Valerie V:            Hey guys, The Valerie V Show, it’s been a while since we’ve been together. I have been so busy with life that I haven’t made a video in while but here I am. Here I am.

How do you like my beautiful view? It’s wrinkly, I’ve hung it up for two weeks and it’s still wrinkly so I guess I’m going to have to take another step. And no, I don’t iron.

Let’s talk business for a minute. Where have you been is what I want to know. For the mentoring program for The Valerie V Mentoring Program, we have done a bang up job, selling out every single month. Now, we’re onto September. Tomorrow is August 31st and I know that’s hard to believe that we are almost into the month of September, it’s craziness. 2018 has flown by but we are looking for our last three participants in the Mentoring Program in order to sell it out. In fact, we’ll probably end up oversold a little bit. We can only allow so many people in per month because there’s so much work to do because we do everything for you plus we mentor you, plus I’m going to show you something.

The Mentoring Program has grown so much that we have I don’t know 25 private videos, and private mentoring group on Facebook and we have meetings and all kinds of stuff. So it’s gotten really big. I love it, I absolutely love the fact that people are participating. This is probably the one year that stands out in my brain where our clients have participated, grown their business, seen better results.

I just talked to somebody yesterday who was like, “Ah, you know, we had an okay time in this month and that month but this month, this last month, we got more online leads, referrals whatever you want to call them then we have. A couple of months ago we were getting worried about it and now we’ve gotten more than ever. So we are very happy with what’s going on online.” That makes my heart happy. That is results, that is what I want to hear.

I want you, who a home care agency, a senior care business of some kind, to get on board with us for the September Mentoring Program and be one of our last three that we sign up. If you’re sitting on the fence, if you’ve been thinking about it and haven’t done it, pull the trigger. It’s the least costly for all the things that we do for you. I’m not going to go through that because there’s a whole long list you can view at the link I’m going to put with this video.

Also, you get a lot of me and who wouldn’t want a lot of me? Ha, ha. What I want you to do is go to the link here which is and sign up and get on our list for the September group.

What I also want you to know is that its gotten so big that we’ve made lots and lots of videos for our private group that you probably haven’t seen, I know you haven’t seen. Lots of tips, tricks, how to do stuff, where to go, what to do, what to make work, things that I don’t talk about with other people. Ooo. I actually took all those and I use a platform called [Kijabe 00:03:28] to organize it all.

Now, all of our clients in the Mentoring Program can go to one place, they can see all the bonus content we’ve given them. They can see all the videos we’ve done. All the monthly calls where we do different topics. Every single mentoring item or video on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, you name it. Hosting, blogs, SEO. All the things we do. They can see all of it and it’s all in one place and it’s all very organized.

We had to do that because it was getting to the point where it was hard to find videos. I mean YouTube is great but they don’t really, if you’re not really web-savvy, it doesn’t let you organize things the way you want to. So that’s why we did that.

Anyway, it’s awesome. It’s amazing. I want you to get on board for our September group.

This is the last quarter. We are heading into, I guess, the last quarter of 2018 and you have the opportunity, right now, it’s getting close, we’re winding up, to make this the best year ever. You still have time to do it because this winter, it’s going to crazy let me tell you. I believe in the Farmer’s Almanac and you’re going to need more care givers. You’re going to need more people out there helping the folks that need you, that need to reach you.

We’ve been talking a lot about making sure that if this your passion, if this what you want to do, then, you need to reach out to as many people as you can humanly get in touch with to let them know that your services are available. So that nobody is missing out on the home care or senior care service that you provide. The way to do that is to have an amazing online presence.

I want you to get involved with our Mentoring Program so that we can do everything for you and teach you what we’re doing as we go so that you are not lost in space anymore. Okay? So get on board with us and we are going to come back with a bunch of cool content videos coming right up.

I just wanted to take this moment, on Thursday, to say, Hello, hope everybody is doing great and we will see you in our next video. Thanks. Bye.