Valerie V Show Ep 7: Q1 POWER HOUR! Home Care Marketing for 2018!

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Full Transcript!

Valerie V: Woo! Hi everybody, I’m going back so I can see your chatty chat chats here. I’ve not muted you. Well, yes I have muted you, I have not muted me, so hopefully you can hear me. I’m going to assume you can, because I’ve asked that question like 40 times, and it’s like five minutes into it.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go with today’s webinar. I am going to pull up the screen, start a slide presentation. Yup, let’s start ‘er up. Okay, so you should be able to see me down at the bottom, and you should be able to see Q1 Power Hour right there. All right, I’m going to go back to chatty chat just in case …

Okay, so if for some reason you can’t hear me please, if you chat to me and say, “No, I cannot hear you,” then I will know that there’s something wrong, but otherwise I’m going to assume all is well, and we’re going to get started here. So 2018 Q1 Power Hour, it’s February 1st, can’t believe it. This is my birthday month. I’m not going to tell ya how old I am because I’m really old.

All right, so here we go. This is what we’re going to talk about today, and by the way, thanks for being here. We are going to start with websites 2018, elements of a great lead generating website, and a lot of people have been asking those questions. What should I really be doing with regard to a website? Some of you may not need that information, we’re not going to spend a huge amount of time on it, just a little bit, and then I have a bunch of questions and answers that came from all of you. So we’re going to go through those, I think those will be the most helpful.

If you would like to ask a question you are more than welcome to ask it in the chat, and I will go back through, and I will make sure that we answer your questions. because there’s maybe some out there I didn’t get or didn’t answer. So here we go, 2018 elements of a great website. By the way, if you can’t hear anything, everybody else can hear and see, so you either need to turn up your computer audio, unmute your computer audio, don’t know what to tell you about Flash video not found. If you can’t see the PowerPoint slide, if you’re using a PC or laptop you should be able to see it. You have to unmute your audio on your computers.

And the other thing is that if you can’t see this, you can go to, by the way, file sharing. There’s a little bitty file share. I guess it looks like a little piece of paper with the corner bent, and you can go there and hit download file, and that is the actual PDF of this presentation, so you can follow along that way as well.

And there’s also an offer, so if you look at the little bullhorn, it’s got like a little bullhorn like somebody is yelling something, that is join our Facebook group for free. We have Elder Care Entrepreneurs as our Facebook group, and I’d love for you to join that. So unmute your computers, feel free to download the files so you can follow along, so if it’s not working for you on your end, you can’t see the file or the screen, go ahead and download the file and you can follow along on the PDF.

So, we’re going to talk about great elements of a website in 2018. I’m going to first show you two that we recently completed, and just want to let you know right upfront that websites in 2018 don’t have to be ten thousand dollar websites. You do not need a ten thousand dollar website as a home care agency, unless you are going to spend even more than that because you’re a franchise, and you have lots of data applications behind the scenes and all that, but for a home care agency that is run by a group of folks, even if you have multiple offices, you don’t have to spend ten thousand dollars on a website.

Elements of a GREAT Lead Generating Website in 2018

So this is a client that’s been with us for a very long time. We did a little website spotlight on her yesterday and the day before, and we just completed this. This is a facelift from her previous website, she had one that was mobile responsive that we created for her several years ago, but it was time for a facelift. This is just a screenshot, and the wooden floor you see at the bottom, that’s just my slide. So this is just the very top of her website, but the thing that I want to point out to you are the very simple pieces that I think a lot of us miss.

When you’re creating a website, I don’t care how it’s created, but you need to have the call to action, or a visible contact phone number, or click here to contact us, or something at the very top, big and bold. So you need to make sure. And then there’s a contact us here, start here to find care near you, I don’t even have to scroll anywhere, and I can see exactly how to reach these folks anytime I want. It’s very clear to me. So make sure that when you’re having a website developed that you keep that in mind.

