Senior Care Outreach, Publishing, Engagement Program

How does the SCOPE Program Help Your Senior Care/ Home Care Business?

SCOPE is our most popular and longest-standing program of all time!

Grows your local audience through content and social media.

Increases your visibility on Google Search

Provides continuous engagement with your audience with content, social media, and monthly newsletters

Provides enhancement of your referral partner awareness and interactions.

Automates your follow-up process with leads and referral sources.

Turns old leads into business by providing re-engagement campaigns.

Eliminates extra software purchases to get the job done.

Done-For-You, Saving Time and Money

Provided by an experienced and knowledgeable team!

Important Note: Approved Senior Network's Marketing programs are best suited for senior care businesses that have been established for over 1 year, have clients, caregivers, and can comfortably afford 6-months of services with us. 

What's Included in SCOPE?


Pricing = Phone Consultation
  • Writing/Blog Posting Original Content x2 per month- Done-For-You
  • Client Provided Company News- Up to 4x per month- Done-For-You
  • Blog Posts to Social Media (FB AND LI)- Done-For-You
  • Short Branded Videos to Facebook - Done-For-You
  • Increase Your Likes Campaign on FB- Done-For-You (Client pays FB ad fee)
  • Branded Images and Captions on Facebook x5 days/week. - Done-For-You
  • Monthy Branded, Beautiful E-Newsletter - Done-For-You
  • Expert Level Listings and Features - Done-For-You
  • Access to Valerie V's Insider's Platform for Senior Care Marketing
  • Bonus Marketing Content
  • 6-Month Participation Required


  • Every SCOPE Program Includes the USE of ASNSPARK! CRM for up to 5000 Contacts
  • ASNSPARK! CRM- 3 Templated Email Drip Campaigns (Old Leads, New Leads, Referral Sources)
  • ASNSPARK! CRM- Up to 5000 Contacts (additional available with fee)
  • ASNSPARK! CRM Follow Up, Scheduling, Texting, Email & Phone Communications
  • ASNSPARK! CRM-Enhanced Reviews Program - Done-For-You Set Up & Video Training


  • 30-minute Scheduled Zoom Onboarding Call with ASN TEAM
  • 1-hour Scheduled Zoom Call Initial Consulting Call with Valerie (AS NEEDED)
  • Unlimited Online Email Assistance Via ASN Support Portal (
  • Program Reviews as Needed with Valerie Maximum of Every 60 days- 30-minute Zoom Call.
  • Additional calls with Valerie more than 60 days apart, requested by client = $50 per 30-minute session

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