When it comes to home care websites that rank- it can be a tough job! But watch this video and see what happened 5 days after we launched this website! Great home care SEO made this happen.

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Hi, this is Valerie. I want to give you a rank update.

We are only five days into your home care website being live, but I want to show you what we have today.

And this is going to change a whole lot as Google starts, indexing your pages on your new website, but it looks really good right now. So I thought I would take that opportunity to share this with you. Um, the first thing I want you to see is that we started tracking your website, which is your old site on May 1st. And I think I added some keyword phrases here around May 12th. This is the day after your site went live, or maybe two days after This is what it looked like.

So this is good. This is how much your stuff has increased.

So visibility has increased from a 1% visibility across the state of New Jersey to a 17% visibility across the state of New Jersey. In just a few short days, your estimated traffic has gone up about 4% and your average position has gone up 56 spots,

Which is awesome. There’s good news and bad news. Y

ou know, you’ve had 176, we’re tracking 582 keyword phrases, 176 have improved in ranking, which is great. And that’s what we want. 187 have declined.

So like I said, this is going to be all over the place for awhile, but the ones that have improved are really good ones. I also want to show you this. Um, this system is some rush and I know you’ve seen something similar to this and other reports that you received from other vendors, but it tries to track who your competition is. And it’s really picking out some big players here. I probably wouldn’t pick this big, a play these big giant players. Um, you know, these are venture-backed people. So, but, but what it’s saying is pretty good. So across the state of New Jersey overall for 582 keywords, you are number three in terms of visibility, behind caring.com and comfort keepers.com. So here’s caring, there’s comfort keepers, there’s care.com. They are gold. They’re a little smaller. And then there’s you. And then these folks are way back

Now I want to show you something else, which is the actual overview. So this is another view of what it looks like as we went from May 1st to May 22nd. Very nice. This is shows you the position you were in on May 1st for these keyword phrases. And this is a search that is run as if I were sitting in the state of New Jersey. And this is the position today or, well, this is ahead of us. I think hour-wise cause it’s really May 24th, but this was just run a couple of hours ago.

So yeah, for Home Care New Brunswick, Live-In Home Care New Jersey, which I know is one of your favorites, you’re still number one for all of these, mostly new Brunswick. You’re always, you’re still number one. This little pin drop means you’re on, on the map, which is awesome. So if we keep going down here, you can see your number one for all of these keyword phrases, tons and tons and tons of different ones, different versions of long-tail keywords, different towns, Hillsborough, Lakewood, Livingston, um, they’re all very long-tail keywords though.

So something like senior care, new Brunswick, you are number two on the maps on the first page of Google home care, help Stockton number two. So now we see that your number two, number three for living care. This is really interesting for live in care, without the word, New Jersey, just a search in the state of New Jersey for live in care. We didn’t have a rank for you before and now you’re number three of a map for living care. That’s new. So anytime you see the word new, that means you weren’t there before and here you are now.

Okay. So Great, great job. And all this, now that there are a lot of keyword phrases we’re tracking, I won’t go through all of them, but I also want to show you all the new ones. So I’m going to click on this and this is going to sort and tell us what’s new.

So like I said, a minute ago, live in care is new, very important to you. I know we’ll stay in New Jersey, um, and you know, number three senior care at home Stockton, that is also number three. And then if you go down the list here, a lot of these that your new four are on the second page. They’re not on the first page of Google. Um, but as we go down here, you can see some of these have come up. They were there before, but they’ve come up 63 spots in five days, elderly care Bridgewater. Uh, this one right here, elderly care red bank. So you’re making a whole lot of progress.

You’re either brand new. Are you coming up tons of spots across the universe for all of these keyword phrases that are important to you that you never ranked for before Or elderly care in New Jersey, we come up a couple of spots and these go on and on too. So, um, five Days out, excellent results.

And I just wanted to show that to you so you guys know everything’s going okay. Thanks. Bye.

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