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New Home Care Website Design for Harmony Companion Home Care

Harmony Companion Home Care has a new fresh 2022 home care website design! This is a stunning soft website that highlights what is important to Victor and his staff.
Harmony Companion Home Care has a new fresh 2022 home care website design! This is a stunning soft website that highlights what is important to Victor and his staff.
Harmony Companion Home Care has a new fresh 2022 home care website design! This is a stunning soft website that highlights what is important to Victor and his staff.
Harmony Companion Home Care has a new fresh 2022 home care website design! This is a stunning soft website that highlights what is important to Victor and his staff.
Harmony Companion Home Care has a new fresh 2022 home care website design! This is a stunning soft website that highlights what is important to Victor and his staff.

Approved Senior Network Marketing presents Harmony Companion Home Care’s new home care website design!

Harmony Companion Home Care came to us for a revamp of their old website, which was originally created a few years ago.

Our team of home care website developers talked with the client about their vision of this new representation of their business.

Together with the founder Dr. Victor Bayo Jegede , we were able to come up with an amazing new look and feel for their business.

This website is the complete package with advanced SEO, advanced schema, long-form written content (ASN provided), and full integration with the ASNSPARK! CRM.

About Harmony Companion Home Care

Harmony Companion Home Care
Harmony Companion Home Care

Our Home Care Mission

We service anyone needing in-home care, from the elderly to mother’s helpers. We believe that it is living that is important, not just being alive. Our goal is to help people live their lives as independently as possible by providing the extra help necessary to achieve that goal.

Our Unique 3 Step Process for Home Care

We match our well trained caregivers with our clients. We assess our clients home care needs and personality. We have a unique three step process that we use for every single client:

  1. Visit and introduce the client to our Harmony Companion Home Care
  2. Match the clients needs and personalities to the best fit caregiver
  3. Introduce the client to the caregiver and make sure the chemistry matches and the client is satisfied

HCHC is a non medical home care agency for in-home services that services the areas of Chester County, Montgomery County, and Delaware County. All of our caregivers are screened and thoroughly trained and have years of experience in compassionate home care. We offer home care services for the Chester County, Delaware County areas including; West Chester PA, Exton PA, Downingtown PA, Chester Springs PA, Malvern PA, Paoli PA, Media PA, and Villanova PA.


Approved Senior Network’s Home Care Website Design Process

How We Create Home Care Websites

WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS), is among the world’s top site building packages. With its custom themes, flexibility for changing needs, numerous add-ons for specialized functionality, and user-friendliness, it’s easy to see why Approved Senior Network uses WordPress. It allows us to create custom WordPress websites according to our client’s specific needs and preferences. This is the reason why our clients keep coming back to us for more.

Our Home Care Business Web Design is guided by the latest trends and innovations in website development. Whether you have a care home, home health care, home care, assisted living, elder law, long-term care insurance or hospice care business, Approved Senior Network can create the perfect website for you.

We give you full control-from the information you want stated, to the color scheme. With our team of talented developers, designers, and content writers, we can make the website you’ve envisioned in to a reality.

The leader in home care and senior care website design.

Stand out online with a professional website. With Approved Senior Network, we can turn your idea into a reality.

The best web designers for home care and senior care

Finding the best web design company for home care and senior care companies depends on many different things. Best can be subjective if you aren’t careful. There are many factors to consider when looking for the right company to work with. If you want to visually upgrade your existing website, many online companies can offer you this service or you can look at the templates available, and attempt it yourself. These templates, however, can be tricky if you don’t understand how to adjust your existing formats properly. (and consider the learning curve to understanding the process).

Many designers have taken years to perfect their craft and the expectation for you to master it on a weekend is unrealistic. There are additional things to consider with professional web design. It’s not always pretty images and clever text. 

Think for a moment of the strategy of ranking on search engines as well. DIY can also work against you if you have an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy in place. As tempting as it is to do it yourself, there’s a huge advantage to hiring a professional web designer like Approved Senior Network.

How Much Does a New Home Care Website Design Cost?

Designing a website with Approved Senior Network is the most cost-effective option. The cost can range anywhere from $375 per month to one-time payments of $1995 to $3,000 or more.

Typically, a simple custom website design from other agencies can range from $15,000 to $30,000, whereas bigger and more complicated websites will cost between $40,000 to $75,000+.

Our home care clients need an affordable website design that is a great investment in their online presence and will serve them well for years to come.

Cheap website design and do-it-yourself platforms like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace are typically a waste of time and money. 

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Independent Web Designer?

Web designers typically charge about $75 per hour. A business website could potentially cost between $5,000 and $10,000, with $6,760 being the average cost to set up, design, build and create content for a basic website.

How to Find the Right Home Care Website Design Agency for Your Project

Many times, the level of frustration, and the time you save can compensate for the cost to hire a professional. Not to mention the time away from your own business. Priceless!

In searching for a reputable web company to work with, many people start with a generic Google search; who is in your area, who is within your budget, and maybe a reference from a friend or business associate. Next, taking into consideration the time it takes to interview all of your options, this could be a larger endeavor than you anticipate.

Here is a way to narrow your search, and save some time on your overall due diligence. Call a few companies to see what their price points are, many should be willing to offer you a baseline for their prices; this will help you find someone within your budget. Make sure your budget is realistic as well, there can be incredible variances between web design companies ranging from several hundred to several thousands of dollars.

The important thing to discern is finding a company that is willing to look at your overall business and provides the best, and most qualified service for a price you can afford.

Finding comparable services is imperative, and can be a deciding factor that you can’t afford to dismiss. Look for a great web design company that can offer you the best value, a solid design, and integrated SEO from the beginning to best utilize all that the web has to offer.

Value from a website isn’t just in the initial design, it’s throughout the life of the site as well as through the user experience with your customers. Don’t let the pretty graphics and layout be your deciding factor. A great-looking website isn’t of much long-term value if few people ever get to view it. Contact Approved Senior Network Home Care Web Design today for web design packages that won’t have you tearing your hair out, cursing code, and working double-time to keep up with your own business. (sound familiar?)

Your website forms the foundation of all your digital efforts and is the platform from which the majority of your digital campaigns will commence. Our talented web design team is results-focused, ensuring your site is prepared to not only engage your market but convert those visitors to paying customers.

The Approved Senior Network team in Missouri, is jam-packed with expert marketers and SEO professionals, but we’ve also got a keen eye for design. Our talented web designers are expertly skilled, with combined decades of experience creating websites that both amaze and convert. We combine the creative and practical to help turn your vision into a reality that will impress your target audience, rank well on search engines, and represent your business in a way you can be proud of.

Is there a way to get a FREE website?

Why? Your home care website is one of the most powerful marketing tools you will ever have. A free website will not represent you amazing the company the way it should. It will not rank on page one of Google, it will not compete with your competition’s websites. It will not “wow” the customer when it comes time to choose a home care provider. Think about this decision carefully and make the proper investment in a website that generates leads.


Approved Senior Network Home Care Web Design

  • Your website is built right the first time
  • Your new website looks fantastic
  • Your new design will maximize the chances of getting your business more customers
  • Personalized attention – we’ll take the time to get to know what your business goals are.
  • Messaging that demonstrates who your business is and what makes you special
  • Interactive involvement with your project
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