Valerie V:            Hey, guys. Welcome to The Valerie V Show. Today is Think About It Thursday and we have Matt Rosno, founder of Rappora with us. We are going to try and do our expert panel or expert speaker interviews pretty often in the month of May and June, and try to get everybody in that you guys have been requesting. With that, I’m going to say hey, Matt. How are you?

Matt Rosno:       Hello, hello. Thanks for having me.

Valerie V:            No problem at all. Matt sent me a few questions and he says he has a fun fact for me. Matt, take it away.

Matt Rosno:       Yeah. I was going to draw some knowledge on you. No, I’m kidding. We’re here in sunny Austin, Texas. A little fun fact. When you think of Austin, what do you think?

Valerie V:            Weird.

Matt Rosno:       We keep it weird.

Valerie V:            Keep Austin weird. Yeah.

Matt Rosno:       Live music capital of the world, technology startups, all that. Well, we actually have the second fastest growing population of seniors in the Austin area and also the fastest growing population of adults between 55 and 64.

Valerie V:            You’ve got a lot of folks to talk to out there and they’re all keeping it weird.

Matt Rosno:       They are. They’re calling it “the grandparent effect” just because so many people want to stay here and not leave for retirement or their children are coming here, starting families. They’re like, “Okay, I’m retired. I’m coming with.”

Valerie V:            Wow. Very nice.

Matt Rosno:       There’s a little fun fact for you.

Valerie V:            That is a great fact. I think we’re all experiencing some level of that wherever we are. Probably not where I am in St. Louis, Missouri. Probably not here, but in the Sun Belt. I’ve been to Austin. It’s beautiful and you guys have a lot of cool stuff that happens in Austin.

Matt Rosno:       Yeah, we do.

Valerie V:            Love it. Matt is the co-founder of Rappora. I read his bio and he’s very smart and knows all these techy stuff and things and all this. Now we’re going to ask him a few questions and learn more about Rappora and what it is. I’m going to show the first question. Why Rappora, Matt?

Matt Rosno:       Awesome. Thank you. Yeah. Why us? Why do we do this? Why are we serving home care? Our belief at Rappora is quality home care, it starts with personal relationships. By that, I mean personal relationships in every aspect of your business if you want to be providing the best level of service, from getting your clients to the actual care services you’re performing to supporting your caregivers. Those relationships, it all starts … They’re built upon strong communication. That’s a really big challenge in this industry.

Valerie V:            Totally.

Matt Rosno:       Home care, senior care businesses. They’re just inherently distributed, right? Maybe you’re lucky and you have an office and your team is co-located in that office. Maybe your administrative team is remote. Regardless, your caregivers are spread out through your entire community. That was a challenge. A communication challenge, right? That’s why we exist.

Valerie V:            Awesome.

Matt Rosno:       Yeah. If you have a senior care business or home care business, we want you to spend more time with people and less time at your desk. Taking just every aspect of your home care business with you anywhere, any time. Our platform, we built it mobile first for that exact reason.

Valerie V:            Yay. Mobile first. Google loves you.

Matt Rosno:       Yeah, we try.

Valerie V:            Mobile first everything. Awesome. Okay. We’ve got why Rappora. Tell me – this is my big question – what does Rappora do exactly?

Matt Rosno:       Yeah. What do you say you do here? We cover most every aspect that you need to operate a senior home care business. We have software assisting you with sales and marketing. We have free CRM capabilities.

Valerie V:            Cool.

Matt Rosno:       Care coordination, care planning, caregiver scheduling, point of care, reviewing all those shift notes, billing and payroll. The full spectrum of what you need to run your business. I can go into a couple specifics if you want me to.

Valerie V:            Oh, that would be great. Give us some specifics. I know we have home healthcare agencies and we have private duty watching. For LTC Expert Publications, 90% of our target audience is non-medical. Whatever examples you want to provide are awesome for either one.

Matt Rosno:       Yeah, sounds great. We are a non-medical platform, but our users are far beyond just non-medical. As I said, first and foremost, we’re fully mobile. There’s a very strong difference between, “Oh, yes. We have an app,” versus we have a mobile software for mobile and it’s meant to be used on the go. You look at our caregiver experience. It’s very hyper-focused in seeing your schedule. Wide angle, the entire month, just today, documenting your shift and seeing exactly what you need to do. Us providing software to just really empower those caregivers, to guide them in personalized care. That’s good and that’s great, but then what about the rest of the software?

