Ever say any of these things?

Home Care Agency Owner

Mr. / Mrs. Home Care Agency Owner- Don’t Give Up.

“Why is my bank account not reflecting my growth and the work I’ve been doing?”
“Seriously, I’ve been doing this for so long now and feel exhausted…is it even worth it?”
“Hmmm…I think I should be charging more.”
“Is this a smart investment or another waste of money?”
“Why is he making more than me and I’m more experienced?”
“This is f*%$ing hard.”
“If I’m really myself, will people actually look up to me and want to work with me?”
“Am I crazy?”
“Is everyone really lying about their success?”
“What else should I be doing to see results because I feel like I’m doing all the things!?”

I really want to share with you why marketing, sales, operations, team… growing…
Has been so difficult…

It’s not the strategies and tactics.
It’s YOU.

Let’s get YOU, past YOU.

Start with a plan.

You wouldn’t start a business without a plan. You need one for your life, as well. Decide what you want to achieve this year. Set goals that are a stretch, but still attainable. Whether it is a healthier lifestyle, more time with friends and family or getting your finances in order, most things are achievable with the right plan. Use the same techniques developed in the business sector to break larger objectives into smaller action items. Prioritize these actions into a to-do list and implement. Occasionally step back and ask yourself if you still want what you set out to achieve and if your plan is effective. If you answer no to either, adjust the plan.

Surround yourself with good people.

You can’t run a business without the support of others. The same principle applies to your personal life. It’s easier to succeed with an effective support system. Surround yourself with A-players who will back you and your vision. We find that spending time with ambitious, positive people who are working hard to achieve success is a good place to start. Their energy is contagious. Separate yourself from people who are negative, critical, play the victim or are inherently lazy. We find that their vibe can be contagious. Think about it. You wouldn’t keep an employee who worked against your company’s goals, destroyed team morale or complained incessantly. When you are trying to improve your personal life, you will need a supportive team. Choose wisely.

Develop new and improved processes.

Keeping the same practices while hoping for change will not work. If you want to lose weight, but continue to eat the same way and maintain your current level of activity, you won’t achieve your goals. You must change and improve your processes. As in business, the first step is to examine and document your current processes or habits. For example, if you were trying to quit smoking, document what the situations are, and what the times are when you smoke each day. After examining your current habits, make efforts to change patterns and circumstances where you would normally smoke. Develop new habits to replace the old. Instead of smoking during a work break, for example, go for a 10-minute brisk walk, visit with a colleague or get to that article you’ve been meaning to read.

Create metrics to measure progress and stay on track.

The final step in developing new habits is to create metrics that will help to guide and measure your success. If you are trying to lose weight, tracking your calories each day, your steps and the minutes you spend exercising are a good place to start. At one point, Polly was trying to spend more time with friends — something that was difficult to fit into her busy schedule. So, she made a plan to go out with friends twice each month and measured her effectiveness with this goal.

She also decided to make commitments to call women friends each week to chat. These calls went on her to-do list as a way to keep her on track. Losing weight, exercising more and managing a budget are all new habits that should be easy to measure. So, do what Polly did: Count and log calories on an app. Record types and length of exercise. Create a budget and map your expenses against your plan. Keeping track can motivate you to continue, as you see your success.

Create and establish better habits. Using tried and true businesses practices can help you to achieve your goals. Remember, these practices used by successful businesses can be easily used in your personal life to boost success.

Owning a home care business can be incredibly rewarding and allow for a fantastic lifestyle, but how do you move beyond a one-man show when it’s time to build your business?

Stop treating your company like a piggy bank.

The transition from employee to entrepreneur can be lucrative, yet dangerous, especially if you experience early success. Don’t let an increase in pay (by way of sales) cloud your good judgment.

Your new business needs to eat in order to grow.

Larry Kim, the CEO of MobileMonkey tells us:

“Very early on in my business, I fell in love with sole proprietorship; I could deduct legitimate business expenses, command higher rates as a contractor, and take on multiple clients. I paid myself handsomely, bought a brand new car, and was basically irresponsible with my newfound “wealth.” In short, I treated my company like my own personal piggy bank.

What I should have been doing is what I eventually ended up having to do, in order to grow. I needed to pay myself a lower salary and invest profits back into the business. It’s hard to adjust to the mindset that requires that you spend substantial amounts of “your own money” on payroll and marketing, yet it’s necessary in order to bootstrap the business and avoid taking on a lot of seed-level financing.”

Stop making excuses and procrastinating.

Another huge obstacle in the first two years is procrastination. When you decide to become your own boss and are self-employed, no one is going to hang over your shoulder and make you accountable to your goals. You may suddenly find yourself with more freedom, no dress code, no set office hours, etc. This is a recipe for disaster for a procrastinator.

Figure out a productive routine and to force yourself to adhere to it. Growing your company will not be possible if you don’t start treating your business like a business. In order to expand beyond yourself and bring on additional staff and clients, you need to be operating at a much higher level, in terms of organizational and operational excellence.

Get ready for it…

Customers and employees will start to multiply. Building a business is never easy and usually feels like pushing a big rock up a hill, but over time, that hill becomes less and less steep.

Owning a home care agency can be a rewarding life over the long term. If you are ready to grow, though, these tips will help you over a few of the hurdles. Once you sense that opportunity to build, work to determine how you might be standing in your own way. Don’t let your hang-ups keep you from growing your business!

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