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Website Design for Home Care, Design a Website That Sets You Apart

Outstanding home care website design can help you make a lasting impression. Use Approved Senior Network’s professionally-designed websites and design features to create a powerful online presence.

Home Care Agencies Need a Complete Website Design Solution

Set Yourself Up for Success

In 2022, it’s important to understand that your virtual/online presence is your potential home care client’s first impression of you, your business, your services.

  • Online presence via your website, your Google Business Profile, and social media is a crucial part of how people perceive you.
  • Your home care website lets people interact with the “personality” of your business, and it provides a unique user experience connected to you and your services.
  • Converting your website visitors into prospective customers and thus building an online presence are called marketing strategies.
  • Know your target audience, and communicate your values – these are key success elements.
  • A dedicated digital marketing agency, like Approved Senior Network Marketing, will teach you how to integrate your messages, values, and mission into your online presence.

Your Home Care Website is an Investment in Your Business Success Strategy

How Much Does A Home Care Website Design Cost?

The answer depends on these items:

The amount of content on your website. (number of pages).

As you might imagine, a 10 pages website is less expensive than a 20-30 page website.

The expertise of the home care website development team.

Your cousin Eddy, or your friend’s side-gig will always be less expensive than hiring a professional agency that has 14 years of experience and specializes in SENIOR CARE. **Warning: It may seem like a cost savings, but is it really? The stories of websites that we have rebuilt and cleaned up over the last 14 years is LONG. It’s always related to an inexperienced team.**

Where is your website development team “really” located?

Here’s the reality…when you hire Proweaver and many other site builder teams (web.com), the team is not located in the U.S. Do you ever wonder why it takes 2 days to get an answer? Or that the answer is vague and not helpful? There is not only a time barrier but also a language barrier. If your support questions aren’t being answered, it’s likely that you are a number and not a valued client.

Complicated forms and interactions.

If your website requires special coding, special functions, or something that is out of scope for traditional services, your cost will be higher. This is not a frequent occurrence in the senior care space.

The amount of content that needs to be written “for you” as opposed to “by you”.

Writing content is not easy. We take care of this for our clients. Some clients love contributing and others do not. We are happy to help.

The backend SEO strategy.

Advanced is more expensive than basic, and there is a huge difference.

The quality and speed of the hosting provider.

Cheap shared hosting on Godaddy, Siteground, or any other provider (4.99 per month, $9.99 per month) is slow and unpredictable. Don’t do it. It’s a waste of time and money.

Here’s a tip: 

If your website costs $599 or less, it sucks. You may not know it, but it does. You can’t see it, you can’t understand why it’s not a great site, but it is not. Will it get you by for your first year? Of course, it will. Will it grow your business? Nope. Pretty sites are not always functional, lead-generating websites. 

Your Home Care Website Should Solve Your Prospect's Problem

What is a “Solve a Problem Statement” on Your Home Care Website?

Before you/we can answer this question, we need to know the answers to these questions:

  • Who — Who actually has this problem? Have you validated that the problem is real? Can you prove it?
  • What — What is the nature of the problem? What research or supporting evidence do you have?
  • Why — Why is the problem worth solving? What’s the impact on the customer?
  • Where — Where does this problem arise? Have you/your team observed this problem in its natural habitat?


My guess is that you ALREADY know the answers to these questions (if not, we do!)


Content is Still King on Your Home Care Website

If you want to compete with your “BIG” competitors, you need amazing content. 

1. Identify your unique value proposition

Your website should answer the why and how of your home care agency, explaining how your services and process provide value to your clients.

Your value proposition should address these things, and it should be unique from other home care agencies so that you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Use this as a basis for the content you create for your website.

Your unique value proposition should be prominent on your website and weaved throughout your content.

Making sure that your content is targeted and relevant to the people you want to reach is critical to the success of your site.

2. Conduct a website content audit

What content needs to be re-written?

Document all of the content you currently have and then identify what can stay, what needs to be refreshed and what needs to go.

This will give you a clear picture of how much new content you need to create and where to start.

3. Target each of your client-types (aka personas)

When creating website content, home care agencies often think about what they want to say instead of what their audience wants to read.

It’s essential to create content for your website with your various audiences in mind and think about what’s most important to them since that is who your content is truly for.

In addition to prospects, you should create website content that is geared towards clients, prospective employees, business partners, the media, etc.

4. Include the most important content

– Senior Care News Blog
– Premium content (i.e. Guides)
– Services
– Client testimonials
– Team
– Employee spotlights (blog)
– Up-to-date job postings
– Process
– FAQs
– Videos (can feature company culture, client testimonials, etc.)

5. Post new blog articles regularly.  

After determining the type of content you want to create first, begin to map out a schedule. This includes the topics you will cover, how often you’ll be publishing and the dates it will be published. It may be beneficial to plan out one quarter of the year at a time.

6. Have the right TEAM behind you.

Part of a content schedule includes developing a process for writing the content. Make sure the right people on your team are held accountable. Or, hire a team like Approved Senior Network Marketing to do the work.

7. Have long-form content that is search engine optimized.

Gone are the days of throwing up a webpage and having it rank because of the “title” of the page. The entire page needs to be written in a way that addresses questions, concerns, and provides answers, and facts.

Home Care Website Design Next Steps

1. We recommend a full audit of your website. This includes speed, seo, content and more.

2. Armed with your new information, talk to your current website developer and allow them to fix issues.

3. If you do not have a relationship with an excellent home care website designed right now, talk to us! We can handle, fix, re-do and solve any website problem.


Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

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