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Valerie V:

Hey, everybody. This is Valerie Vanbooven.

Welcome to Friday. Woo, TFI Friday.

This is our lucky 13th episode. Ooh, 13 Valerie Vs.!

Today, I promised you we would talk about e-newsletter, the importance of e-newsletter, and how to do them right so you don’t have to touch them every single month, because what I know from experience is that if you have to touch them, nothing ever happens. They don’t even go out. We’re going to talk about it, the process, what to use, how it works, and all of that stuff. And if it’s too time-consuming, still, hire somebody to do it for you.

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Okay, let’s look at my screen here. Oh, look, here I am. Here are the two accounts that we use most often. There may be others that do this, but these are the only two I have found that actually work well, and These two accounts let you do something called RSS to newsletter, or RSS feed to newsletter, but that means that you have to have a couple of things.

Valerie V Show EP 13: E-Newsletters for Home Care Marketing. Do it Right! 3

Number one, you have to have an RSS feed on your website. For some odd reason, not every web developer adds an RSS feed to a website. If you have a WordPress website, then you automatically have an RSS feed. If you have anything else, something they have to be added as modules. Sometimes they just have to be coded in. Sometimes they can’t be. I know a couple of franchises that don’t have RSS feeds associated with their websites, but we worked around it anyway.

The next thing you want to do is my little list here, my four-part list. Blog post everything. Blog post your events. Blog post your celebrations. I just put out a … If you go to and you go to Valerie’s Blog, one of the most recent blog posts is called 50 Blog Post Ideas. There is never a reason why you can’t come up with some kind of content. There are 50 ideas there that apply to anybody from new businesses to old businesses. Blog post everything.

Syndicate everything. Some people don’t know what syndication means. Syndication means that once you put a blog post up on your website and it’s live, then it goes out to your Facebook, your LinkedIn, your Twitter, your e-newsletter feed. It’s syndicating, meaning it’s shooting that blog post out to all the places you assign it to go out to.

There are lots of ways can syndicate your content. We use a program called There’s also Hootsuite. Let’s see. What is another one? Sometimes there are plugins that you can add to your WordPress website that will allow you to syndicate that content. Whatever you’re going to do, you want to make sure you syndicate the content, so blog post, make sure it’s set up to syndicate. Then, set up your newsletter. Make sure that’s set up to go out on a certain day and time. Once a month is perfect, and you can set it and forget it, just like Ron Popeil, set it and forget it.

But, you also have to make sure it actually goes out. We have had times when someone made a change to their website or did something crazy, and the newsletter didn’t go out. We do have someone check every month to make sure that all the newsletters went out. And if they didn’t, we red flag it. We figure out what the problem is, and we fix it. So, you want to set it and forget it, sort of. You want to make sure it actually goes out, and you want to make sure you have all the blog post in there you want your connections, your community to see. Set it and forget it.

What that happens is that avoids follow-up failure. To avoid follow-up failure, you put everybody on your newsletter list. They can unsubscribe any time they want. But when you put everybody on your newsletter list, that helps those leads that never close. Let’s say somebody called you today and her name his Jane. She doesn’t pull the trigger and start services for her mom, because she doesn’t know if her mom’s really ready or she’s afraid to talk to her mom about it or whatever.

Three months from now, if Jane is on your email list and Jane’s mother falls and breaks her hip, has a heart attack, has a stroke, is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, whatever happens … Because Jane knows right now that there’s something wrong, there’s something up, but she just can’t really put her finger on it, so not sure if she should pull the trigger. She’s thinking about how much it costs. She’s thinking about a lot of things. But when the straw breaks the camel’s back, that’s the time you want to make sure your newsletter has been in Jane’s email box every single month, because once her mother discharges from rehab and comes home, she’s probably going to need some private duty care.
So, sometimes leads don’t close right away, but if you continue to follow up with them in the form of a newsletter, they will come back to you. They’ve already talked to you. They will remember you. They know they’ve already established a bit of a relationship with you, so why not just go ahead and pull the trigger with you guys, because you’re the ones that have been so consistent about following up with your newsletter every single month. That is the reason why newsletters are so important. There are actually a lot of other reasons why newsletters are important, just to get the word out about your community.

The other thing to know about newsletters is that in 2018, your newsletters do not have to be gorgeous. They just need to have a really nice header, a little picture you can make with your contact information, your website address, the areas you service, just a picture of that. Then, the rest of it should be easy to scroll, easy to read. People are not going to read a whole dissertation of every article you have on your website. They just want to scroll the headlines, pick the one or two they want to read, and have that. When they click on that link, it takes them right back to your mobile responsive website. If your website is pretty, that’s awesome. But if it’s not mobile responsive, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, you need to get it fixed.

In 2018, everything is mobile. Without a mobile responsive website, you are not going to show up in search results with Google. Without a secure sockets layer, an SSL certificate on your website as of July 2018, you are going to be flagged as unsecure by Google. And, as of July 2018, if your website is slow to load on mobile devices, you are going to also be penalized for that. Make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row.

I know this was a lot of techy, geeky speak, but that’s why people like us exist. LTC Social Mark is our website, LTC Expert Publications has been in business 10 years. We only service home care agencies. So if you haven’t heard of us or if you haven’t used us before, be sure to go to our website. You can see it right there on the screen. Look at some of our other video that we’ve done over the years. We have hundreds of videos that talk about home care marketing, and many of them apply today just as they did the day they were made. Go to our website. Check us out and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We need more subscribers.

Remember,,, RSS to newsletter, blog post, syndicate, set it and forget it, and avoid follow-up failure, these are the important reasons to have an e-newsletter. This is the way it should be set up, and I hope … I wish you good luck. I hope you get this all done. Please put me on your newsletter list.

It’s Thanks, everybody. Have a great Friday. If you have any questions, just send them to me through Facebook or through our website. Bye., 888-404-1513