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It’s the Valerie V Show. Today we are going to talk about what it means to have good Facebook engagement and why I look like Tammy Faye Bakker.

Hey, fine people of the world. It’s Valerie V coming to you from the Valerie V studios, which is in my house.

And today we are going to talk about Facebook engagement, and i’m going to show you on the screen what a really engaged Facebook page looks like and the success we’re having with the Approved Senior Network- Facebook page.

So the other thing I want to tell you is that if you think I look ridiculous right now like I’m channeling Tammy Faye Bakker, it’s because I have on fake eyelashes.

I do not wear fake eyelashes, but I thought, what can I waste $55 on today?

And I ordered, uh, the magnetic eyelashes, and they came today. They were the highest recommended of the three that they tried on BuzzFeed, and so I ordered them.

And of course, I don’t do eyeliner anyway, so when you put the magnetic eyeliner on, it’s like putting a magnet on your eyelids. It doesn’t want to come off, and it’s a little wonky but they are sticking on. It’s just that I’m not good at eyeliner. So they look I look all crazy. So I’m going to take my glasses off so you can get a really good look at this insanity- like an old woman trying way too hard.

So here we go, eh? All you can see is the eyeliner on the top of my eyelids, not the eyelashes, old lady. Trying too hard… To see that you get really close to the camera so you can see they also don’t bone talks. And you can tell I couldn’t go like this. Great.

If I did, bo talks. And I couldn’t go like this or like this listens like how my face is 90% of the time.

People would think I had something wrong with me. Like it had a stroke like hi, I can’t raise my eyebrows can be raised my eyebrows wouldn’t go up.

I don’t know see, when I smile, you tease if I couldn’t raise my eyebrows, I looked like a weirdo.

Look a flathead flathead anyway, and see if you don’t know who Tammy Faye Bakker is. You need to google that because Tammy Faye Bakker was Tam and Jim Bakker, tam women Jim and Tammy Bakker, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.

They were the biggest debacle of all time in the eighties. Early eighties… let’s see. We were probably 78 79 80 81. We were waiting for the bus stop or waiting to go to the bus stop in the morning. We would watch the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker show, because, of course, we only had three channels right, and that was what was on channel 11 or nine or whatever.

And the object of the game was to count how many seconds or minutes it took for Tammy Faye Bakker’s mascara to start running down her face because she would cry every single time.

Turns out he was completely embezzling money and do all kinds of crazy things. Went to jail for a long time, and now he’s back.

That’s not what this is about it all today. So I have my Tammy Faye Bakker, uh, eyelashes on today and a lot of eyeliner, which is not my gig. So my glasses back on, and then if you put your glasses too close to your eyeballs, then the heavy.

They hit the glasses. So you’re constantly trying to move your glasses so that your eyelashes aren’t hitting them.

I am totally going to have swollen shut eyes tomorrow or something.

Hey, what we’re talking about today is Facebook engagement.

And many of you are not Facebookers. I mean, really, “all in” Facebookers…don’t get me on this, but I’m going to show you how true it really is.

So I’m going to take you to my screen. I’m going to show you some back and stuff that you don’t normally see, and I’m going to show you why. It’s important for you as a business owner to be engaging with the people who are on your Facebook business page.

If you ignore them or you ignore it, then you can post everything in the world and is probably going to do a whole lot of good.

Except you don’t want a Facebook page that has nothing on it. You don’t want it to look like your last post was in 2017. That’s not cool either, but I’d rather have up to date content, then have a little engagement than have content that’s three years old.

It looks like you went out of business or you don’t care or something.

And a lot of the folks that are hitting your Facebook business page are the right age, with the right persona for your business.

So you want to make sure you’re engaging. So we’re going to take a look at our pages, approve senior network and approve senior network for Alzheimer’s and show you what that looks like.

Here we go. And we are going. Two go to approved. See your network.

This is a Facebook business page. Someday it will do it. And I am loved in his means. You’re going to see a lot of admin stuff that you wouldn’t normally see on a page. Like all this up here. That’s all. Adam and stuff gotta give the page a minute. A load load load on your mobile devices might look a little different, too. But basically.

And don’t forget, we’re live right here every Thursday at 3 p. m. Okay. All right. So, engagement. What is engagement on the Facebook business pace? We’re going to go down the list here and show you all right, we post every day two or three times a day on this Facebook business page.

And the reason is, we have stuff coming from a lot of different sources. So most of its automated, but we do come in here and talk to people. So, this one posted this morning nice little mean it doesn’t.

I have to tell people to do anything, but we want to encourage people and people really respond to this kind of stuff. So when you see this and you’re like, well, that’s not what I d’oh, it’s okay.

