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Many home care and senior care business owners have the same question:

How much do your services cost?

Here are some answers that are designed to help you decide if you want to move forward with filling out the form below.

  • We do not list our prices online.
  • Everyone has a different set of needs and a different budget.
  • Our prices range from $200-$1000 a month and up.
  • Our services are best suited for businesses that have been in operation for 1+ year and have a positive cash flow.
  • Most of our clients have been in business 5+ years.

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About Approved Senior Network®

Approved Senior Network® (formerly LTC Expert Publications) is a digital home care marketing agency for senior care businesses. Valerie VanBooven RN BSN is the founder and co-owner. George Novoson is also co-owner. Valerie and George have been business partners since 2010.

ASN has been serving the senior care market since 2008. They have over 13 years of experience with medical and non-medical home care businesses, assisted living, elder law, care management, senior placement services, care homes, and more.

The team at Approved Senior Network® is currently made up of 15+ people who work daily on content, SEO, social media, paid advertising, organic marketing, website development, recruiting strategies, CRM integration solutions, reputation management and more.

Home Care Marketing Services Include:

The ASN team is largely based in St. Louis Metro area, with some team members living in KY, NC, and MA. All work virtually, from home, and have done so for almost 10 years.

The Approved Senior Network websites include:

https://www.ApprovedSeniorNetwork.com – this is a consumer-facing website that helps families find senior care solutions.

https://ASNMarketingPlan.com – this is the marketing services website for home care and senior care businesses across the U.S. and Canada.

Contact us the staff at Approved Senior Network: https://www.asnmarketingplan.com/contact-us/



Approved Senior Network® (previously LTC Expert Publications) is located in the MIDDLE of the Mid-West in St. Charles, MO.

We serve all senior services businesses in the United States and Canada, and have been for over 12 years!

Meetings are by appointment only.