Hey guys, Valerie V. Today we’re gonna talk about curating content. And the reason we’re gonna talk about it is, because I don’t think people understand some of the value in curating content. So, at LTC Expert Publications, one of the things we do for our clients is original content and curated content. And by that I mean, we place original, professionally written search engine optimized blog posts, articles, on your blog. But what we also do … And we create videos for you that are branded to you. And … Excuse me. We also ask you to contribute content. And that content, of course, is original to you. So, between what you contribute, what we have written, and your videos that’s a lot of original content. However, you can’t just post one time a week or two times a week and think that that’s gonna be enough. It just isn’t enough. People who are interested in what you have to say, people who are interested in your topic or what you have to say, really wanna hear from you, more than just one time a week or two times a week.

It’s important to keep them engaged all the time. So, one of the other things that we do Monday through Friday, is we contribute to your Facebook business page, what we call curated content. And that could be in the form of a meme. A meme is like a quote, a picture, sometimes it’s lighthearted and funny, sometimes it’s inspirational, “Have a great day.” “Caregivers caring for themselves.” Inspiration for family caregivers, Alzheimer’s disease quotes, poems. I don’t know. Pictures, things like that. A lot of times, it’s news stories about happy happy things that happen to seniors, that have happened and have been posted to somebody else’s page or have been a news item. And they’ve gone viral. Your community loves that kinda stuff. Yes, they really like your content too, but you can’t talk about Alzheimer’s disease 24 hours a day and think you’re gonna get a client. That’s just not the way it works.

Or talk about Alzheimer’s disease twice a week and think that’s how it’s gonna work. It is something that you have to mix up the happy, show that you have a sense of humor, sense of empathy and compassion along with the educational stuff. You gotta have a good mix. You have to have a percentage of great, fun, inspirational stuff, and a mix of your educational stuff. Without that mix of curated and original content, what happens is, your audience gets bored with you one way or another. So, that’s why we try to mix it up. So, if you’re wondering why we tell people to “Have a great Monday” or “have a great week”, or “We’re thinking about you” or “Kindness is cool” or any of those things, it’s because you get more likes, shares, and comments on those posts than you do on anything else. And here’s the other thing that’s important, Facebook wants to see engagement, just like Google wants to see engagement.

In fact, if I had to give you a really good piece of insider information and advice today, I would tell you that although SEO, search engine optimization, is important. Engagement is probably more important now. So, the fact that people like what you have to say, is more important than what you think they should read. Please remember this too, you are not your client. That is something I learned a long time ago, and it’s something hard to absorb. But that’s … This means that just because you think it’s important to put on your Facebook page and that people will love it and it’s the best thing ever and makes you look totally fabulous. It doesn’t mean that’s what the people that are thinking about using your services really wanna see. You are not your client. So, that means that you need to think in terms of what other people enjoy. They don’t go to Facebook to be educated every day. They go to Facebook to escape.

They go to Facebook to be inspired. They go to Facebook to look at pictures of their grandkids or of their children or of events happening with their friends and family. So, the more of a friend you become to them on your Facebook business page, the better off you’ll be. So, being their friend, their virtual friend, and also being a mentor or an educator or a leader, is really important. So, not everything that we post to your Facebook business page is all about incontinence care, dementia, stroke recovery. That stuff is great and it’s important, but it’s not as important as you being inspiring, empathetic, and compassionate. So, we are posting content every day that helps you be both things, not only a leader, but also a compassionate, empathetic, and supportive friend. So, I hope that helps you understand more about why we choose the kind of content we choose for your Facebook business page. It is not religious. It is not legal. It is not anything controversial. It is something that’s … Look at …

If you look at the people who have liked your page, who have commented, who have said, “Thank you for posting this. I needed this today.” Look at the people who have shared. If you look at how many shares you get on a simple meme or picture or quote, as opposed to that whole incontinence care thing or that whole dementia thing, you’ll be amazed. It is a stark difference. So, be their friend and be compassionate, but also be a leader. And that is my tip for today. Bye, guys.