Valerie V Show EP 6: Back to FB LIVE! Q1 Power Hr, HCAF 1st Friday Lunch and MORE

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Full Transcript:

Valerie V:            … three, two. Hey. We made it, and we are live on Facebook. Thanks, everybody. This is, like, a little experiment, because the challenge here, is to see what kind of audio and video settings we need, to make sure my mouth is the same as my mic. It may not be, but that’s okay. Bear with me, because we well change that. Now, sometimes you have to delay your mic. Sometimes you have to delay your video a little bit, but we’ll figure it out. So, I just wanted to go live for a few minutes and talk to you about three things. Three things that are coming up. Let me see my little newspaper says here.

Okay, first of all, Q1 Power Hour, quarter one, every quarter we do, what’s called, Power Hour. It’s free to anybody. You can submit any questions you want, to But, we already have tons of questions, so, I mean, you’re welcome to submit one. If you do, I will be sure to get to it, but we do have lots of questions about marketing, in general, about online marketing, and all kinds of other stuff.

The other thing about Q1 Power Hour is, that we try to do a complete, Ask Valerie Anything Q & A, for as long as everybody wants to stay on. We already have over a hundred people registered for that. You can register too. It’s totally free. Check out Facebook. Check out LinkedIn, the website, the website you see there, You can go there and look at my latest, or one of my blog posts. It’ll talk about Q1 Power Hour. So, it’s always a good time. Everybody likes it, and you can ask questions live. You can, whatever. We have a great time.

So, Q4 Power Hour, which was last year, in December, was a huge hit, so we’re going to do one every quarter. So, please join us this Thursday, 3:00 PM Eastern time, 2:00 PM Central, 1:00 PM Mountain, 12:00 noon Pacific. If you can’t be there, go ahead and register anyway because you can get the replay stuff, pretty cool.

Okay. Next, we’re gonna talk about First Friday Lunch. So Home Care Association of Florida, is probably one of the largest home care associations in the United States, they do a great job for their home health care, and their private duty home care agency members. And the first Friday of every month they invite a speaker to do an online webinar, kind of thing, so I am going to be the speaker for February. So, if you’re in Florida, and you’re a member of Home Care Association of Florida, this is free for you. And we’re gonna talk about how to get leads in 90 days or less. And it’s all about online marketing, changing your strategy to get more leads in 90 days or less. So that is Friday, and it’s only for the state of Florida, Home Care Association of Florida, and you must be a member, I think. But it’s free to any members who want to attend. You do have to register, so go to the Home Care Association of Florida’s website, go to whatever links they have there, and look for First Friday Lunch. Lunch Chat, something like that.

Okay. And then the last thing we’re gonna talk about today, really quick, is our website spotlight. So any time a new website goes live, we’re all very excited about that because it’s a huge accomplishment, not only for the client, but also for our staff. We don’t take this lightly when we build a website, it’s not cheap, and we know that our clients want their business represented the way it should be in 2018.

So with that, I’m gonna take you to the screen here. Bear with me one second, while I pull up our little screen. Oh, look you can see me. This is our newly launched website, and I want to point out a few things. This is Home Care Matters, out of Flowery Branch, Georgia, Gainesville Georgia. They are just, I wanna say, north east of Atlanta. Memory, I’m not sure, I think that’s right. But sort of the suburbs of the Atlanta metro. And this is a very clean, easy to understand, easy to navigate site. Both on desktop and on mobile.

So the website address is And if you look at it, what you’re seeing now is the desktop version. If I scroll down you can see all their awards and recognitions. We were just talking about Home Care Pulse, and some of their awards have just come out, as well as Senior Advisor, and a bunch of others, so if you have awards you want added to your website. Notice that they do subscribe to all of those services, and they do have all their awards. You can see they have a very clean, easy to navigate, big text. It really falls together nicely in a mobile environment. And of course there you go, this is all there blog posting that we do for them. This is all their social media, they are in our Facebook program. And the owner is Valerie Darling, same name as me, easy to remember. And she’s amazing, and she’s also a cancer survivor, and she has been doing this business with some of her family members and some great staff, for a very long time. She’s the owner and founder, and we appreciate her, and all the years of business she’s done with us.

So this is a facelift for a website that she … she already had a website with us, but this was a complete facelift on her old website, and it turned out just beautifully. And the real object of the game here, is not so much how fancy, dancey it is, and how crazy it is, but how easy to navigate and clean it is. Her phone numbers right at the top. Her contact us is right there. Start here to find care near you. There’s no way that a potential client, would not know how to get ahold of somebody at this business. It’s an easy website to understand, and of course they have a video here that they had made, which is awesome to.

So that is my live, that’s it, that’s all I have. Two events, so the most important one tomorrow is at 3:00 PM eastern, that’s Q1 Power Hour. Be sure to check out the Facebook group, Elder Care Entrepreneurs, make sure you get joined up with that. And also, get on that Q1 Power Hour webinar tomorrow. And if you’re in Florida, join us for the First Friday Lunch. Thanks so much everybody, and have a great Wednesday. Bye.

Let’s see … Oh, I gotta go out. Oh, unprepared. Here we go.