Matt Rosno:       The scheduling, the payroll, the care planning. Our mobile capabilities are built with that in mind as well. Really everything you can do at your desk, which we get it. There’s a time and a place to use a computer. You can be really efficient that way, but when you’re meeting somebody, you’re in the living room, being able to do your care planning right then and there, set your care tasks and just be ready to cover that first shift is very powerful. You’re out in the community. You meet a lead. Being able to document that personal information, set a reminder so you know to follow up with them at the right time and eventually when they’re in business. It’s huge.

Matt Rosno:       Something happens, right? Having full control over your schedule on the go while you’re in your car. Not driving. Pull over to the shoulder of the highway. Yeah, being fully mobile. We can’t speak to that enough because we expect home care businesses to be relying on their office less and less. We’re seeing a lot of businesses that don’t even have an office. They’ll rent conference rooms.

Valerie V:            Oh, yeah.

Matt Rosno:       Whatever it takes for necessary training in all hands. We expect that trend to continue. The rest of the world really saw remote workers not having an office in the years past, and that’s making its way to home care. That’s possible if you have the right software.

Valerie V:            Exactly. We have lots of folks who still work out of their home for their home care agency, especially when they’re starting out. Money is tight and they need to just keep their … They’re out and about all the time. I can’t tell you how many meetings I’m on when somebody is at Starbucks as their office. That happens a lot. Yeah, the mobile part of that. This is the piece that is … It’s exciting to me. It’s going to be like this for a while, I’m sure, but we have home care agency – home healthcare even – lugging their laptops around.

Matt Rosno:       We don’t want that.

Valerie V:            No, it’s a bummer. Get that iPad or that tablet and be done with it. That is a bummer to have to connect your laptop or take notes on your laptop. Those heavy, bulky ones, especially the hospital-based home healthcare. Oh my goodness. You guys are ahead of the curve on that and you have been for several years, I guess. That’s awesome. All right. I do have a question or two for you, but I’m going to keep going with ours because you might answer this question. Who is Rappora for?

Matt Rosno:       Yeah. As I mentioned, we mostly work with non-medical care providers. If you are home health, that’s great. Use our platform for wherever it makes the most sense for you. Maybe if you have a non-medical aspect of your business, maybe you just use us with that. We’re B2B. We sell to businesses. We provide software for businesses, but it’s really businesses of all sizes. We work with a good number of people just starting their home care businesses. They just got their license. They got their first client. They have our software and they’re ready for growth from day one. That’s really exciting. On the other end of the spectrum, we’re also working with a number of bigger franchises.

Valerie V:            Good.

Matt Rosno:       Just to put that into scale, it’s businesses who … They have multiple offices and they’re doing 400 shifts per day. They’re scheduling 400. They’re working 400. They’re reviewing 400. They’re processing the time and care documentation for that volume of shifts. We’re very excited about just the spectrum and range of businesses that we’re working with.

Valerie V:            Okay. Speaking to that, to who’s it for, you talked about startups. You may not want to talk about specific pricing on this meeting, but can you give us some generalities as to price points? Maybe someone is a startup versus someone who does have 400 clients out there or 400 caregivers out there.

Matt Rosno:       No, that’s a really great question. We publish all of our pricing on our home page. We’ve built our company in a way where we can keep costs down. We price our software in a way to always just stay in lockstep with your business at whatever stage your business is at. As you grow, we grow. It’s really that simple. Yeah, we publish our pricing. We have a month-to-month plan. That means no commitment beyond a month and you’re paying $8 per active client that you’re serving per month. We start at $8.

Valerie V:            Wow.

Matt Rosno:       You can grow from there. We also have annual plans and we have different ways to get that price point even lower. Just some other incentives, like a referral program and ways to lower that price. We want to keep this as simple as possible.

Valerie V:            That is so nice.

Matt Rosno:       Especially for those starting your businesses. The last thing you want is to cough up some serious change every month when you just got your first client. We get it.

Valerie V:            Right. Very nice. That’s an excellent price point. Nobody is going to argue with that. Nobody is going to say, “Oh, well I can’t afford that.” That’s great. Yeah. I just put a comment on that pricing is on the homepage on If you’re listening and not watching, if you’re listening to our podcast, it’s at Rappora You can go there and see whatever you want to see. Very transparent. Thank you for doing that. Okay. What makes you different than other companies? That’s what somebody wants to know.

Matt Rosno:       Yes. It’s a really good question. Yes, there are other software vendors out there. Our industry is growing, which is great for everybody, right? Yes, others are going to come in to attempt to address that need. The biggest issue with other software providers is their software is very transactional and home care is not. I’ll unpack that a tiny bit. Yes, shifts are built, caregivers are paid, but beyond that, home care, it’s about those personal relationships. Those personal details that help you win business. It’s about effectively communicating with your caregivers to prevent misalignment. Enabling your workforce, your caregiving team to take ownership, to take accountability of their responsibilities.