Let’s go to next. This is LifeCare, we just finished this one as well. So live better with LifeCare, they are in Illinois, and they have a brand new website. They went from one that was … I mean, it wasn’t bad, it was really fancy and had a lot of moving parts, and maybe a little confusing, so we went to a more simplified site. You’re welcome to look at this at, and this one is extremely nice and pretty on a mobile device, and again, call to action right here, request a free consultation. And if you are constantly recruiting, you might want to use apply to join our team, so that’s one of the things that might be really good to have in the top if you’re always constantly recruiting.

Okay, next is not one that we created, by the way, I cannot take credit for this, but this is Residential Home Health. I think they’re located in Michigan. We have always enjoyed this website, I’ve always liked it. Home Health Care Patient Guide, download now. This is a lot of graphics, but I still really love this website. I feel like it’s really easy to navigate, the phone number’s right at the top, exactly what you need to do is right here in the very middle, so this is another one that I feel, for 2018, are great lead generation websites.
This is one that we did for a hospice. Again, you can see they wanted a very, sort of a zen feeling to it, and they wanted something very easy and calming and simple. So call to action up here, they wanted this quote, which is fine, and their phone number. Start here to find care near you. Easy stuff. This is one of my favorite hospice sites.

This is one of our best lead generating sites. It’s not much different from the ones you just saw, again, phone number at the top, where areas serviced, but, I don’t know if it’s the picture, but these folks definitely get a lot of leads, and it’s not your typical lead form. So you know there’s a short form for leads, contact us form. You get tons of spam. They actually have a long lead form that qualifies the person more, and that’s the one that they get filled out more often, which is great for them.

This is Devoted Guardians. They have a very simple, very contrasting color type of website. These are their colors so they wanted to kind of stick with them, again, you can’t miss it. There’s no way you can not know how to get ahold of these folks.

TenderHearted Home Care, another one of our favorites. I love this site, I love the pretty blues in it. Get started, our services, for family members, phone number, find TenderHearted Home Care in your community. Easy stuff, that’s great.

This is one we did not create, but I’ve always liked this one as well. This is very simple, clean, these folks specialize in dementia only, and you cannot miss how to contact them. Contact us today, right there. So, these are some great ones.

The important thing to remember about websites in 2018 is that you need to keep it super simple. The people who are coming to your website are not in the healthcare industry, typically. Your referral sources might be, but these folks are overwhelmed financially, emotionally, they just don’t know what to do. So there’s a book out there actually for web developers called, Don’t Make Me Think, and what the premise of the book is, is that anything you do with regards to websites needs to keep it simple, clean, and easy to read.

And mobile is everything now, so everything that happens most of the time is going to be on some mobile device. It might be an iPad, it might be a phone, so you need to make sure it looks good on a mobile device. So don’t make me think means consider your audience, they’re not web savvy oftentimes, they might not be home care savvy, they don’t talk the talk, they don’t know what an ADL is, so keep it easy on the language, very simple, and solve their problem, that’s the most important part.

So, for us, when we create a website, we have a call to action several times on the homepage. They’re either going to call, or they’re going to fill out a form, those are the only two actions you really want them to take. Pick up the phone, or fill out the form. So those are the main points, and we use the words get started a lot because that seems to help guide people to what they need to be doing.
This is just one more example, where my arrows are pointing. This is a website we created, and it just easily shows you the areas they serve. Now I do see a lot of websites out there, if I didn’t live in that area I would have no idea what counties or what areas they serve, so it’s always good to have that somewhere above the fold and the phone number itself. And then that’s just pointing out the calls to action, get started, find senior home care in your community. The messages are short, simple, and to the point.

Questions and Answers

All right, so now we’re going to do questions and answers, and I think we have a couple of people who are still having trouble with the audio and the video. I’m not sure what the challenge there is, but I think the majority of folks can still see us and are doing okay, so we’re going to keep going here. And of course we will send out the replay, which will be just standard video, and it will be on our YouTube channel, so if you can’t see or can’t hear my apologies, but we seem to have everybody with us.

