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Where Do I Find New Home Care Clients in 2022?

When it comes to marketing a home care business, nothing will replace the amazing results agency owners see from forming relationships with referral sources/marketing partners in their community.

To grow your home care business, you need to continuously market your services online and OFFLINE.

Here are the top 5 Referral Sources for Non-Medical Home Care Agencies:

  1. Clients/Families 
  2. Hospital discharge planners
  3. Elder Law Attorneys, Assisted Living, Skilled Rehab, and other senior care business models.
  4. Medicare Certified Agencies
  5. Hospices

Here are the top 5 general marketing sources for home care leads.

  1. Google Search/ Your Home Care Website
  2. Google My Business Listing
  3. Google Ads
  4. Community Outreach events – speaking at churches, senior centers, etc.
  5. Email Newsletter and Online Marketing


Even for the Search Engine source, as many as half of the searches may come from people who have been referred by actual people: they were just using the search engine to find your information online.

Trust, Authority, Expertise

Most referral sources will not refer new clients to you unless they trust you.

Most consumers are looking online for a company they can trust, that has a great reputation, and consistently shares new information via their website, newsletter, and social media.

Amazing Care

Of course, the main ingredient is actually providing amazing care to your clients and caregivers.  

Going above and beyond for your clients and for your referral sources is a great way to establish that “trusted” reputation both online and offline.


Home Care Leads Program – Features / Services / SCIP Care Program

  • Campaign Design & Management: Google Ads Design and Optimization
  • Branded Landing page
  • Optional: Similar campaign on Facebook ( on request with separate Media budget)
  • Bid management: Target your local area by radius or zip codes
  • Lead Notifications: Instant Lead Notification by email or text via CRM
  • 4 ways to interact via CRM: Phone Call, Form, Text, Email
  • Lead Management: Categorize status of all contacts, Contacted, Form filled, scheduled. etc
  • Lead Nurturing /CRM Usage: 1 Lead follow up & nurturing via CRM lead nurturing Drip campaign via CRM
  • Program is for one office, contiguous territory, or single lead collection/contact
  • Monthly Reporting: Monthly online Reporting.
  • Video-based report when needed
  • Support services 1 hr Scheduled Initial Consulting call with Valerie
  • Unlimited online assistance thru Support Portal
  • Program reviews with Valerie at the 60-day interval as scheduled by the client
  • Commitment 3 Month participation requirement, then 30-day notice to cancel