COVID-19- Should You Be Doing Any In-Person Networking Right Now?
COVID-19- Should You Be Doing Any In-Person Networking Right Now?

Good question! From a Registered Nurse perspective, here are the answers to some questions you might have about marketing your services right now:

Should I be doing my in-person networking and visiting referral sources?

Call ahead. A lot of facilities are on lock-down to protect their elderly residents and staff from COVID-19. Don’t be “that guy” who stops by anyway. Be respectful of everyone’s health and safety. Call, email, check-in by phone. (I would say in certain areas of the country, this is a hard NO!)

Should I post a blog/article about our company’s COVID-19 processes or awareness?

Yes. By all means, make it clear to your clients, referral sources, and POTENTIAL clients that you and YOUR STAFF understand the gravity of the situation, and are prepared by increased handwashing, cleanliness and self-monitoring for illness.

This is a GREAT time for home care, so respectfully take full advantage of this important moment.

All clients are safer AT HOME. Keep them home. Have someone else do the grocery shopping, errands, pharmacy pick-ups, food delivery, light meal prep, and keep the house super clean. Remind people about what you do!!

Are you prepared to take a COVID-19 case?

Do you have staff who are willing to take a COVID-19 case? Start asking now. People are going to be discharged before they are well enough to take care of themselves, their household, and their pets. Do you have staff who are willing to step up and take the case? If so, you might be in a really good situation in the coming months. If you are certain that you can staff the case safely, let your referral sources know in advance!

Stay aware of the CDC Guidelines for home care.

You can read them here:

Do you also sell telehealth products? Consider it!

For people who do not want home care yet, or seemingly can’t afford it, why not install a PERS device for them or other more enhanced telehealth services?

There is a market for this type of monitoring, and when sold correctly can ADD to your bottom line.

Don’t think of PERS and telehealth services as your competition, think of it as closing a small deal now, only to upgrade to full-blown home care in the coming months!

Once that family is in your midst with any ongoing service, they can be yours to keep. Work on this.

Finally, talk to all of your caregivers about proper handwashing, cleanliness, and what to do if they start feeling sick. Make sure you have sent them SOMETHING via text, email, or conference call.

Need help with any of these items? Need to up your ONLINE MARKETING? Talk to us, we can help.

Valerie and staff