Valerie V         Hey guys. Valerie V Show. And in one second, I’m gonna give you something for free. Oh. Hey guys, Valerie V Show. And today I want to talk to you about your website a little bit, but just kind of visibility in general. So I get a lot of questions from people who are in our mentoring program, and from people who are not in our mentoring program about their websites. So I thought I would do something for free for you. But let me explain the questions I get.

The first question I get is, what should I be focusing on to be on the first page of Google? What should I be doing? I notice that other home care agencies have more backlinks than I have. I notice that other home care agencies are younger than me. And yet they’re on the first page and I’m not. What can I do? Well, that is a loaded question with a lot of different answers depending on your website. So I’ll give you one example.

Fairly new home care agency in a large metro area has a website that was developed on Go Daddy on shared hosting, it’s running really slow, but it looks pretty. Don’t know who did the SEO on it. But images aren’t search engine optimized. The whole site … All the pages need a good brush up and clean up of SEO. Content is being added ’cause they’re in one of our programs. That’s awesome. We SEO everything we add to the website. So there are lots of little things that need to be cleaned up on the website and corrected before they’re ever gonna show up on the first page of Google. And then backlinks are important too. But you have to clean up the basics before you get onto the backlinking. You can kind of do them at the same time. But you’re never gonna get to the first page of Google if all you focus on is back linking. And you should never ever buy backlinks.

Like if you go to Fiver, you can buy 100 backlinks for 10 dollars or something like that. Don’t ever do that. It will sandbox your website or put it in a position where it will never see the first page of Google. Google is really smart. And they’re smarter than the folks at Fiver. And buying backlinks will never ever work. Just like you should never go out to Fiver or some organization like that and buy likes on your Facebook business page because if you have 15000 likes all of a sudden on your Facebook business page, chances are they’re from Malaysia or the Philippines or China. And that’s number one, not gonna help your business, and number two, very obvious that somebody bought those likes. So don’t ever do that kind of stuff.

But what I will tell you is this. If you have a website that you control, meaning you’re not a franchise owner, I will happily, for free, do a little website analysis, send you eight or ten things that you could do differently, or you can work on to get your website up to speed. I’ll even tell you what services not to use and what services you can use to help you get to where you want to be. And they don’t have to necessarily be our services. There’s lots of good services out there that will help you.

So if you have a website and you would like for me to take a look at it and just give you eight or ten bullet points on things you could be doing differently, I will happily do that for you. And also, I’d like you to know that if for some reason you have lost contact with your website developer or you really don’t have a relationship with that company anymore, that person, if you need to move your WordPress website over to a company that will manage it, maintain it, host it, and keep it safe, and SEO it and do all those other fun things, then you are welcome to a move a current website that you love over to us. We will always do that for you.

So if that’s something you need, go ahead and send me a message or use the links in this video, and I will happily go through and do that for you. This is for WordPress websites only. Although we can run a speed test on any website. It doesn’t have to be WordPress. And we will happily go through and see what kind of the recommendations are for your keyword phrases and all those things. So send me a note and I will do that for free. Also, don’t forget on our Facebook business group … Our Facebook marketing group and for our mentoring group, we put up 10 email autoresponders that you can use anytime. You are welcome to have those. Those are free. You don’t have to opt in. And I think we also added our book to that, our PDF of our Let There Be Leads book that we wrote a couple years ago. And there’s a few other things in that Dropbox folder. So if you need anything like that, just send us a note and we’ll get it over to you. So that is your marketing Monday tip. I hope everybody’s doing great. And I hope you like my glasses. Mm-hmm (affirmative). I have a pair in every color now.