How One of the Worst Times in My Life Led to the Best Time in My Life

How One of the Worst Times in My Life Led to the Best Time in My Life

Once upon a time Valerie V was 24 years old and married her first husband.  Husband was 27.

We were both too young and emotionally dumb to get married.

We had money (not wealthy) but did really well. We both worked full time, had great careers.

We custom built our first home on 5-acres near his hometown, out in the country. Beautiful place.

No kids. One cat.

We had the perfect Catholic wedding in his home church.

4 years in, things started to crumble. Shockingly crumble.

We both made mistakes (ok he made more than me 😉 )….and after 3 more years of trying to keep it together, it was over.

Sold the pretty house.

I took the cat.

We were both devastated, embarrassed, disappointed.

But, if it hadn’t been for that experience, I wouldn’t be here today.

In the midst of the divorce (uncontested, easy, cheap), I wrote my first book. (2003)

I ended up promoting myself until I appeared on the Today Show a few times.

My book was sold in local bookstores and on

Back then it wasn’t easy to self-publish, and there were no “Kindles”.

I had 1000 print copies delivered to my condo. (oops)

I met a guy and we started dating.

2 years later we married (Charlie!). 2 years after that we had triplets.(Sam, Sophia, Maddie!)

1 year after that I started my own business. (huge risk)

I’ve never looked back.

You can do this. You can win. You can have a profitable home care business.

You can!

You have to WANT it bad enough. You have to eliminate all excuses, stop blaming everyone else for your failures.

Own your issues, face your challenges.

It’s not the system, it’s not his fault or her fault. It’s your fault.

Fix it and move on. Get up off the couch, get off of social media.

Get a mentor. Get a coach. Get an accountability partner.

Start now. Sign up for the Mentoring Program. No excuses.

Go here now and fill out the form. I will beat the home care marketing success into you. HA! (Just kidding)


PS Yes, my ex-husband and I are friends. He is married to a saint of a woman who I also think of as a friend. She’s amazing. Their 3 children are amazing. I don’t know how she does it. And yes, he is also very successful and a hard-working guy.