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Q & A Time! Valerie V Answers Your Home Care Marketing Questions 3

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Why do you only recommend WordPress for websites?


Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and Marketing360 (Madwire) are not going to give you your website or the content. You can never leave. Cheap design, cheap look, cheap results. Will we work with these sites? Yes, we can blog post on them.

We can make it work, but we hope that as your business grows, you can get a real site with a real web developer who really isn’t going to disappear in 6 months because their “business” didn’t work out.

Your website is a direct reflection of your business. Spend the money, make the investment, don’t cry poor mouth. Figure it out.


Do you sell home care leads?


No. You may waste your time and money with a variety of lead services. Please visit them for more information. We help home care agencies build their own local empire online. We help home care agencies create an online presence that make consumers think they would be crazy to do business with anyone else. Create your OWN home care leads. They close. They buy.


Do I have to participate in social media if you are doing it all for me?


Yes. No one can replace you. No engagement from you is a recipe for disaster. You’re too busy, right? No bueno.

Are you too busy to increase your revenue?

Something ain’t right on the office end. We have home care agency owners who run multiple locations, own multiple offices and they STILL find time to submit content. You make a CHOICE to not engage. Therefore, you make a CHOICE to leave revenue on the floor.


How much is the mentoring program?


Visit this link, watch the video: https://www.ltcsocialmark.com/mentor

Send more questions to Valerie@LTCEP.com!

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