Valerie V:

Hey guys, it’s The Valerie V Show and in one second I am going to talk to you about an offer you cannot refuse.

Hey everybody, Valerie V Show. Today we’re gonna talk about where we are in the world.

No, not really. It’s almost August.

Okay, it’s July, middle of July.

It’s after the 15th of July.

Time is growing short. 2018 is half over.

What are you gonna do?

Here’s what you’re gonna do. I make an offer to you.

An offer you cannot refuse or you’ll sleep with the fishes.

Just kidding. If you sign up for the mentoring program between now and August 1st. Now, that’s coming up. This would be for our August program, I will do something for you that I have never done for anyone.

Actually, it’s pretty fun.

What I’ll do is, I will interview you on The Valerie V Show for your business, new or old, doesn’t matter this time. And we will do that interview so that you … We’ll do it in a format that’s question/answer.

Super easy, it’s all prerecorded. It’s not live. I’ll edit it. We’ll take care of all the fancy stuff. We’ll put your logo in and do all that.

But, what we’ll do is, we’ll fix it so that it is a promotion for you. You can use that video on your website. You can use it on Facebook. You can use it anywhere you want.

We will also put it on your Facebook business page, et cetera. So, I will also put that video in two formats. We’ll do it for YouTube. We’ll have it on Facebook and those are the same format. And then we’ll do it for IGTV, which is Instagram TV, which is this skinny, long format.

But, you have to sign up, contract signed and back to us by August 1st, because it takes us several days to get your program up and running.

So, in order to do that and to get everything up and running, you have to talk to my buddy Bob Costello. He’s awesome. He’s so nice and you have to get that contract in. So if you don’t know where to go for that, you go to woo woo woo woo, wherever I put that website. It’s You go there. You check it out. You watch the video. You read all about it. And then you fill out the application to join. It’s awesome. You’ll have tons of fun and now not only will you get all the videos that we put in the program, but you’ll have a one on one interview with me all about your home care business. Who you serve. What you’re looking for. How awesome you are. You can use that promotional video anywhere you like. That is a pretty awesome offer. It’s only for the folks who sign up between now and August 1st. So, if you’ve been sitting on that fence, it’s time to get off that fence and ride the horse. Send that contract in.

Okay, let’s talk about what’s next. Instagram again. Talking Instagram again. You gotta get on it people. And you should be following me. Follow me. Follow me. Follow me. And for our clients who are already part of the mentoring program, if you missed it, I put up a specific post just for our private group that talks about how to exactly set up your Instagram account as a business account. Send the username and passwords to us so we can start posting to it for you. You have to implement it and then we’ll get busy on it.

And then the last thing I wanna talk to you about is a little side project we’re doing. Haven’t decided exactly where it’s headed yet, but I really like the idea and we’re gonna kinda move forward with it. It’s called Nurse Nextology. It’s all about nurses who are entrepreneurs. Now, I know there are other nursing entrepreneurs out there who do consulting, and they do coaching, and they have websites, and they have this and that. But what we wanna do is talk to nurses. Interview nurses who have gone on from nursing, staff nursing, and moved on to owning a business like me. I’m a nurse. I don’t do patient care anymore. I keep my license current, but I do not do patient care anymore. Now I could go back to do patient care if I needed to, but that’s not my intention. But I always wanna have that nursing license.

So, if you’re a nurse and that could mean RN, LPN, maybe you’re a CNA or you were a CNA. You were an HHA and you started your own business, then we wanna hear about you. You know what, it doesn’t necessarily have to be home care. It could be any kind of business that you started. So, if you are interested in that, go to our Facebook page. I’ll put that up here on the screen. Like us, follow us on Instagram. As we evolve that project, we will keep you in mind as someone who might be a great guest for Nurse Nextology.

All right. That’s The Valerie V show. Today is a Monday. I want you to get out there and get marketing. Sign up for the mentoring program. It will absolutely be the right thing for you to do and between now and August 1st only, if you get that contract into us, interview with moi. Bye Bye. XOXO