Valerie:                Hey, guys. Valerie V Show. In one second, we’re going to make a big announcement about our June and July clients of the month. We’ll be right back.

Hi, guys. Valerie V Show. Welcome to Wednesday and today we are announcing our June and July clients of the month. We’re a little late for June but we have two clients for June and two clients for July. We know everybody works super hard, but these clients are ones that show us every single week that they are thinking about contributing to their own online presence. They submit content. They are out there shaking hands, looking people in the eye and when they get back to the office, they share their pictures with us, they share a paragraph about all the things they’ve been doing this week with us. We post that on their blog and it goes out to all their social media and it shows up in their e-newsletter and they celebrate caregivers of the month, which is awesome. Some of them run multiple offices in multiple territories and they still find time to combine their offline marketing with their online marketing. In 2018, that is the only way you’re going to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to marketing in general.

I am proud to announce that for our June clients of the month, we are honoring Jason Wu with Apex Home Care, and we are honoring Shanna Tourtlotte with SYNERGY HomeCare of Billings, Montana and West Denver. Yay. Woo.

Then for July, we are honoring Dan Segal with Optimal Senior Care Solutions and we are honoring Jamie Shapiro with Companion Services of America, and all of those folks are hardworking entrepreneurs who have been in the business for some a long, long time and some not so long, maybe three years. But all of them have one thing in common. They get it. They contribute and they are really working hard to make sure they are not only number one on the first page of Google or on the first page of Google in general, but they are also reaching out to their community via Facebook. They are connecting with people on LinkedIn and they are seeing a benefit from that. We want to honor them and congratulate them and thank them for being awesome clients. Thanks, everybody.

Next up, if you want to be a client of the month … Oh, what does that mean anyway? Client of the month means that we honor you on this show. We write up a writeup about you. We put you on our website. We do a little thing on your services, your company, give you backlinks from all of our cool websites to all of your websites and we send you a dozen chocolate covered strawberries and who doesn’t like a dozen, nice, cold, chocolate covered strawberries in the heat of summer? We all love that, right? That’s just a little thank you.

If you want to be a client of the month, sign up for the August mentoring program. Get your butt in here and get on over here. We will teach you everything you need to know and we’ll do it for you while you’re learning. You never have to worry about why we’re doing something or who’s doing something. We are very transparent and you will benefit from the program if you engage, if you participate and if you take it seriously.

We just want to thank everybody for being such great clients. We know you all work hard. For those of you who are not yet our clients, come on over. I’d like to talk to you. Get you onboard for August. Thanks, everybody. Bye.