All right, questions and answers. These are the questions and answers that I received over the last few weeks since our Q4 Power Hour, and so we’re going to go through these. The first one is:

Do Facebook ads work better than Google AdWords for home care and senior care businesses?

Okay, I’m going to give you my take on Google AdWords. I understand there are lots of home care agencies out there, especially franchises that do Google AdWords ads, and here’s the sort of challenge there. If you have a lot of money to spend, or you’re a franchisor and you’re trying to help a local franchisee get leads, or recruit, or whatever, then you have the dough to waste or spend on AdWords. It’s not going to hurt you to spend a thousand bucks a month to get that person in that area up and running.

But for those of you who are small business owners who have an independent agency, or maybe you’re a franchise owner, but you’re way beyond the whole start-up phase. Google AdWords can really run you into the ground fast. You can easily waste $600, $800, $1,000 dollars a month on AdWords and have nothing to show for it. And the challenge in the home care industry isn’t that AdWords in general doesn’t work, it’s that we have tons of folks seeking jobs, job seekers, and a lot of them aren’t qualified, so even if you need a job seeker they may not be qualified to work for you, so we have tons of job seekers that are clicking on those ads that are completely wasting your money.

So if you spend a thousand dollars a month on Google AdWords, and for those of you who understand this, no matter how many negative keyword phrases you put in the system, meaning you put in negative keywords phrases so that if someone types in the words jobs, or careers, or whatever, that they don’t see your ads. But you can put 30, 40, 50 negative keyword phrases in your ads so that the job seekers don’t see your ads, you’re still going to get job seekers because they will type in the same exact keyword phrases sometimes that your potential clients would type in.

So if you’re spending a thousand dollars a month, my experience has been that $800 dollars of that will probably go to job seekers or people who are not qualified, and $200 of that will be clicks that are for people who actually do need care, but there’s also a percentage of those people who are only Medicaid qualified, and if you don’t take Medicaid then that’s not going to work. So I would table the Google AdWords.

I wouldn’t use systems like ReachLocal. I wouldn’t use Yodle. I wouldn’t use any of those, they all will tell you that they can get a better result. I’ve had many, many, many conversations with professional AdWords folks, and there are just a select few out there that understand the home care industry, so be very careful with that.

We’ve talked about the Google AdWords, and by all means, if you use it, and you love it, and it works for you, don’t change a thing, and let me know what you’re doing to make it work, because I’d love to know.

So Facebook Ads, let’s talk about Facebook Ads a little bit.

Now, Facebook Ads do work better than Google AdWords. The number one reason is that you eliminate those job seekers, so when you do Facebook Ads they are targeted to people who are maybe looking for care, but you have to understand a few things about Facebook Ads. Number one, if we run Facebook Ads for someone, we never just slap up a picture and say, “Hey, hire us for home care,” or anything like that, it has to be very structured and it has to be very well thought out. So you can’t just slap up anything and go, and think, “Oh, I’m going to get leads.” It doesn’t work that way.

Number one, you need to use a short, 10 to 12 second video, and we create those ourselves. Just a boom, just a little video that’s super easy, super fun, and that makes all the difference. First of all, Facebook loves video, they’ll promote video, they’ll show videos more often, and number two, it has to be super short because no one’s going to watch a 10-minute video, or a three minute video, or a one minute video. Super short.

The next thing to know is that we always use lead ad forms. So if we’re going to run Facebook ads and we’re going to generate leads, the person who’s interested in care must fill out a form. It’s a very short form, because you can’t ask too many questions, but it is a form. So we ask them certain qualifying questions, and we ask for permission to contact them.

