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Home Care Marketing with Facebook!

Hi everybody. I think we’re back. I’m going to go back into the group and we should be live again. Hello? Okay. We’re live. Let’s see if I can hear you. Can I hear me? Can I hear me? Got to make sure we can hear each other here. Okay. Yes. We’re live. Let’s see if I can hear me. Yes. We can hear me. Okay. Let’s talk about fantastic Facebook posting and what is going to get you more traffic and more views and more of everything. The first thing I’m going to tell you is that for our clients, we do very specific things. And we’re going to go to one of those clients we just started with, and I’m going to show you what we do. Now this is a brand new client. Alrighty. Whoops. I don’t need all that. All right. I’m not sure why this is coming up. And I am going to view as… We’re going to view as a visitor I think. Let’s see, we don’t want that. We want to… Well, here let’s view as me. More.

New Client Max Health and Wellness

Okay. That’s a little bit better. Okay. So this is Max Health and Wellness. They are a new client. And so we’re going to use them as a little bit of an example of what we do for our clients and how we get more engagement. The first thing I want you to know is that branding your images… We didn’t use to do this, and I have mixed emotions about it. I do believe that you should have branded images. And the challenge is that it’s not always easy to have or cheap to have hundreds and hundreds of branded images created for you. And I don’t mean going to pic monkey and slapping your logo on an image. What I mean is actually having an image that is done by a graphic artist. So we do have a graphic artist and that person does create a large number of these images for us.

            And then what we do is we post them for our clients five days a week. On top of that, our clients post their own content, like company news, caregiver of the month, anytime they’ve done community outreach. They are posting that information and they’re sending it to us so we can blog post it, which also means it shows up here on Facebook again. But it will tell you that if you are posting on Facebook, like one day you post this picture right here and you have a lot of other posts that are coming up. It will not matter if you duplicate a post a few days later, it’s not going to matter. They’re never going know after a while that this post had been posted three months ago or a month ago, or even two weeks ago. It isn’t going to matter. So you can duplicate some posts.

            I wouldn’t do that every day, I wouldn’t do that every week, but if you go over time, if you have the same post go up, like maybe once you post something live from an event or right at an event, you post pictures from it. And then you blog post about it and the same event comes up in a little bit, write up about it with some of the similar images a few days later, that is okay. Because you’re going to catch a completely different audience the second time around. Maybe the first time you posted it at two o’clock in the afternoon. And the second time it posted three days later at 10:00 AM. It’s not going to matter. Everybody gets it. Sometimes things are posted twice. It’s totally okay. But these branded images really help tell a story. So what we do is we combine the words from their website with quotes that are meant for inspirational quotes for senior care, or for caregivers, family caregivers.

            So you can see this is a statement from their website. So we go through the website and we take all of the factual statements so that we’re not making things up. And we’re not putting words in anyone’s mouth. And we take the text from there, some of the things from their website to put here. We always want to make sure we have a phone number and we always want to make sure we have a website and some thing about their service area. And on these that have, we do the same thing for every post up here, but these images really make a difference. And this is just, we changed the cover photo a little bit. So you can kind of see all of that. They’re hiring. They put that up. This is a blog post. So we also automatically have all of their blog posts come through to their Facebook.

            So you’ve got a whole different set of content coming through. This is a video that we created for them. So this takes some of the content from their website. We create a video with it and they get two videos per month that talk about some of the things from their website and all the different services they provide. We also post every major holiday and most of the major healthcare holidays or healthcare celebrations. So national nurses week, national hospice month, national home care month, May was older Americans month. Anything like that, we have the entire list and we have images with their logos on them. And we go through and post something for all of those. This is content that they provided, and it’s all about Father’s Day gift of in home massage therapy. And this is some of the other things that we’ve posted over time.

            So you can see there’s The Ultimate Guide to In-Home Therapy in Middlesex County, New Jersey. This is from their website. So if you click on it, it goes straight back to their website and you can read it there. The imagery sometimes comes from their website and sometimes it comes from our stock images. So this is how you get more engagement on Facebook.

The other piece of that, that you don’t see here yet, is content that is curated. And what do I mean by curated content? What I mean is if Time Magazine or Web MD or some other, I don’t know, maybe you see a great article on senior care in USA Today, or whatever. If you repost that, but don’t just repost the article. You can take the link that they used, the link to their article, and post it on your Facebook business page, but say a few words about it.

