Valerie V Show Podcast Year in Review!

2019 Fun Facts

The Valerie V Show! published 30 episodes in 2019. The first was Valerie V Show TV- Introduction published April 02 and the last was Interview with Beth Sholom, Owner, Right at Home Central New Jersey published December 16. Did we improve this year?

In 2019, the most popular episode of The Valerie V Show! was Valerie V Show- Why Curated Content? , published April 09 and downloaded 175 times. What was your favorite episode?

In 2019, The Valerie V Show! was downloaded 249 times from Boardman, Oregon; our most popular city! Where do you listen from?

In 2019, fans of The Valerie V Show! listened most using Apple Podcasts, FFMPEG, and Apple iTunes apps. What’s your favorite app for listening to podcasts?

In 2019, The Valerie V Show! published 30 episodes totaling about 9 hours of content. That’s about 528 minutes or 31,701 seconds for your listening pleasure. What was your favorite episode?

In 2019, the shortest episode of The Valerie V Show! was Have You Heard About the Google Short Name Feature? at 00:03:37. The longest was Marketing and Recruiting all in ONE PLACE! at 00:41:43. Do you prefer shorter or longer episodes?

Here’s where you can listen to the Valerie V Show!

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