Year End 2018 from Valerie V: You Are Just One Funnel Away.... 3


What in the world is a funnel, and what do you mean “I’m just one funnel away?” Read on, friends…

2018 is wrapping up and the last few months have brought yet another shift in the landscape of online marketing for home care and senior service providers.

Yes, the old stuff remains important and true.

  • Great website – CHECK
  • Great content – CHECK
  • Great social media presence- CHECK
  • Great SEO – CHECK
  • E-Newsletter- CHECK

This stuff isn’t going anywhere.  You need to look trustworthy, authoritative, and like an expert in your field.

And then I started reading and following a couple of guys who are well respected, and NOT “glitterati” (shiny people who offer zero value) in the internet marketing world.

One of them is Russell Brunson. He’s the real deal. 

I appreciate that he’s from a small town in Idaho- he lives there with his family and runs his company from that location.

Russell Brunson is not a new name, he’s an old-timer, meaning he has been around the block at least as long as I have.

He knows who Dan Kennedy is…which is super old-timey and fabulous.

He has ZERO connection to the home health care world.

Most of the time, taking an internet marketing product or service and applying it to home care is like jamming a square peg in a round hole.

Typical internet marketing stuff just doesn’t “work” in home care.

It’s too cheesy, too slippery for such a serious and emotional topic.

Russell created and owns this thing called “ClickFunnels“. Sounds cheesy, right?

Well as it turns out, it’s not cheesy at all. It works.

In late October/early November, I put the word out about a “home care leads beta” program I was fiddling with…and I fiddled around a lot.

Luckily, some of you smart entrepreneurs came along for the ride (thank you)…..

What we are finding out is that people are craving senior care information that is readily available online, they just don’t know where to look.

The people who are in need of that information, need it because someone in their life is aging, maybe failing to thrive alone at home.

The need so far, is endless.

These people also need YOU.  Maybe not today, maybe not even next week, but once they enter your “funnel” they are yours to keep.

Hence, the phrase, “you are just one funnel away”.  One funnel away from the next client, the next lead, the next opportunity.

Example: What if you spent $300, received 50 “active inquiries” (notice I did not use the word “lead”), and closed 1 of those inquiries at 20 hours per week? Um…that’s a 21K per year client, right?

Would that make you happy? It makes me SUPER happy! It happened. 

Of course, there are no guarantees, and your ability to close a client is REALLY important.

Coming in the early part of 2019, we will be introducing a program that will have a lot of structure and automation- but will bring people “in need” to YOU.

I don’t think George and I have been this excited in a very long time.

Helping people find what they need, and in return, giving our clients the opportunity to help MORE people, is pretty amazing.

We’ve come a long way baby, and 2019 will be quite amazing. Lots of work to do!

Keep your eyes and ears tuned in to Valerie V- you are about to get Every Edge- and a program that will change your thinking forever.


Happy New Year!

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