            Don’t just post it. Say a few words about why you feel this is important to you. The next thing is to get personal, get a little bit personal on these pages. So instead of just posting business related stuff, and look at us, look at us, look at us. Talk about your staff. Talk about your office. Talk about all the things that you do as a company to reach out to your community, and start doing that if you’re not doing that. You need to come out from behind the website and really talk about all your community involvement. And I know this is brand new by the way, but I know this company will absolutely do that because they have another company where they do that all the time. So it’s just a matter of getting up and going with all their community stuff. But this is a great example of what it looks like when you really build an audience and you can see now they already have 227 people liking this page, which is awesome.

            And that’s because the owner right here is very engaged on Facebook. And she already has a very big following herself. And she also has another Facebook page that’s very engaging. So she is inviting people and that’s helping tremendously with this. Being personal on Facebook and having a personal account. So like, I’ll show you mine. I know people say, oh, you shouldn’t mix business and personal on Facebook. And I say [inaudible 00:09:39]. Absolutely, I mix business and personal on Facebook. Listen, I figure this, I am not off the grid. I am completely on the grid. And so if somebody wants to find me, they are going to find me, I am not going to hide out. So I changed my cover photos. That’s a picture of my husband eating chocolate at, we went to, what did we… Oh, the melting pot for dinner with some kids.

            See, these are our kids. There’s me. We took these wonderful young ladies out. Lindsey Sutton works for us. She had a different article written about her, about another business. I post funny stuff. There’s my kid when she was little, there’s my business stuff. Here’s this, our last live video. UFO’s. I am not… There’s business. Not afraid to mix business and personal. I think, hey, we’re all here on this earth together. And so I’ll share whatever. I stay away from politics. I stay away from religion for the most part. I stay away from anything that could be controversial. And sometimes even though I’m just kidding around people are…

            So anyway, I try to keep it really neutral and just talk about really happy stuff. And having done that, I also make friends with people on Facebook who are potentially people who I might want to do business with. And that’s okay. They can be a part of my personal Facebook, my business Facebook, whatever they want to be.

            So it’s okay to business and personal, in my opinion, on Facebook. Now on my Facebook business page, like this one, I do not put my personal stuff on there. That is not what this is for. I will put stuff about our company, our staff, our announcements, things like that. Fun stuff. But I am not going to put a picture of my kids on my Facebook business page. So that’s kind of where I draw the line. And that’s kind of what I think everybody should do.

            So the other piece of this is the following. If you’re not a big user of Facebook and you never will be, and that’s the way it is, I still believe that Facebook business pages are a really good way to reach your target market because the demographic of this platform gets older every day and that’s a benefit to us and we definitely want to use it.

            But if you’re not a big engager and user of Facebook, you’re going to need a little help. If you don’t use Facebook very much and you post something like this, no one will ever see it but you and maybe a colleague that is also working with you. So you’re wasting your energy. So what you do is you create a small ad, and of course Facebook will help you. And Facebook will absolutely take your money. So what we do for our clients is we set up a very small promotional ad and they, our clients, spend $100 per month. And that ad is to get likes on their Facebook business page. And some people will say, “Why would you want likes on your Facebook business page? Who cares? Why are you doing that?” And my answer is, if you don’t have a lot of followers like this, and this is not even a lot, this is a quarter of what we would want or less.

            But if you… I mean, they’re brand new, so that’s okay. But if you want to have local followers, and I am not talking about 15,000 people, maybe a thousand, maybe 2000, maybe even 3000 followers on Facebook, it is worth your time to pay that hundred dollars a month for an engagement ad for likes. Facebook is happy to take your money. We set that up for our clients. It equals about $3 a day is what they end up spending, and they get more likes. And it’s only targeted to people in their local area. I would never ever tell you. And it’s only targeted to people who likes what they’re talking about. So if they’re an 18 year old, they’re not going to like your page. But if they’re a 55 year old with a 75 year old mother who might need home care, yeah, they might like your page. Because they’re wondering what they’re going to do next.

            But so what I’m also going to say is that buying likes off of Fiverr is not okay. If you buy 15,000 likes from Fiverr and they’ll come through and they’ll have 15,000 people like your page, 100% or almost 100% of those people are in Malaysia or the Philippines or India or Myanmar or somewhere else. And they are not people who will ever do business with you. And guess what else? Facebook is way smarter than you and way smarter than me and way smarter than most of us. It’s computer systems, just like Google is way smarter than us. In most regards, when it comes to clicks and stuff anyway, and algorithms. They know what you’re doing and it’s not going to help your page.

