Hey guys, Valerie V Show, and in one second we are gonna talk about the foundations that you need to understand about yourself, and your business in order to be successful.

Hey it’s the Valarie V Show, let’s talk about the six things that are going to make your business really rock if you understand them all. It’s about understanding how you feel about these items yourself, and it’s about understanding how you’re implementing them to the outside world.

In your home care business, and if you’re an entrepreneur, and you’re managing a home care business, or running a home care business there are six things I want you to think about.

This is an exercise that I’ve done for our business, and now I want you to do it because I think it really helps you understand more about where you’re at, how comfortable you are with certain things. So let’s get started.

Number one is marketing.

Think about this, when it comes to marketing, you know all that lead generation, whether it’s your website or your in-person networking, or that offline marketing, and that online marketing.

On a scale of one to ten, how do you feel you as a company, or you yourself are executing your online marketing?

Zero to ten, maybe you’re a zero, maybe you’re a ten, maybe you’re somewhere in the middle at a five. And how do you feel you are executing your offline marketing? I’m a ten, I do a really good job, I love networking, and shaking hands, and looking people in the eye. Or maybe I’m a two, I’m kind of an introvert and I really don’t like group gatherings, or I’m really not good at introducing myself.

So tell us how you are on a scale of one to ten, or you think about it yourself if you don’t wanna tell me. How are you, on a scale of one to ten with marketing in general? Offline marketing meaning in person, and online marketing meaning that website, those blog posts, have Facebook, and all those other things.

Number two, how do you feel about your sales process?

Sales are closing deals, getting new clients, and how do you feel about you as an entrepreneur, as a marketer, as a salesperson. How do you feel about your closing ratio? Your ability to take someone who’s in a crisis, or is looking into home care, and turning them into a client. How do you feel you’re doing in that area?

On a scale of one to ten, you’re a zero, or ten being the best. So how do you feel about your sales process?

Number three, client delivery, and client experience.

How do you feel about the way your company delivers your clients’ experience? Do you feel like you’re kind of a five, or you’re really a ten it’s the greatest experience of their life, or are you guys really suffering and it’s down to a two, and you need some help there. So client experience, that means once somebody is your new client, how do you think you all are providing that? Are you providing great care all the time? Are you addressing their needs? Are you communicating well? All the things that go into operations when a new client comes on board, and over time as you service that client. How do you think you do as a company?

On a scale of 1-10, not so great, or super, super great.

Okay, number four, scaling your business.

Scaling your business means growing bigger, and bigger. So that may mean that you start out with just you, and now you have two employees, or you have five caregivers, and two staff members that are in the office. So scaling means building that business. On a scale of zero to ten, how confident are you in scaling your business and growing it bigger? Do you think, “Uh, I’m not sure if I can do it.” Or ten, “I am ready, I’m ready to go, we can scale this, we can do this. I have a rockstar team, I’m awesome.” So zero is eh, not so sure, and ten is yes, I know I can do this.

On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you in your ability to scale your business?

Let’s talk about number five, which is finances and abundance.

So on a scale of one to ten, how do you feel that you are dealing with finances? That could be personal, it could be business finances. Do you feel like you struggle with the financial end of running a business, or do you feel like you’re awesome with the financial end of running a business? So George and I are business partners. George takes care of the financial end, and I take care of the marketing end. It’s a great matchup. But I know that he’s extra good at the numbers, and I know that I am not extra good at the numbers. So on scale of zero to ten, and this could be in a personal belief about, or a personal feeling about how you are handling finances, or belief about how your organization is handling finances.

On a scale of one to ten, or zero to ten, tell us how you’re feeling there.

The last one, number six, is your mindset.

Think about your daily thoughts, your actions when it comes to your business. How is your mindset these days about your senior care, elder care, home care business? Zero, I’m not doing so well, I don’t have a great mindset when it comes to working in my business or working with my business. Or ten, I have a great mindset, I know where I’m going, I know where I’m heading, I’m feeling good about coming to work every day, I’m feeling good about owning this business. Or I’m somewhere in between, I’ve been around the block a long time. Maybe my mindsets not as passionate as it used to be.

So from the scale of zero to ten, tell us how your mindset is about your business.

Once you’ve gone through that exercise, and you can see where you sit with each of those foundations that lead to how you scale, and develop, and work through your business. You can actually sit down and take a look at that, and see the places where you need some work, and see the other places where you might be excelling. It’s always a good idea for us to step back from our business, think about things from an outsiders perspective, or just sit and really think about how we feel about these aspects of our business. So that we can decide on what we need to improve, what is doing great, and how we wanna move forward into the future.

Take a moment, step back, and think about these six foundations of your business and your life.

Come to some conclusions about what you can make some improvements in, and how can we help you get there?