The third thing that’s important is that when you run that ad, that you set up a system that instantly notifies the home care agency owner that a lead just filled out a form. And you all, as home care agency owners and marketers, need to follow-up in five minutes, in 10 minutes, you can’t wait a day, you can’t wait three days. You have to follow-up right now. So what we do is we set up a system that will either email you instantly, or text you instantly, or some form of both, so that you know someone has filled out a lead form.
That doesn’t mean that everybody who fills out a lead form is going to qualify to use your services, because they may be, again, a Medicaid recipient, or need to be a Medicaid recipient. But, if you take Medicaid, this is an awesome way to get leads, because many of them do qualify for Medicaid, but for private duty home care it is one of those things where we can target net worth and we can target home value down to zip code. So if you wanted home care leads for a certain zip code, because you knew was in an affluent area, that’s definitely doable.

In some areas Facebook lead ads are still going to average around $100 dollars a lead, and sometimes, in some areas, depending on how big your territory is, you can get it down to between $20 and $50 dollars a lead. But if you’ve ever bought leads from or ElderCarelink, you know that on average you’re probably spending between $20 and $50 and upwards. I think someone told me that if you get a lead, which is a very qualified lead from a place [inaudible 00:20:20] it’s like $250 bucks or something. But of course those are extremely qualified, right? I guess, I don’t know.

So you’re still looking at a cost per lead that fluctuates depending on if you’re in the middle of nowhere it’s going to be higher, and if you’re in a huge metropolitan area it might be lower. If you take Medicaid it’s going to be even lower, so these are just some things to keep in mind. I always tell people that if you’re going to run a Facebook Ad campaign, and you want us to do it that’s fine, you need to spend with Facebook, not what you’re paying us, but with Facebook you’re going to have to plan on a budget of $600 to $1000 dollars a month to see a good return.

So that’s my take on Facebook Ads versus Google AdWords. I’m not an AdWords fan, I’ve never been an AdWords fan. I don’t have any problem with people running some kind of low level campaign maybe, but again, you’re better off spending your money on Facebook Ads for a more qualified client. So, that is answer to question number one.

So I have a couple questions.

Who are the digital agencies that know how to do PPC for home care?

Dave, if I knew the answer to that brother, I would be on it. The ones that do the best are like the CareInHomes who sell you the leads, and even those leads may not be great, especially if they’re not exclusive. And ElderCarelink, not only do they spend $100 thousand dollars a month … I mean, these people are spending a million dollars a year easily, and they can afford that kind of fee because they’re selling the leads.

So, I know there are people out there that know how to do it, but the cost to do that, and many of them just don’t qualify, so You’ve got to be able to absorb that. If I knew who the agencies were who knew how to do PPC for home care, I would buy them, or I would partner with them, or I would tell you who they were. I don’t. I’ve never met anybody who can do a great job for home care.

What do you make of the Facebook update? Okay, the Facebook update we will talk about that in the next question, that’s a great question. And Dave says, “We tried and ReachLocal with poor results.” Right. I’ve looked into ReachLocal and Yodle accounts for clients in the past. It’s been a few years but you know, they’ll say, “Oh, well you got 54 calls last month.” Yeah, I get 54 phone calls and 53 of them were care givers seeking jobs, and one of them was an unqualified potential client. So they’ll tell you, “Oh, but look at all this …” Because they don’t understand home care. They don’t understand the challenges that are faced with the care giver situation, with the people seeking jobs.

What are the two most important social media accounts for home care and senior care?

Okay, the two most important social media accounts are going to be Facebook, and Linkedin. Facebook is your community outreach, and Linkedin is your professional to professional networking. On Linkedin, I can’t tell you how many times this happens still today, you need to have your picture on your profile. Do not send out connection requests to people if you don’t have a picture. You look like a spammer, or a scammer, or whatever. Now some of you aren’t, some of you just haven’t uploaded a picture yet.

