Hey guys. Valerie V. Welcome to Marketing Monday. Hope you’re having a great day and hope you have a wonderful week. I wanted to show you this slide and show you what accounts matter and what accounts don’t matter as much for home care. Now this is specific to home care, senior care, elder care, and I want you to pay really good attention to this list here.

So first of all, your Facebook business page. This is you community outreach. This is where everything happens. This is where your community should be liking your page and you should be growing an audience. So you shouldn’t have just 100 Likes or 50 Likes, you should have 2,000 or 1,000 Likes. These people should also be folks who are from your local area. Don’t ever go on Fiverr or one of these other places and get 12,000 Likes on you Facebook business page. It sounds great, but the reality is those people are in India, China, and all kinds of other places. So Facebook business page get your Likes from your local area. Sometimes that requires a little bit of advertising and that is perfectly okay. You can do that on a really low budget. So, Facebook business community outreach.

LinkedIn. This is your professional to professional networking. Your LinkedIn profile should be filled out completely. You should have your picture in there and you should be connected with Valerie, so make sure you send me a LinkedIn connection and a Facebook connection, too. Valerie@Vanbooven is the person you can look for on both of those. So Facebook and LinkedIn. Professional to professional networking in community outreach.

Twitter and Pinterest. Awesome to have. Awesome to tweet if you’re going to do it automatically. Awesome to pin posts if you have a Pinterest business account. This stuff should all be automated because you have not enough time to deal with every single account or remember where everything goes. So Twitter, I mean, if you’re not a Twitter expert, don’t worry about it.

What you should be doing is focusing on Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s great to have a Twitter account and to tweet once in awhile, but essentially, Twitter is not a place where you’re going to get a client ever and neither is Pinterest. Pinterest is not going to drive business to your agency or your assisted living facility or your geriatric care management practice. It just isn’t going to do it. Great to have. Great to keep them active. But you don’t have to worry about those every day.

Your Gmail and Google account. This is something that we set-up for our clients to manage other things like their Google Analytics and their YouTube account. You should have a YouTube account. You should have all the right artwork in it and it should have videos! So some of our next videos that we’re gonna do, we’re gonna talk about doing videos.

So that is your Marketing Minute on Marketing Monday. Hope you guys have a great week and we’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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