Approved Senior Network® Team
About Us

Meet the Team That Makes it Happen for Hundreds of Senior Care Business Clients x13 Years.

About Approved Senior Network®

Approved Senior Network® (formerly LTC Expert Publications) is a digital home care marketing agency for senior care businesses. Valerie VanBooven RN BSN is the founder and co-owner. George Novoson is also co-owner. Valerie and George have been business partners since 2010.

ASN has been serving the senior care market since 2008. They have over 13 years of experience with medical and non-medical home care businesses, assisted living, elder law, care management, senior placement services, care homes, and more.

The team at Approved Senior Network® is currently made up of 15+ people who work daily on content, SEO, social media, paid advertising, organic marketing, website development, recruiting strategies, CRM integration solutions, reputation management and more.


Home Care Marketing Services Include:


The ASN team is largely based in St. Louis Metro area, with some team members living in KY, NC, and MA. All work virtually, from home, and have done so for almost 10 years.


The Approved Senior Network websites include: – this is a consumer-facing website that helps families find senior care solutions. – this is the marketing services website for home care and senior care businesses across the U.S. and Canada.


Valerie VanBooven RN BSN Shares Monthly Senior Care Marketing Tips and Videos

Valerie VanBooven, RN, BSN, Founder, Co-Owner, Wife, Mom, Author, Video Nerd. The buck stops here!


George Novoson, Co-Owner, Business Development Expert.  Husband, Father, Grandfather, Nicest Guy Ever.

Sales/ Business Development

Bob Costello

Bob Costello, Business Development and Sales Manager. Husband, Dad, Family Man! Likes to SKYPE. Cleveland Browns FAN!


Dawn Sohn

Dawn Sohn, Director of Operations. Cracks the Whip. Wife, Mom, Gets “Stuff” Done. The Most Responsible Person We Have Ever Met. Taught Valerie’s kids how to behave in public. STL Cardinals Fan!

Mark Bateman, Director of Web Development Services at Approved Senior Network

Mark Bateman, Director of Web Dev and Back-End Support. Dad of 3. 20-Year of Web Dev, Coding, and Back End Support. Problem Solver! Washington University Graduate. 

Jennifer Comley

Jennifer C., Content Manager for ALL! Wife, Mom, University of Kentucky Fan, Bleeds Blue, Yells at TV During Basketball Games. Might Be Related to Valerie V.


Melanie F

Melanie F., Social Media Manager, Recruiting Manager. Does a lot of EVERYTHING. Wife, Mom. Smart as a Whip. She is Older Than 15, We Checked.


Gisele C., Client Manager, Wife, Mom, Dog Lover, Cook, Jack of all Trades. Busiest Person We Know. Buffalo Bills Fan!

Nikki Stroud

Nikki, Video Creator and Editor. Registered Nurse, Mom, and Instructor at Pike-Lincoln Technical Center in Missouri!


Carrie H., Client Manager. Wife, Mom, Soccer Mom!, Family Comes First. Her Girls are Always Dressed SUPER CUTE!


Molly Schad

Molly S., Marketing Assistant, New Client Welcome, Email Set Up, Mom, Wife, Sno-Cone Connoisseur, Gets Things Done!



Brenda N., Client Manager and Quality Assurance. Wife, Mom, Grandmother, Great Eye for Detail. Excellent cook! Married to da boss.


Lindsay S., Newsletter Manager. Creative, Smart, Writer, Wife, Mom, Karate Mom, Dog & Cat Mom.