Content Strategies and Quality Writing

for Home Care & Senior Care Businesses

Fresh Unique Content Writing for Home Care  


Approved Senior Network Marketing knows and understands the importance of writing content that engages, educates, and persuades your target audience to interact with your home care business.

As a senior care business owner, you likely understand the importance of having content that can effectively drive traffic, improve rankings, and ultimately increase sales and phone calls…but who has time for all that writing?

Not to mention proper optimization of the content to ensure it gets all that Google magic.

Let our team of expert copywriters write content that clearly communicates your brand’s message, all while highlighting what sets your services or products apart from the competition.

  • Premium blog posts that attract the right audience
  • Informational articles
  • Instructional guides or “how to” content pieces
  • Sales copy that converts visitors to happy customers
  • And more…

Benefits of Hiring Approved Senior Network for Your Content

Our Leadership: Valerie VanBooven RN BSN, has over 25 years of experience in the senior care market and 13 years of experience working for senior care businesses just like yours…helping them SHINE online. Writing content for home care, assisted living, and other senior services is a niche that Approved Senior Network dominates.

Never Let Your Site Look Stagnant or Outdated: Consumers and visitors want fresh, up-to-date information from businesses that care about updating their websites. Blog content offers a way for your brand to remain relevant instead of becoming yesterday’s news. We can help you engage with your audience in a way that translates to improved performance and growth.

Improve Search Engine Ranking: Next to backlinks, content is THE most important factor when it comes to ranking on Google and other search engines. High-quality content that is tailored to addressing the intent behind each search query is critical to ranking with today’s search algorithms. Our team is experts at optimizing content for both search engines and readability, ensuring you get the best of both worlds all wrapped up into one piece of content.

Position your Brand as an Expert & Earn Trust: Unless you are a famous or large company, most visitors that come across your site or brand don’t know much about you. Content provides the visitor with an insight into your brand, what you’ve accomplished and what you stand for. Content can help establish your company as an authority in your industry and an expert that can help.

Establish a “voice” for your Brand: With consumers more discerning than ever, making a personal connection is key to winning more business. Individuals want to “connect” and relate to a company’s messaging. Content provides you with an opportunity to tell your story and establish a voice.

Contact us today to learn more about how our content services can help you gain a leg up on the competition and propel your business to new heights!

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