Video Client Testimonial Transcript

Valerie: We did not create your website, but Touching Hearts was kind enough to allow us to add what we call a chatbot or a pop-up little messaging center on your website. And since we’ve done that, you’ve had some successes with that. Tell me about the little chatbot and what that has brought to you.

Christina- Sure. Our existing website had an entry form and submit an inquiry, filled out all of these fields. Then it would work maybe once a month, twice a month, nothing extraordinary. Since we added that text feature at the bottom of our website that instantly pops up as soon as you search us. I’m telling you it’s been amazing since February when we activate it.

We’ve had over 18 inquiries through that quick platform where we weren’t sure if people of a certain age group or demo would actually be inclined to utilize that feature. They’re utilizing it like crazy. And for us, it’s a really easy way to already know the client’s name, their phone number.

And they can text in a sentence or two or a couple of words to tell us if it’s Mom or Grandmother or Father.

If they’re having heart issues or Alzheimer’s and dementia, and then immediately that’s going into our CRM, which is incredible as well working with you guys.

But then we’re able to take that hot lead and give them a callback. Nine times out of 10, we’re signing clients from it. I know when we get that chat feature in our inbox, boom, we’ve got a great referral source in there. We can’t speak enough about it.