10 Critical Tasks to Gain Momentum in Your Home Care Business

10 Critical Tasks to Gain Momentum in Your Home Care Business

1. Stop taking advice from anyone who hasn’t accomplished more than you, ideally take advice from no more than 3 people.

2. Find a mentor 2 steps ahead of you, find a mentor 1 step ahead of you and find a “best” friend that is in the trenches with you.

3. Forget about normal, forget about what everyone has done in business to be successful, chances are it may not work for you. You have your own set of unfair advantages, use them.

4. 80/20 Production vs. Consumption Rule: This means that you should produce 4-5x what you consume. This means… less courses, less masterminds, less books, less trainings. More posting on social media! Turn off your FB feed, turn off your email, turn off EVERYTHING you can… follow “3-6” people for new content and look at where they are going… be PICKY…but be sure to follow Valerie VanBooven everywhere! 🙂

5. Leverage yourself as soon as possible, that means that as SOON as you can hire one of these two people:

  • Someone to help you with Operations/Finance.
  • If you’re good at those… someone on Marketing/Sales
  • Most aren’t good at both and we wait WAY too long to fill this void.

6. Be extremely productive… schedule every minute of your day, even your downtime. Be obsessed with this, everyone besides those who are making it will be…Oh and to the successful people who say not to do this… look at their momentum. Be careful of those who are “successful” and then become comfortable… their habits are typically going to backfire and/or slow their growth…

7. Forget about your purpose…Seriously… way too many people need some “big” purpose to get out of bed in the morning. However… here’s the thing… typically thinking about this purpose in the early days will push you backwards…
Why? Because you are very far from being able to achieve it…Rather focus on your PURPOSE right now…
Meaning, your purpose for the next day, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days…Then once you’ve created momentum, you can EXPAND your horizon and plan. Because if not, you may NEVER fulfill your true purpose because you’ll be held back, by yourself.

8. Develop upon 1% per day. Everything develops in 1% increments..Your health, your body, your relationship, your knowledge. So… at the beginning of each day, take 10 seconds. Look at what you want to accomplish…
Then at the end of the day, take account of who you are…Are you better than when you woke up? If so, keep going.
7 Days in a row of not so good? Change your routine or habits to align.

9. Double-Down on what works and don’t be afraid to fail. Try everything… at least 2-3 times…
Just because it didn’t work, doesn’t mean it can’t work. It just means that specific way didn’t work…Iterate, Innovate and EXPECT that it won’t work the way you want it too, however, know that now you have 1 more way that it doesn’t work.
And never ever give up the innovation and iteration… every time you do something… change something, see what works better or worse… track it (but don’t over track it)… what were the results, how did it feel for you?

10. Spend 4 hours a day on the 4 key investments in your life…

  • Knowledge –> Learning
  • Health –> Working Out
  • Audience –> Networking / Building your Tribe/Community (online and offline)
  • Character –> Reflection, Mediation, Knowing Yourself

Those are the starters to building your kingdom.

I believe in you.
Just go do it.

These words of wisdom are from a super smart guy named Scott Oldford. https://www.Scottoldford.com