            And yeah, so your Facebook page shows up to 15,000 people in the Philippines or wherever they are. It’s not going to get you any business. It’s not going to help your visibility of your page because everybody knows, including Facebook, that it’s fake. Most home care agencies are lucky, and I mean, if they have 5,000 fans, that’s super awesome. In their local area. If they have a thousand fans, then I am all about it. So what we do is, we place an ad [inaudible 00:15:54] at about a hundred dollars a month and we watch it. And as your audience grows, and it takes a while, that is not a lot of money. You can spend more if you want, but we try to keep it really cheap. And over time your audience grows. So where you have 227 fans today, next month you might have 350 fans.

            And when we do that, over time you get to a thousand true fans who are in your local area, they’re people who could potentially use your services. They are within a 50 mile radius of your office or your location. And that is what you’re looking for. Once we get to a thousand fans, then what we do is we turn that off, or we keep it running if you want, but we turn it off for likes, but we turn it into traffic to your website. So that ad is still there. But instead of getting likes for your Facebook business page, what we do is we try to run some traffic directly to your website. So if someone sees a Facebook ad in your local area that talks about home care or home health care or massage therapy or physical therapy in home or whatever it is, they can click on it and there’ll be taken straight to your website.

            So we do have a plan in mind. Once you get to a thousand likes, we use that same budget to run traffic to your site. Now, is that an instant lead generator? Absolutely not. Is the hundred dollars a month going to get you leads on Facebook? Probably not. But will it get you more visibility? Yes. The other thing you should know is about boosting posts. So I’m going to switch over to be the admin of this page. Now when you look at this, if I wanted boost this post, which means I want this post to show up to anybody in, let’s say a 20 mile radius of my office. So I would hit boost post, and I can choose how people can get ahold of me. What I’m going to choose is not send message, but I’m going to use the learn more.

            And then I’m going to leave my website in there. And then I am going to choose my audience. It says location, living in the United States, Old Bridge, plus 10 miles around Old Bridge in New Jersey. Ages 18 to 65. I can modify that if I want, but I’m just going to leave it. That seems like a fair enough amount of people. And I’m going to boost this post for 10 days, and I’m going to boost it for $10. Now I can sliding scale this up. So if I spend $1,000 over 10 days, 4,000 people will see this each day. But I don’t have that kind of dough. So I’m going to go back down here. The minimum you can spend on a boost is a dollar a day. So I’m going to boost this for 10 days and I am going to boost it for $10.

            So this will automatically stop on June 14th and it will have spent all of $10. And that’s okay. That’s what we’re going to do. I am going to go to the ad account. I’m going to change my ad account. We have a lot of ad accounts. Well, we’ll skip that for now. Anyway, so we’re going to go ahead with that. And we’re going to boost now. So it’s submitting my ad. I didn’t have to do anything else. It’s going to take some time to think about this. So what I just did was I just told Facebook, I don’t… It’s in review. You can see that there. I’m going to spend 10 whole dollars over the next 10 days. I don’t need to go to the ad center. I get it. I do this a lot. Well, it’s going to take me there anyway. Let’s go to our page.

            So now, if I were to refresh, you would see that this post has already been boosted. So I can do this with any post on my page. And the reason you do that is for brand awareness. So what you’re trying to say to folks is, “Hey, guess what? We’re here. You may be new. You may be not new. And we want you to see our logo. We want you to know that we do this. We want you to see our service area, our phone number, our website, our branding. And we’re boosting this to anybody who is in a 10 mile radius of Old Bridge, New Jersey.” Not everybody will see it, but a lot of people will see it. And you can do this with any one of these posts, any one of these branded posts. I would pick and choose which posts I do this with.

            Because if you pick one like this, that doesn’t have an image, that’s not going to do any thing for you. I would not pick this one because it doesn’t have a call to action. This came from the website. This is a blog post, which is fine, but it is not one that I would boost. Any of these would be okay, but you also don’t want to go crazy. This video is actually the most perfect thing to boost. We’re talking here about in-home massage therapy. Also, I would not do these Memorial day things, stuff like that, I would not do. I would go down here to something like this. If this is something that I am promoting for Father’s Day, I would totally boost this post. This is an advertisement. It is for… We don’t want them to send a message, we want them to learn more. And adding a button may crop your image, that’s okay.

            So now you can see what the ad looks like. You can see that if they click on see more, it’s, “Give him the gift of relaxation. Dad doesn’t need to leave the comfort of his home to enjoy a relaxing massage or facial. Give him the gift of relaxation.” Okay. So I would boost that to people, and you can make this bigger. So if we hit edit, we could say Old Bridge, but let’s up the age a little bit. Let’s go 30 to 65 and let’s click on Old Bridge and see if we can make it… Oh, we’ll add some more locations. Okay. Here’s a 10 mile radius of Old Bridge. So we’re covering quite a bit here. So let’s up the game a little bit and let’s go, let’s see, that’s good. 15 miles.

