Valerie V:            Hey, guys. Valerie V Show, and in one minute, we’re going to talk about how hot it is, August, and Instagram. See you in one minute.

Valerie V:            Hey, guys. Valerie V Show. How are you doing? I bet you miss me a lot. I hope everybody had a great Fourth of July. We are now definitely halfway through the year, so if your revenue hasn’t changed and your marketing hasn’t changed from what you’ve been doing for years and years and years, it may be time to look for a better solution. Hm?

Valerie V:            Let’s talk about how it is. It’s really hot, and that’s a bummer, because that wears me out; however, we still have to market, we still have to get out there, and we still have to work on our online marketing. I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately. The question is, “Hey, could I just do online marketing and do nothing else? My answer is no, no. You gotta get out there. You still gotta participate. You gotta engage with your community, but you have to combine that offline marketing with all of your online marketing.

Valerie V:            Now, I will say this, though. There are clients of ours who get 50% of their leads from online marketing. When done correctly, when done well, you can absolutely increase your revenue, but you have to get involved. You actually have to engage with online marketing. You have to commit to putting content online. You gotta do all these things. We help our clients with that, but even our clients sometimes aren’t as involved as we would like them to be, and some of them are so involved, and it’s amazing. We love it.

Valerie V:            The best way, the best way to know how much online marketing you need to be doing is to get into our Mentoring Program. Our July class filled up. Our June class filled up. Our May, our April, our March, they all filled up with wonderful, amazing new clients, and some old clients, and we’re so happy that you’re all with us.

Valerie V:            Next up is August. I will say this to you. You are over halfway through this year. You need to try our Mentoring Program. You need to get in there. You need to let us do the online marketing for you while you’re learning why all of this stuff is so important. It really does make a difference, so get into the Mentoring Program. We are now enrolling for August of 2018. You all have been so good to us. I know that even for the most seasoned home-care agency professionals, it is worth it to understand the concepts behind online marketing and to have someone doing it for you at the same time. Wherever you are out there, get signed up. The links are here … Oh, and by the way, I want to say a hello to Aunt Cathy Neil. She gets a huge kick out of these videos, so hi, Aunt Cathy. This is your shout-out.

Valerie V:            The next thing we’re going to talk about is Instagram. Oh, my gosh … Instagram now has about 2 billion on it, and we’re on it as a business reaching out to all of you. I don’t know if you’re on it but if you are, you need to follow us … We do two things. We do Instagram and IGTV. IGTV is great. Okay, let’s just back up.

Valerie V:            Instagram only allowed you a one-minute video. Eh. IGTV is supposed to let you do up to an hour video, but right, I’m still at a limit of 10 minutes, and I think most people probably are until Instagram starts growing trust with your brand and with what you’re doing, so we’re limited to 10-minute videos, which is totally okay with me. You’re not going to watch longer than 10 minutes anyway, right?

Valerie V:            We’re on IGTV. We’re Instagram. If you follow us at, you will also see IGTV there. You can click on that and watch our videos on IGTV. The only other weird thing about IGTV is, is that the videos have to be like this, so up top, we reedited our videos to make it IGTV-compatible, so you’re going to see my big head … Then you’re going to see below the entire regular video.

Valerie V:            Anyway, it works. Here’s what I have to say about home care, senior care, and Instagram. Yes, you need to get on it. Yes, we’re going to be rolling this out for our clients. We’re going to do business Instagram accounts. We are going to post them. Instagram is very hashtag-driven, so you need to keep it local and use your local hashtags and do all the crazy, fun stuff. We will be rolling out some training, and we will be rolling out … All of our clients are going to have Instagram added to their suite of services at no additional charge. Yay.

Valerie V:            Okay, everybody, I gotta keep it under 10 minutes so enroll for the August program. Instagram. Do it, and follow us. Bye, everybody.