This is stuff that makes your Facebook business page more engaging. And Facebook loves it. When they see this, 271 people reached 40 engagements to comments and 11 shares.

This isn’t a share in it. This is other people. And you see a couple of comments here also. Just so you can see, there are 6000 people who like this page.

All right, let’s keep going down a little bit. Down, down, out, out, out! Keep going down. I want to find one.

This one had 307 people reached 15 engagements and two shares. Usually, these are the most shared here. We go. We believe in you.

And this was yesterday. 769 people reached 132 engagements, one comment and 25 shares. Nice. Uh, so and then this one, this is from our blawg. This is an article that was written and came straight from our blog.

401 people reached 42. Engagement eight shares, one comment and that’s okay. And guess what? When this person commented, we commented back that we loved their comment because we’re glad they’re not depressed.

Let’s see. So this is what engagement looks like. This is me posting something more on the more personal side about my dad, who has vascular dementia. That’s my dad.

And I took him to, uh, the drive-thru park loan l park. And we took some pictures. 74 engagements to shares you and 35 others. This one had a huge amount of engagement. So this is not any of us. This is a young lady on Facebook named terra foley.

She posted these pictures and they kind of went viral. So her grandma was older and not going to make it to our wedding and probably was on hospice. So this reached 2000 people. 1575 engagements.

Aah! Had 71 shares, 68 comments. This is a really nice one. So very, very much about a human person and about a situation, uh, and really did. Well, it really did well all over the internet, but we shared it here, and he got passed on.

So every time somebody passes this on, they saw the person that saw that we shared it, which is great.

And then there were 68 comments here. So there’s all kinds of things you can do to get more visibility. So if I were a local business owner, this is the kind of stuff I would absolutely want to have on my Facebook business page ad in a little bit personal.

And then also, you know, just stuff that’s encouraging. And then you mix in with that some videos that answer frequently asked questions and some occasional talk about yourself through three times a week.

And that’s what you need to make this work. The other thing I want to show you is this inbox right here? We’re going to go to our inbox.

I see this happen a lot, and I’m not sure what this is, anyway. Uh, but what we did, was he wait a minute. Let’s go back.

Sorry. And of course, Facebook doesn’t move fast on my computer. Okay, so we changed our button to send a message. Now, if you’re an admin, you see this stuff. If you’re not in, admit, you don’t see that stuff, so I’m going to go test buttons. You can see what happens.

Let’s go here. When we go up here and delete this conversation, hold on a second, uh, delete the conversation.

So that way it will start over again. All right, so I am a consumer, and I’m going to hit the test button.

So it says right here. Hi, Valerie VanBooven. Now, this is personalizing it. So if your name is Paul Jones is going to say hi, paul jones. Thanks for reaching out. Click on gets started below to gain access to free guides and more get started.

Hi, Valerie. This is the #ASNcares bot. Please enter your email address that we can keep in touch. We promise. No spam. Now some people will stop here and they won’t do it.

Some people will keep going. I’m going to do, uh, 333 at l d c p d home. Just so it’s something different than I’ve entered before I’m going to hit go and it takes a second.

Valerie, thanks for reaching out to us here. Some options. Free guides, which people click on a lot buying senior care people click on that lot and send us a message. So if I click on send us a message.

Valerie, what can we help you with? I need care in St. Louis, mo. Okay, so now it’s up to me as a human person to respond. So the bot gets us this far, and it’s up to Valerie or someone on our staff. Now, to, find that answer. So if you were to look at this inbox here and this is a program called MANYCHAT, that helps us do this.

Here’s this conversation I just had so you can see there’s the email. This email address was captured over here, so if we go to my google drive e here we go.

These are all the email addresses we have. We have ah received now. Obviously, some of the people didn’t put it in. Some people didn’t put another thing. So we had to go through and kind of straighten this up.

And so he doesn’t stop, which is fine. It’s okay. Uh, we don’t get much. They get a weekly reminder about our show. And that’s it. Pretty much that Dorothy said, how do why get the free guide?

Well, I guess she didn’t see this, so I will write her back, and I’ll give her the link to get the free guides.

, and then this one, you know, it doesn’t say she didn’t say anything, so she probably clicked on one of these now, inside of manychat, uh, inside of manychat, we can actually see what buttons they clicked on of these and all that stuff.

But all these people so we have been able to collect. Let’s see, how many does it say here?

And this is in two weeks. 183 people are actually more than that subscribed, but of the email address function, that’s how many we’ve.

We actually have about 300 people subscribe to this chat.

Now there are rules with chatbots. Very certain rules, according to Facebook. And if you mess around, you could lose your Facebook business pages. I want to do that. But putting sun message on here and setting it up the way we have has spurred a lot of activity.

