Hey, everybody. Valerie V Show, With the Valerie V Show Channel. Can you believe it? We have a channel on Amazon Fire. It’s not really a channel. I shouldn’t say “Channel”, I should say, “App”. App. If you go on your Amazon Fire Stick or fire box, and you scroll to apps. And then you pick categories. And then you pick business. And then you scroll to Valerie V Show, you’ll find us. It’s not really simple, but it’s there. And it says, “The Valerie V Show”. I can’t believe it. We have a YouTube channel. We have Facebook group. And we have Facebook page. I’ll put all of that in this video so that you can can join us wherever you want, whether you’re in bed just watching TV on your Amazon Fire Stick or you’re watching YouTube … Oh, and all of these are converted into a podcast. So, we also have a podcast on iTunes. We have a podcast on, whatever podcast platforms there are. Spotify, all that.

This is our introduction video, so as an introduction, my name is Valerie VanBooven. I’m a registered nurse and I’ve been a registered nurse since 1992. Which makes me about 200 years old in nurse years. I’ve seen it all and I’ve mainly heard it all. People are crazy. I am an entrepreneur. I have been married to Charlie for, oh, I don’t know, gosh. 13 years. 14 years, now, almost. Our kids are 12, so I guess that would make 14 years. We were married in 2005. We had triplet girls in 2007. And I started this business in 2008, when they were one year old. So, for all of you entrepreneurs out there who are wondering if you can do it. There is no obstacle that you can’t overcome if you try hard enough. Yes, we had help in the house. We had a nanny named, Dawn, from 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday to help us with our triplets. And then, when they turned three and started going to preschool, she came on board with LTC Expert Publications. And she’s been with us ever since.

In 2010, George Novoson joined us as the money guy, because I am the marketing gal. But I needed more of a money brain to help us with some of that stuff. So, he came on board and he is our business development, sales, and takes care of all the books for me. Because, not me. Let’s see, what else can I tell you about being an entrepreneur? There are highs and lows in the very beginning that seem overwhelming, but eventually, if you stick with it and you have a good business plan, and who knows what a really good business plan is anymore. But, stick with your guns. Make changes as you need to. The highs and lows of income and stress will kinda even themselves out. This is a lifestyle business, but it is not one that affords our family extravagant lifestyle. It is a regular house with regular used cars. We have a big van for travel. We have a little car that gets us around day-to-day. We don’t drive BMWs. We don’t drive fancy stuff. And we don’t live in a big fancy house.

We live in a nice house that accommodates three children. And we have two dogs. One, who likes to poop on the floor and her name is Little Dog. Hi, Little Dog. And she’s very loud, like a beagle. The other issues, let’s see, good stuff, is that we help support about 10 other families in the world, which is awesome. It’s also a bit of a stressor at the beginning. Because you wanna make sure you can support 10 other families or two other families or one other family beside your own. So, we take this business very seriously, because this is how I feed my children. And this is how a lot of people, that I know, feed their children. So, we are very serious about our clients and our business. Let’s see, what else can I tell you about being an entrepreneur? Health insurance is a problem. So, if you don’t have a spouse who works, or a spouse at all, or someone who can provide health insurance for you, we pay about 1500 a month for the five of us, for health insurance. That will never go away. At some point, that was more than my mortgage. It’s not more than my mortgage now.

But it is insane to pay that much money per month for health insurance, but that is what we do. Let’s see, what else do I know about being an entrepreneur? I can make my own schedule. I work a lot, but I love what I do. I love working. I love the internet marketing pieces of the puzzle. I love figuring stuff out. I love going to conferences when I have time to learn new things. I do not attend industry conferences very much. And industry for me, is actually home care. So, we do … 90% of our clients are private-duty, non-medical home care agencies. 10% make up a combination of assisted living, care management, and home healthcare, which is Medicare certified. We also have a lot of companies that do both, home healthcare and non-medical. So, that’s the bulk of our clients. That’s almost everybody. We have a few outliers once in a while. We do websites for them. We do content and social media and all the things that you can imagine. Lead generation kinda stuff, everything.

However, I will say this, about being an entrepreneur and being in online marketing, what has sustained this business, LTC Expert Publications for 10 years, 11 years now, is content. 100% content. Because we provide content to our clients. We provide content for ourselves. And that content comes in the form of written, blog posting articles. It comes in the form of video, like this. It comes in the form of audio, like our podcast. It is Facebook Lives. It’s Facebook recordeds. It’s Facebook posts. Content is what drives online marketing. So, when you’re considering doing online marketing for any business that you have and making content and providing content is super important. And that is really, truly, what has driven this business, of all the things that we’ve tried and all the things that we do, and our clients have ridden that wave with us through all the last 10 years. All of those things, it comes down to providing great content in the form of any kind of thing you can imagine.

So, The Valerie V Show, being on an Amazon Fire app for the television, is a new way to distribute our content. It’s not new content, it’s a new way to distribute it. So, you can see us on YouTube and Facebook. But, this channel is brand new, and it’s a brand new way for us to get the word out. Our other channel is Approve Senior Network TV. And that will be highlighting our clients and their journeys through home care and owning a home care business and marketing a home care business. Some of the services they provide. Things like that. That is our other channel. So, people can get to know different home care agencies across the country and understand what makes those owners tick and what makes them feel compelled to do what they do. Because I will tell you, that by far, the business they run, is much much harder and much more emotional and much more taxing than the business I run. They are our heroes. You are our heroes. And we applaud you every single day for the amazing work that you do.

Because I know, having worked with all of you for 10 years, 11 years, I could not do what you do. I’m a registered nurse, I could not do what you do. It would drive me crazy. Even though, it’s probably the most rewarding things ever, it’s also one of the most stressful, emotional. These families are in crisis sometimes. So, our home care agency owners and all the folks in senior care, are our heroes. So, that is why we do what we do. That’s why we are in business this long. And I hope you’ll join us on our journey for The Valerie V Show, either on YouTube or Amazon Fire or podcast or wherever you can find us. Thanks everybody, bye.