Matt Rosno:       On the flip side, being able to adequately just show appreciation for what they’re doing because you can properly see what they’re doing. Home care is intimate. It’s personal. It’s very far from transactional. The question is, why is that so important? Why is communication so important? So you can keep your best clients, so you can keep your best caregivers for years to come. If your clients are turning, if your caregivers are turning over left and right, you’re going to really struggle in this industry. That’s why we exist is to help people communicate how they need to.

Valerie V:            Awesome. Okay. What is next with Rappora?

Matt Rosno:       All right. Coming up next, we’re really excited. Here in the next couple weeks, we are about to release new messaging capabilities.

Valerie V:            Oh, nice.

Matt Rosno:       Yeah. It’s more than just HIPAA compliant texting. It’s more than that. It’s being able to do group messaging as your business needs it. Broadcast messaging designed specifically for home care. You can send a shift to the preferred caregivers for a client very easily. Boom. It’s done. Follow up. Having a shared inbox, right? As you broadcast messages, maybe I have the phones and you have the phones this weekend and somebody else is on call. Letting your team pass the torch per say as you’re doing all this. As I mentioned at Rappora, we have a lot. We have the full spectrum of the features you need to run your business. Our care team chat that we’re going to roll out, it’s really fueling the fire with everything we’re doing going forward.

Valerie V:            That staffing piece alone, just to be able to broadcast out to everybody and say, “Hey, I need a shift covered,” or whatever. The staffing piece alone. I’m sold. I wish I had a home care agency because I want to use your software and it’s affordable and it does everything I need it to do. Yeah, that chat capability or that broadcasting to everybody or just keeping that inbox so everybody sees the relevant messages that are for everyone. That’s awesome.

Matt Rosno:       Yeah. We’re really excited about that because we’re doing some really amazing things with reviewing care notes. Being able to literally circle something like, “This time is wrong. Please fix it.” Notification to the caregiver. They fix it. Comes back. Notification back. You approve it. It’s locked in. You just saved a ton of time compared to the traditional way of paper care notes wrong. Come back in. You know how it goes.

Valerie V:            Oh, yeah.

Matt Rosno:       Our care note review, our shift visit review is very strong. Once we have chat, it’s going to be even stronger. Instead of saying, “Hey, I’m circling this. Can you fix it?” Then you’ve got to pull it up. It’s right there in line in your direct message with that caregiver. They can fix it in line. Quick one or two conversations back and forth for clarity.

Valerie V:            Wow.

Matt Rosno:       Then it’s fixed. It’s locked in. Then billing and payroll is unblocked and that can proceed.

Valerie V:            Wow.

Matt Rosno:       When we have chat available in a couple weeks, it’s employee chat for this first release. Then we’re going to be pulling in these rich posts. Then efficiency gains left and right once we have that.

Valerie V:            When that comes out, will you let us know press release wise or however you guys put that out? Keep us updated so that we can let everybody else know, “Hey, new feature. Ready to go.” Yeah, keep us updated on that kind of stuff.

Matt Rosno:       Yeah.

Valerie V:            Any time you have a new feature or something cool you’re rolling out, when it’s ready to go live, let us know. Home Care Daily on our pages and that, we’ll put out a little note to everybody to let them know to check it out and see how that works.

Matt Rosno:       Yeah. We would love to do that. We have on our homepage a preview of what the chat looks like. Our pricing is a little different for the chat. The standalone thing if you don’t want the full shebang. Yeah, we’re very excited about that.

Valerie V:            Awesome. Well, this has been great. I have learned a ton that I did not know before about Rappora. You’re making me want to try to fit your software into my square peg over here, which is not home care. It’s awesome to be able to talk to each other and just the whole thing. I appreciate you sharing this with our audience. I know that there are so many home care agencies out there, whether they’re franchise-based or they’re not. Most of our clients are … There’s a mix in there, but especially the ones that are not franchise-based really struggle with solutions like this. They don’t know which one is best or which one to go to or which one services all their needs. This has been awesome and I appreciate it because I think a lot more people will understand the value here. Great.

Matt Rosno:       Awesome. Thank you for having us.

Valerie V:            Well, that is our live today. I want to thank everybody for attending. We are going to send this out as a replay really fast. If you missed it live, you’re now watching the replay. Thank you, Matt. We’ll talk to you soon. Thanks for being on The Valerie V Show.

Matt Rosno:       All right. Awesome. Thank you. Take care.