            So now we’re covering all of this space. You don’t need any detailed targeting. Our potential reach is 940,000 people. We’re going to save that audience. And they are ages 30 to 65 plus living in a 15 mile radius of Old Bridge, New Jersey. Okay. And we’re going to spend $10 again. Now we know that… So if we go over that 10 days, we go to 11 and it’ll say Uh-uh (negative). So you can keep going. We’ll just go to the 16th. And then we’ll up this to $12. And if anybody wants an in-home massage, we’re going to boost that now.

            So now, if anybody wants to order an in-home massage for their dad for Father’s Day, which would be fabulous for a lot of guys, they’ll see that ad. So we’re going to let that roll. We’re going to go back to our page. So now we have two ads that are boosted. Let’s hit refresh and see if we can see any changes there. And we are pretty much done for right now. So you could spend… Okay, so here you can see that it’s boosted because there’s some additional information here. And then if we were to go down to the other post we just boosted, let’s keep going. There it is. Okay. We can see this one. All right. So now we have boosted two posts. If you did that once a month, if you picked a video, if you picked an ad, if you picked something once a month and boosted it to people ages 20 and up, 30 and up, 40 and up and boosted it to a 10 mile radius of your office, you would be in great shape.

            You would be in great shape for branding. And that’s all you have to spend is 10 bucks a month. In fact, you can spend $20 a month, or I’m sorry, let’s say you boosted one ad for 14 days. And then you boosted another ad for 14 days. So you’re spending 28 bucks and you have an ad running every day of the month on Facebook to people in your local area. So those are things that you can do to get more engagement, it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Just remember that Facebook is not giving it away for free. They really do want you to pay for advertising. They want you to get engagement on your own and they want you to get visitors and they want you to get fans on your own. But if you’re not a huge social media user, paying a small fee to Facebook to get that out there is pretty much the only way you’re going to be able to get a whole lot of traction.

            There are other things you can do. If you have somebody on your team who is a good Facebook user, who can boost that stuff up for you organically, who can reach out every single day and work on Facebook every day, then that’s one thing. But a lot of us don’t have that kind of money to hire that staff or the staff doesn’t have that kind of time. So a hundred bucks a month goes a long way. And an occasional boosts of a post, if you don’t want to do the hundred bucks a month, spend 28 bucks a month and you’ll have two 14 day posts that pretty much cover the entire month. And then you can start over again the next month with a new video or a new post and something else. So we create videos for our clients. We create all these posts for our clients.

            If they want to boost them, that’s up to them. I typically don’t do that for our clients, but we do run the little ads at a hundred dollars a month to get them more fans. I highly recommend having video on your Facebook business page, that is actually posted to Facebook. We do that two times a month. We cover any topic that is specific to their website, and it works really well. So I hope this helped. I hope this helped everybody learn a little bit more about how to get the best use out of Facebook. One last thing I want to mention is this, you see this cover photo, and I want you to notice where this information is right here. We put the information about the company right in the header of the Facebook business page. This isn’t a generic image that says nothing.

            It’s not just a logo. We actually create this and make sure that this information is right in the middle, because on a cell phone, the sides of this are cut off. So you have to have any kind of information you want to relay to people. And 90% of people who are on Facebook are going to be on their mobile device. So if you want them to see your phone number and see your website address, you have to put this right in the middle. If you have your information over here on the left-hand side or the right hand side, when they view this on mobile, they will never see that information. So please, please, when you create your cover designs, make sure your information is right in the middle. And then do yourself a favor and go look at it on mobile and make sure, especially your website address and your phone number, show up right in the middle somewhere.

            It’s not hard to do, you can use Canva. You can use Pic Monkey. You can use any free service to create these images. And they also have the templates already set up for you inside there. Just remember this text has to be in the middle if you want people to see it. And we also make sure that their logo is put inside of a square image, if it’s not already a square.

            Also, if you’re a new business and you’re having a logo made, please, if it’s a long logo this way, have your graphic designer also make a stacked logo, or an up and down logo for you, so that you have an option when you’re pasting it on different platforms, that you can use a square logo version of your logo, or you can use a long rectangle version of your logo. You need both types of images.

            All right. I hope that helped everybody with Facebook. If you have any questions, put them in the comments below. I will come back and answer. And also if you’re watching this on replay, please, please, please give me a replay. Say replay or hashtag replay in the comments so we know how many people watched this as a replay. Good luck with your Facebook marketing. If you need help, visit us at asnmarketingplan.com. And we will happily help you with our scope program, which all about content and social media management. Thanks everybody. Bye-bye. Bye.