We Can Help with Your Message During the COVID-19 Outbreak.

What We Are Doing to Help Our Clients During COVID-19

***CURRENT CLIENTS SEND ALL REQUESTS TO SUPPORT*** https://support.approvedseniornetwork.com

If you need help and you are NOT a current client, please CONTACT US.

This is Valerie VanBooven RN BSN from Approved Senior Network Marketing®, formerly LTC Expert Publications.

Please be safe out there. We are thinking about all of you, every day.

I wanted to give you a summary of the activities we are already engaged in, to add COVID-19 messages/content, that help your business.

1. We have distributed a standard message that we WILL post to your blog (for SCOPE participants), but you must request that we post this for you. We do not want to say anything on your behalf about COVID-19 that you do not approve in advance.

We have already posted this for MANY clients at their request. Please go to support and let us know that you want us to send this important message- and modify it if you wish! https://support.approvedseniornetwork.com

2. We have created 5 different videos that will rotate through your Facebook pages that are positive and educational. We do not post “scary stats”, but instead, basic handwashing techniques, staying at home, how home care helps seniors stay safe and more.

3. For our website clients (meaning we host and manage your website), we will add a link to your home page that goes directly to ANY COVID-19 messaging you choose. We do not charge for this service.

If you wish to have something like this added to your website, ask in support: https://support.approvedseniornetwork.com

View the home page of these clients for examples:



4. We will happily and quickly post any COVID-19 updates that you wish to have posted to the PUBLIC. Please note that if we post something to your website as a BLOG post, it will go out to social media, and the public.

5. For private messaging and texting of staff – we can help with that if you are in our SCOPE or SCIP programs. You can do it yourself through the help of videos, or we can do it for you. We do not charge for this service. This includes mass texting of staff. Ask in support: https://support.approvedseniornetwork.com

We are doing more, but most activity is at your request. Please don’t hesitate to ask.  support: https://support.approvedseniornetwork.com

Thank you and take care!

Valerie, George and the ASN Staff


Support: https://support.approvedseniornetwork.com