I don’t care how old you are, I don’t care what you look like, I don’t care if you have three eyes, upload your picture. You’ve got to have a picture. And Linkedin also, let’s just be clear about this, Linkedin is your professional to professional networking opportunity, so you should be reaching out to other professionals in the healthcare community, and you should be connecting with them, having conversations with them, joining groups. You need to engage and get as many people local to you connected to your account, and make it part of your everyday, make it part of your Sunday nights while you’re watching The Walking Dead. Just get on Linkedin while you’re sitting there on the couch watching The Walking Dead and network with people. Send out connection requests, but make sure you have a fully filled out profile.
The other thing that’s important to know about Linkedin is this is not a replacement for Facebook. I don’t care about your memes, or your kitty cat videos, or your pictures of your kids, or the latest inspirational video from the Lifestyle Channel, or whatever. I don’t care about that stuff and neither does anyone else. We don’t care. What we want to know is: what do you do? What do you add? What kind of added value can you bring to my feed? If it’s going to be inspirational it needs to be work related, it needs to be productivity, it needs to be how to get more clients. What to do for blah, blah, blah.

I’m not here to look at your stuff that is not really going to resonate with me. I don’t care about pictures of your kids or your ice bucket challenge or any of that stuff. That’s Facebook. That’s community outreach. I have a cat video on my personal profile on Facebook right now, it talks about eating the bird donut, fine. I do not put that kind of stuff on Linkedin, Linkedin is professional to professional networking. Drives me crazy when I see that.

So for Facebook, number one you need to have a Facebook business page. It cannot be a personal account that you set up with your business name attached to it. You need to have a real Facebook business page. There are a thousand reasons for that but the most important one is that if you set your Facebook account up as ABC Home Care as a human person, you violated the terms of service of Facebook. Facebook business pages show up in search results, in location results, you need to definitely have a Facebook business page. If you don’t know how to do it just go to Facebook and type in business page, and there’s a whole slew of tutorials on how to set it up, it’s really fast and easy.

The next thing that you need to make sure you’re doing is attracting an audience. You need a fan base. You need a fan base, and you need content. So for our clients we have content running in there every single day. We have videos running into the system, we have posts from their website running into their Facebook business page, and we actually spend money on getting more fans. So once they get to a thousand or two thousand fans on their Facebook business page, then we can transition over to hitting traffic to their website. So You’ve got to build a fan base in your area, not in China, not in India, not in another country, you can’t go to Fiverr and buy 4000 likes. It doesn’t help you, it doesn’t work. You need to spend the time and the money, $5 dollars a day, $10 dollars a day, building your fan base, and once that’s there, you can spend a little money running traffic to your website with that.

Also, for Facebook lead ads, you need to have a Facebook business page. They all work together.

And so one of the questions is, what do you make of the Facebook update?

Okay, so the Facebook update, Facebook said this. They got hit really hard about fake news, they got hit really hard about spam and scammy stuff that’s all over the place, so what they said was, “You know what? Facebook was developed to connect human people, to connect person to person, friend to friend, family member with family member, that’s originally the design of Facebook.” And that is completely correct. They’re going back to that model, so instead of you seeing every single ad that’s out there and every single goofy thing, you’re really going to see most of the information from your friends, your family, and the groups, note, please note, groups that you are a member of.
So, for instance, I am the member of a lot of Instant Pot groups. Men may not know what an Instant Pot is, ladies might know. I have an Instant Pot. It’s like a little pressure cooker thing, it’s kind of the old fashioned, now it’s new again kind of stuff, and you can cook anything in it pretty fast. Not anything, but you know?

So, I’m a member of a lot of groups because I like to see new recipes or new ways to use my Instant Pot. So now my feed is full of Instant Pot comments from all these different groups, in fact, I probably need to get out of a few of them, because it’s clogging up my feed. But all of a sudden I don’t see every single human person’s stuff like I used to. And I have three thousand friends, I don’t know, I mean, just over the years I’ve just accumulated a lot of stuff. I don’t see most of that, I only see stuff from the friends that I have comments on or that I’ve liked their stuff. I see them more often, and I see everything from my groups.

