Hi Friends,

See the screenshot below and then check your website to make sure because Google went and changed the rules again…(annnnnd we’ve been warning you since January)

With the newest release of Chrome Ver 68, ALL http URL’s will be displayed as “Not Secure”
Chrome Ver 68, ALL http URL's will be displayed as "Not Secure" 




This is a good thing, providing your site is set up as httpS

If not then you’re going to be losing visitors and customers…

The problem is paying for an SSL certificate [the bit that lets your site become httpS) isn’t cheap.

AND it’s usually a tech nightmare to get it all set up correctly!

There is, of course, a solution, if we (LTCEP) host and maintain your home care website. Fill out a support ticket here: LTCEPSupport.com

But what if we don’t host and maintain your home care website? Can we help you?

Maybe so!

Lots of clients come to us for one of these reasons:

  • I’ve lost touch with my web developer.
  • I can’t get my web developer to respond.
  • I need a LOT of things changed about my website- but my developer is a total hassle, and I hate to even ask.
  • My developer does this as a side job and I don’t want to bother them too much.
  • My web developer charges me for every action they take on my site, no matter how big or small.
  • My website is not WordPress and it sucks.

I’ve got a tip for you. 90% of the consumers who are “vetting” your business are looking at your website. If it sucks, you lose. It’s time to get REALLY serious about your website. It should be just as much of an investment as your office, your color brochures, and your business cards. (not the ones you printed on your own printer on card stock, I mean the professionally done business cards).

If you aren’t taking your website seriously, no one is taking YOU seriously.

The days of WIX, Weebly, Squarespace, Godaddy Websites to GO and any other fast Web.com or Marketing360 janky site are OVER.

I will never be apologetic about this opinion because I’m right. Skimp on your site, and you attract the kind of leads and inquiries you DON’T want.

Having said ALL of THIS, if you need SSL (https) for your website, and also need a real web developer who has done this exclusively for the senior care/ home care space for 10 years, talk to us.

All of our sites come with SSL automatically as of July 1, 2018.

If you have a WordPress site that you LOVE, but want to move it over to us, we can do that.

If you need a NEW website, we can do that too.

Make it right, right now!

Visit us here to take the next step: https://www.ltcsocialmark.com/contact-us-about-elder-care-marketing/

Or call us at 888-404-1513

To your site security

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

PPS. Don’t forget to check out the Google Security blog to see for yourself that this is the real deal.