Valerie V:            Hey, guys. Valerie V Show and in one second, I’m gonna talk to you about what being a brand ambassador for your own home care business really means.

Valerie V:            Hey, guys. Valerie V Show and today, we’re gonna talk about what being a brand ambassador means. It’s sort of the spokesperson or the face of your company. You know Leeza Gibbons is the brand ambassador for A Place for Mom. Love them or hate them, they got Leeza Gibbons and they probably paid her a chunk of change to do that. If you’ve ever looked at Reverse Mortgage commercials or if you’ve ever watched a Capital One commercial, you’ll see that some of our favorite stars are brand ambassadors for those companies. You don’t have to be famous to be a brand ambassador. Take me, for instance. I am not a famous person. But because I come out from behind the website and out from behind the email and from behind the social media and I do these videos for you almost every day, two or three times a week at the minimum, that makes me our brand ambassador. So the Valerie V Show is the brand ambassador for LTC Expert Publication and it’s okay to do that. I don’t care what your competitors think.

Valerie V:            If you’re a great home care agency and you want people to know about it, the best person to talk about it is you or if it’s not you, maybe it’s your marketer. Whoever the face of your company is should be the person who’s out there shaking hands, looking people in the eye and making a video or getting in those pictures and being the brand ambassador for your company. Your brand ambassador may change over the years. It may be someone who starts out with and it may end up with you being the brand ambassador. But whoever that is, the more you’re out there, the more magnetic you are, the more you’re everywhere and the more you’re real and you’re you, the better off your business will be. You will close more deals. People will trust you more. Those adult children of aging parents will know that you’re not afraid to be the brand ambassador, to get out there and really talk on camera or be in those pictures and show your community outreach efforts and when you do that, they trust you.

Valerie V:            They believe that you’re an authority in elder care and senior care topics and they want to be able to put their parents in the care of someone or some organization that they trust and when you’re a brand ambassador, you create that trust. So get out there and be your own brand ambassador. Don’t wait. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. You do it. Get out there and be in those pictures. Make a few videos. It’s okay to do that. Be your own cheerleader. That’s it for the Valerie V Show. Talk to you tomorrow.

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