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Okay. I prepared nothing for this life I have done nothing has just been an absolutely insane week. Facebook is driving us super crazy. We’re getting to it slowly.

Uh, so a couple of things I wanted to talk to everybody about, they’ve been kind of on my mind. I read this book marketing rebellion.

It’s our businesses that aren’t necessarily in charge. It’s what the consumer wants and what the consumer needs.

And we started ApprovedSeniorNetwork.com years ago, we started the website more as a blogger and a content. You know, just the place where people could get information and content.

It has morphed itself into much more than that, and much more than a business directory. I’ll pull it up on the screen so you can see what it looks like.

And I think that we have an opportunity here.

All right, so now let’s go here. Ah, there she is.

So there’s ApprovedSeniorNetwork.com.

You can go to ApprovedSeniorNetwork.com. That’s just like what shows on my screen. You can’t see all of it, but, um, one of the things that occur to me about this website and this network and this opportunity is that if the consumer in this true, like as a consumer, I want what I want.

I don’t care about how many commercials you put on tv or I really, you know, there are certain brands that I’m loyal to their certain products that were loyal to in this family because they improve in overtime to be part of our family. They are important to us, and a lot of consumers today want to feel like they’re part of a group. So if you look at the first line there, says our family of senior care professionals can help your family.

So we want people when they come to the site to feel like they’re part of something. But it goes much further than just having a website.

Being a marketer in your local community is really important as far as helping people feel like they belong. So I think we’re going to start a couple of things.

Um and uh, maybe I’m getting old and I’m feeling a little more philanthropic. Perhaps, I don’t know, maybe I am, which is a nice way to be, um, but here’s what I think.

I think that if we had members of the Approved Senior Network which you know, any of the expert level members are usually our clients because we know them pretty well and we know where they are and we know what the reputation is, and so it’s easy for us to be able to recommend them.

I think that perhaps we should give our clients an opportunity to do some more community outreach, but maybe offer some scholarships.

And by that I mean, if I’m willing to pony up some bucks, if you’re willing to go to that local nursing home and provide some entertainment or ice cream social or craft day or a Halloween party or ah, holiday party or something you can do for the community that not only helps you get your name out there but also helps other people so weakened do things together on a local level that are helping our communities of seniors either with um decreasing their amount of isolation or increasing their involvement in their stimulation when they’re in a facility.

I think that would be fabulous. The other things, of course, are are, you know, supporting our charities like the Alzheimer’s Association or the Parkinson’s foundation or whatever of an organization is really important to you in your area, being able to attend their events or make a donation or hosted events.

I think that’s super important those are community outreach efforts that benefit more than just your brand. They help show your community that you are interested in making sure that people have a voice, that they have care and that they, when they are in care, that they have some stimulation and some quality, I guess time with whether to music are doing something with their hands or whatever it is.

So I think what will probably do is start a little scholarship program and maybe $250 per event. And so what we would have to do is have everybody you know if you want us to sponsor, not sponsor. If you want us to help give a scholarship to an event that you’d really like to attend is an organization in your local area. We’ll have a form you can fill out, tell us about it. Tell us when the dates are. Of course, we’ll have some parameters we want. You know you’re going to be reimbursed for all of your expenses are up to a certain amount. And we want pictures. And we want, you know, and the other thing that I think is really cool about marketing.

And I saw this recently through SYNERGY HomeCare. “Selfie with a senior” promotion, and all of their home care agencies were encouraged and only a few really did it. And the ones that did it actually came out way on top.

Ah, the organizations were they were encouraged to send in selfies with seniors for posting on facebook. So this is a little bit of work.

First of all, you have to get your caregivers involved. If six selfie with their senior they’re caring for it has to be, you know, a nice selfie and not super perfect or anything, just something nice.

And then, of course, you have to have permission to use their picture online.

So whether that’s a form that someone has to fill out or power of attorney or the senior themselves has to give permission, you know, whatever way that works, then you have to, um, make sure that they’re you know, you get that selfie.

You have a parameter and can get that selfie up on facebook. So what they did was over the course of a couple of months, they had ah selfie with a senior promotion and the I guess Billings and Denver offices did a great job with us and at the end, because they had so many pictures and they had such a good response from their caregivers. And they’re seniors in their care that what we did was we made a video for and they ask if there was a way we could do that. So we took all those pictures and we put him in a slide show and we explained just a touch about the program and put their of course their contact information at the beginning and end.