So here’s a tip, groups are really important now. So what you want to do is you need to have an audience on your Facebook business page, a fan base, but you have the opportunity from that page now to form a group. You need to form a group, and you need to make sure though, keep this in mind though, if you’re going to do that you have to make sure you are accountable, and you are participating, and you are encouraging, and you know that it’s going to be a slow start, but if you’re in home care, senior care of any kind, then you know that you can easily form an online support group right there.

It doesn’t have to include your clients, it can include anybody from your local community. You can even run ads on Facebook to encourage more people to join your Facebook group that is supportive of elder care issues. But you have to log in every day and manage that group. You have to make sure you’re asking questions, or you’re answering questions, or you’re sharing a tip, or you’re doing a live video, or you’re posting a video from someone else that you thought would be great help to a family care giver.

So, those groups, every time you post they’re going to show up in that person’s feed. So the more people you have in that group right now the better off you are. So form groups, nurture them, be true to them. Take the time, not once a week, but every day, or every other day, at the very least. Assign two or three admins, if you can’t be the one that’s getting on there every day, then assign an admin or two. Maybe you and maybe your office manager could take turns getting in there and offering advice and help.

Eventually, as you grow that group, you will also see that the people in the group are supporting and helping each other. So you can maybe back off a little here and there, but you have to always be engaged and involved. So that’s my take, groups, and on your Facebook business page really reach out to people and really talk to them. And don’t post as your business, post as you, as a human on that Facebook business page. You do have the option, I won’t go into how that works, but you can choose to post as yourself versus as your business on your Facebook business page. Choose to post as yourself because Facebook is more interested in the human interaction than they are in the business interaction right now. So that’s my shtick on that.

Okay, let’s see. Can you apply the same marketing concepts to developmental disability agencies?

Yes, I believe you can, and especially if you are able to take Medicaid, you definitely have an advantage over some of these others. We do a lot of websites for everybody from pediatric, all the way up to aging kind of home care services, so we deal with clients who service the developmental disability market all the time, and you can absolutely market exactly the same way. They all need support, they all need encouragement, they all have family care givers, or most of them, so definitely do all of this for the developmental disabilities market. Just have to skew it to make sense for you.

Okay, what are the two most important ways to market my home care, senior care business?

Two most important ways are this: number one, direct referral marketing. That means you are getting out there, shaking hands, looking people in the eye and saying, “Hi, here’s what we do. We are great. We are awesome. Here’s my business card. Here’s my brochure. Please send us anything you want, and you know what? Anything you want, any lead, any client.”

The other thing that’s important to know about that, and other folks teach this too, is that if you’re willing to go the extra mile and take those 5:00 PM on a Friday afternoon cases from the hospital, you win. You win their trust, their loyalty, and they will come back to you every time. Take some of the harder to place cases, and don’t do anything outside of your scope, but if you can place somebody in home care on a Friday night at 5:00, that social worker or that discharge planner will love you forever. So make sure you’re available, especially when you’re starting up, to take those cases on a Saturday, on a Friday night. You’ve got to put your work in to win the trust and the friendship and the comradery of that discharge planner, that social worker, from wherever they are.

Okay, so in person networking is number one. Number two is online marketing, and that’s the part that we do, we don’t do the in person. We’re not a consultant for in person networking. We’ve learned that over the years, we all know that’s important for any small business, but for online marketing, some of the challenges that I see are people who are starting up their business don’t take into account that they do need a budget for online marketing, they need a website. And I will be honest with you, I do not like WiX, Weebly, Homestead, GoDaddy’s website tonight or whatever they call it,, any of those instant website creators that you see advertised on TV, yuck. They’re impossible.

I get it that if you don’t have a budget, and You’ve got to do something quick, that’s fine for a short time, but within one year if you’re going to make it, you need to have a real website. And again, I’m all about you don’t need to spend ten thousand dollars on a website, but do you need to spend somewhere between two thousand and three thousand on a website? Even if you have to make a few payments? Yes.
I believe that a WordPress website that is custom to you, that is done in a very good lead generation manner is super important. Now we have the Proweavers of the world that are okay, but you’re dealing with some caveats] there that, I mean, we deal with all kinds of websites. People who come to us do not have to have a website developed by us, we can work with almost any website, but there have been a few that have been impossible because of the way they’re built. And they don’t have a feed, they don’t allow blog posting, that kind of stuff is crazy and outdated. You need to have a great website. Okay, let’s see. Two most important ways: interpersonal networking, and online marketing, you have to be able to online market.