Now I’m going to guess that if you’re a senior care business, you’re going to get a lot of people seeking employment hitting this button along with other things.

And we get that too. But what we do is just redirect them to the right web page to go to look for a job, and that’s okay.

Some of you may welcome people who are looking for jobs at this point because yeah because you’re its recruiting is so crazy. But “send message” is a good thing to change your button, too. And for those of you who are our clients, I would be happy to set that up for you, so just let me know.

But seeing this kind of engagement is really important. And I’m telling you, these simple easy on the eyes, easy on the brain kind of things get more engagement. And the object of that game is to make sure that you only filter in a few little promotional ads every week, and that’s what we do. Most of our stuff is informational and uplifting, and two or three times a week, it’s about Approved Senior Network.

It’s about our show. It’s about other things. We use our many chat subscribers. We add all the people who have tried to send us a message after I weed out all the people who leave some weird thing.

We add those to our newsletter list, you could do the same thing, and so there are all kinds of ways to use your Facebook business page. But the key to all of this is that you have to engage as a human person, so just letting us post to it. And you never looking at this or saying, well, I’m not in the Facebook.

If you get a little bit into Facebook and we’re talking, I do this at night. Before I go to bed. I answer everybody’s questions and I turn the computer off.

I mean, you know, it doesn’t have to be something. You sit here and wait for hours for somebody to do something. It’s just, you know, the end of the day. Schedule your 15 minutes of Facebook time so you can go in here and answer questions or, you know, go to your inbox or go to manychat or whatever system you’re using and you can go in here and make sure that people are getting a response from you.

You also get 92 percent response. Seven hours of response time. Now, I had this down to one minute, but you know it doesn’t she just doesn’t show. This was an Admin thing that everybody sees that.

But if you are quicker, then, of course, you know you have this turned on on your phone. You answer people quicker.

But like I said, I do this probably once a day. So that’s why I have a seven-hour response time. But people do respond to me when they see the message later thanking me for all that and everything. So there you go.

You’ve got 114 likes this week that is paid. So we have a simple $5 a day kind of thing running a Facebook ad. But the more this page gets engagement. The more likes. We get more, ads work even better I want to show you another page, which is very interesting.

I do not have anything hooked up to this page. And look, I do not have a message thing here. Now this page we tried to emerge these pages, but I guess it’s because they had so many people on it with 11,000 followers here. No ads running. And we have 52 this week.

It doesn’t get as much engagement. We’ve posted the same stuff. Well, I look all haggard right there. Uh, but it doesn’t give the engagement that the other one does.

That’s if it’ll let’s see what we got here. We’re 159 people in 13 engagements, three shares.

Let’s see what else we got. Let’s go down a little bit. No. Four shares. Not a whole lot of commenting on this one. And with 11,000 people, we should definitely be beginning to get more engagement.

Finally, I will just say also, I mean, go back one more. We do have a very small group that we’re growing, growing and growing.

And I would welcome you there too. If you’re a professional in the senior care market. , where did it go?

Groups it’s an Alzheimer’s dementia support group. We don’t have very many members yet, but we certainly are adding them by the day.

Three people want to join this group, and we have our lovely Carol Howell, who is not affiliated with us, except that I know she does really nice shows every almost every day.

We allow her to put her stuff on there. She’s an internationally certified dementia practitioner, and then we’ll talk about her show. So, we welcome our new members and we’re always posting cool stuff here, so if you want to join, it is . I will put that in the link with this video.

I would welcome you to join. Just remember no soliciting. And when people asked to join this group, what we do is let them a little bit. I don’t go into great detail, but if I see that they joined Facebook in you know 2019 in July, that tells me that it’s probably a fake account.

And of course, if anybody does solicit are people, we take them out.

This is a nice little group. I would welcome you there. So we have three things going over the proofs here network. But the main thing to know is this on your Facebook business page, if you just interact with people and, uh, you know, talk to them, love it when they comment. So every time somebody comments, he tried to engage with them.

Somebody comments. Give them a shout out or just, you know, say thank you or whatever.

I mean, I can go through and like, all of these, and that’s another form of engagement because these people are so sweet to take the time to do this.

Thanks, everybody. That’s our show for today. And now i’m going to go wash my face and see if I can get Tammy Faye off my eyelids. Mmm. Or maybe I’ll wear him again. Who knows? But they’re heavy.

Heavy, huh? Okay, everybody have a great rest of your week. I hope that helped you. If you need help with online marketing and you are senior care business, we help everyone in the senior care market.

Whether you’re an insurance agent, home care agency, home health care agency, assisted living facility, elder law attorney. You name it.

We can help you. So give us a shout out. I’ll put that information underneath the video. Thanks, everybody.