And now they have this beautiful video of all these caregivers and seniors that they shared on their Facebook page. And it was a community outreach effort.

It didn’t cost them anything. And it went out over the course of time. It was over, like 60 days or something.

And what a beautiful tribute to these seniors into the caregivers themselves. It just was a really nice promotion. I wish more of the franchise owners have participated because it just turned out really, really nice.

So that is an idea. But other. The other thing is when you do those selfies what if you had your own selfie sticks that were branded to you or branded with certain hashtags.

So I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this. Let’s go back to you our amazon picture for a second. Hold on a second.

Let’s share another screen. All right, so we’re going to go back to all departments and let’s go to not selfie stick….. selfie signs.

That’s what I’m looking for. All right, you know what I’m talking about? A photo booth signs, props for photo booth?

Let’s see. We’ll just looking for ones with words on them. All right, well, just look at this one for a second. Hold up.

Here we go. Hey, we can get rid of this one for a minute. Okay? See this?

These are selfie signs. Now, these are not applicable to what we’re doing. Necessarily.

But if you had selfie signs that were branded just for a particular event or for instance um, these signs, instead of saying happy birthday or over the hill or older, we could just say, uh, something like, hashtag I am loved or hashtag.

Someone cares about me. I don’t know. You would think of some short ones have them created.

And for your event, we would send you a box of these hashtag selfie signs and you could add you had your event. Take selfies with the seniors or staff or whoever’s involved and post those and we really cute and the folks that’s energy did this. They can accumulate it. And they kind of ended their senior selfie with a senior promotion with an event with the Alzheimer’s association, which was really cool, too. They had a photo booth and they had those selfie signs and all that stuff in the actual hashtag they used for that event was #ENDALZ

That was really cool. I think that’s something that we could do. I’m really interested in helping everybody. We do the only marketing part. We get that, but helping you being more involved with your community and giving you more ideas and then giving you the scholarship to go out and pick that event or create that event. If there’s not one that you want to attend that I think that would be amazing to get you the tools that you need to carry it out and we don’t have to be there.

It’s something that you do. You have a little bit of cash flow to make it happen. You have to provide. You know, you’d have to do all the arranging. It’s your gig.

But if it makes sense and it’s a great community outreach event, I think that would be brilliant to sponsor a few our scholarship, the money and get you those hashtag signs or selfie signs.

I think that would be great. Ah, and that helps you get more exposure. It helps your, um, helps. Your brand helps your facebook page because what people really want to see on that facebook page, they really want to see pictures of people, not stock photos, necessarily. I mean, we do a great job. Don’t get me wrong. I love what we do for facebook pages, and you guys have a lot of followers now.

The folks that are are clients. They’ve got 3000 followers in. They’re all local to the homecare agency, and it’s pretty amazing.

But I really think we could do some better community outreach. Some of you are already awesome at it. Don’t get me wrong, but I think that we could help and maybe scholarship if you those.

So that’s kind of on my mind. We also just put out a big promotion for our senior care inquiry program, which is a senior care lead program.

There are so many people responding to it that we haven’t even had time to get back to everybody. But we’re working through a list. So if you are one of those people that responded to that promotion, thank you very much. And we are absolutely working our way through the list. Don’t worry.

Um, let’s see what else? Uh, I wanted to talk to you not because I think you need it’s evenly. Put this back up on the screen and get rid of this one.

So let’s go back to ApprovedSeniorNetwork.com for a minute. I want you to know that there is an opportunity. If you have a free listing here, you do not have to pay to have a listing, so I’m going to go to that.

Uh, let’s go to that. Hold on a second. All right, there we go. I think I’ve got that up there. Not looked.

Hello. All right, so you can get this free listing, and it allows you to do a lot of things. I encourage you to get a free listing, but I want you to know that when we designed ApprovedSeniorNetwork.com,

Okay. We wanted to make sure that ApprovedSeniorNetwork.com was way more than just a directory. So the folks that are in the basic listing, yes, you’re basically going to get directly directory listing, which isn’t too shabby. I mean, it’s allows you to do a lot of things.

The people that are in the middle group there, the ace and member. It’s $50 a month, $49 a month.

You get a ton of stuff and job postings that go out to our facebook page. Anytime you post anything on your profile, whether it be a, um, testimonial or a blogger post or whatever you want a job post.

All of that goes out to our big facebook pages that have, like 17,000 total people. We also have an Alzheimer’s and dementia support group that goes along with that.