If you were starting a home care business today, what would be the first items of business with regards to marketing?

Money set aside for a run of business cards and a run of brochures, but I would not spend thousands of dollars on either one of those because a couple of things are going to happen. Number one, you might change your phone number because you’re a start-up. You may want to go from using your cellphone, to using a real office phone at some point, or your address might change as you have more cash flow, or whatever.

The services that you offer may change, so don’t spend a giant amount of money on a brochure, but definitely make sure that you have some very professional ones put together. Have a run of 100 done and be done with it, and when you get down to 50 order 50 more. I’d rather do that than have ten thousand brochures and decide to change my phone number and have to put a fricking white sticker on it.

So, that’s the first order of business, make sure you have stuff to hand out. Second order of business would be to get my website up, make sure that I have a Facebook business page, a Twitter account, a Linkedin professional profile with everything I need on it, and my picture.

Okay, so I would make sure I had my website, all of my social media set up. I would probably pay to have a little video, not thousands of dollars, but just something small, created for my website and my Facebook business page, and I would definitely start looking into having regular content added in the form of blog posting to my site.

Okay, if you were a two to five year veteran in the home care industry what steps would you take today to increase your revenue?

Two to five year veteran? Wow, I would make sure my online marketing is maxed out. I would do everything I could to make sure if I have my resources, that I have my referral sources, if I have everything I could possibly do, and I am out there, and I am hitting the pavement, and I’m reminding people that I’m there, and I’m doing okay revenue wise, then I would take a turn, look at my online marketing.

Does my website need to be updated? Do I need to start a blog? Do I need to have better Facebook engagement? Which is probably what most people need. And I would hit the ground doing that. I would increase my fan base on my Facebook business page to two thousand people. I would start running ads, I would totally do that if I were a two to five year veteran.

Okay, next. Where can I get free stuff for marketing?

My last slide I’m going to give you all the free links. What services does Valerie Company provide? Who are you? Ha, ha, ha, I’m the gal that will never use WebinarJam again. LTC Expert Publications, we have been in the business for 10 years serving home care and we would be happy to help you. We do everything. We have 900 articles that are unique, written every month. Maybe it’s more like 700, I don’t know, it depends on the day, but we supply those to our clients. We build websites, we just do the content, we do the social media, we do the ads, we do everything, we do the video. So, if you need anything with regard to home care marketing, we got ya covered, if it’s online.
All right, next? These are some of the links to the free stuff, so you can always email me,’

You can always call us at 888-404-1513.

You can go to our website at

YouTube, if you go to you can see all of our free videos. If you look at the archives then you can see hundreds of videos that are there on marketing. Most of them are pretty evergreen, and make sense from two years ago to today, and there’s stuff from yesterday in there, so.

Go there and like our page, please.

And please, if you are not a part of our Facebook group, our Elder Care Entrepreneurs group, please, please, please go there. It’s and we will get you hooked up.

That’s a great group, there are over 1400 people in that group. Not everybody’s super active, but we definitely have a lot of folks helping each other, giving resources, referrals, and all kinds of great stuff. People from all over the US, and some from the UK, but mostly US folks, and we hope that we see you there.

So thanks for bearing with me on this crazy WebinarJam webinar. It’s got lots of great bells and whistles but if it doesn’t let people in, or connect, or audio, then … So, next time, it’s going to be Zoom. All right, thank you everybody, we hope that you have a really great week, really great weekend. Don’t get the flu, and don’t get the stomach flu, that’s going around here like wildfire. Fingers crossed. Talk to you later. Bye everybody. Thank you.