, David, for being on the show. We look forward to learning more about you as time goes on and seeing how wonderful and how great it’s going to be for you guys at Avalon Home Healthcare and for all the seniors that you service in your area. So thank you very much. I appreciate it.

David Faciana:                  Thank you.

Valerie V:                           Folks, we’ll be right back with more from the Valerie V Show. Thanks for joining us today. We’ll be back with you soon. Thanks.