If you haven’t gone to approve your network and get a listing, you should totally do that. Um, the member is $50 a month, but we also added in there that we will create marketing video for you when you sign up and then every 90 days that you’re still with us, we will give you another marketing video.

So that’s branded to you. It has your logo, your phone number, your website, and it’s one of the ones that we do typically about 60 or 70 versions of videos. It’s amazing, um, and we just do a quick one. It’s not anything that you know.

It’s not crazy production or anything. It’s easy stuff, but you can use it on facebook, youtube on your website, wherever it belongs to you.

So we send it over to you, and there you go. When you’re on the expert level, you have to be, uh, our client.

You have to be in one of our programs, whether be senior care inquiry program or our scope program, which is all of our content, or we have to you have built your website.

Any one of those things will get you into the expert program expert level. So, uh, if you want to join the and you want to just be part of what’s going on approving your network because I think we’re going to up the game here on things that we’re going to offer and more philanthropic kind of stuff.

And please, at least get your free listing so you could be up to speed on everything because we do send out a newsletter to all of our listing people who are even our basic listing stuff people, and let them know you know what’s happening. Videos, anything we’re doing, I will. Ah, let’s see. Let me put that face with paige upon the screen for you too, so you can see what that looks like.

We also do a video alive on this page every thursday, so you can see this one minute. Let me make sure you can see this one.

Well, it didn’t do and nothing. Ah, let’s get rid of dish and what just get another one here, chrome tab.

Okay, here we go. Ah, stop, star. Okay, here we go.

It’s not loading. Must make it load. Load, load. Be live.

Okay, so it’s loading slowly, but surely it’s got a lot of stuff on it. I’m an admin, so it low slow.

So our Facebook page we do, eh? Live educational video every Thursday at three o’clock eastern, two pm central.

Uh, so what? We go live here? It’s educational. The one coming up. You can see right there in the header.

I don’t know if you can see it very clearly, but it’s, um this Thursday we’re going to talk about hospice. What is hospice and all that?

Every time we do a video, we have one of our clients sponsors the show, so they get their logo and all their information in that video, and that works great.

Oh, and somebody’s trying to talk to me, and I am on life. Thank you so much. So, uh, let’s go here.

Okay, so, uh, that is something that you all would be involved in. Even if you have a free listening, you can see all of that going down and happening. We have that support group for that. I would encourage all of you to join.

If you can be supportive and give good advice, then that’s a great place to me. It’s not a huge support group, but it’s definitely full of people who need help.

Ah, and people who are professionals. Both. So all right. So Marketing Rebellion is the book that I just listened to by Mark Schaefer. And it is pretty amazing. Let me make sure I wasn’t telling you the wrong Schaefer.

We’ll shave here, huh? Yep. Mark Schaefer . A highly recommend reading that book or listening to Mark Schaefer .

It is a great book industry. It’s right. I mean, I don’t say that all the time. Don’t you know I don’t have a lot of time to listen to books, but I will tell you he is absolutely correct about this. I mean, put him on the security in here. Remark. Schaffer will get rid of ApprovedSeniorNetwork.com marketing rebellion by marsh a for read it.

It’ll change the way you think about what you’re doing will change the way you think about senior care in general. And it will change the way you think about higher reaching to your community.

If we could help people understand more about how they could belong to a community, how they can benefit from reading what we have to say or hearing us are meeting us out in an event, uh, and build that tribe of local people and you’re the authority or the trusted expert.

When when we conduce that on a local level, then you win because people really are looking for support when they get to this place in our life.

So it is a little tricky, but I think that what he says is true. So I would encourage you to read marketing rebellion or listen to it on audible or read it on your kindle.

And that’s all I got today. I hope that everybody has a great rest of your week. You can join us on the ApprovedSeniorNetwork.com Facebook page tomorrow at 3 p. M. Eastern, 12 noon pacific, and it’ll be me talking about hospice care. What it is who pays for it.

And what do you need to do to or where do you need to be in your life to qualify for it? Ah, hospice is an amazing resource.

So we’re happy to do this video for everybody.

They’re also on youtube and all of them, including these, are also on ROKU and amazon fire tv. These go on Valerie V. Show TV and the approved senior network TV ones. Go on, ApprovedSeniorNetwork.com tv. So if you have Roku or amazon fire tv, you can catch us there.

Thanks, everybody. We’ll talk to you again soon next Wednesday.