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Valerie V:            Hi, guys. Valerie V Show. Welcome back. In one second, I’m going to tell you about an upcoming interview that you’re not going to want to miss and an opportunity for you to be interviewed on the Valerie V Show. Be back in one second.

Hey, guys. Valerie V Show. Hope you’re having a great week. Today is Thursday. Next week, I’m going to be on a beach vacation in Gulf Shores, you know, the Red Neck Riviera and this is how I’m going to wear my hair, crazy. This is what my hair really looks like. If I don’t put it in a pony tail or if I don’t flat iron it, crazy. It used to be straight and blonde and now it’s curly and brunette. I don’t get it. It must have something to do with having children.

Today, we’re going to talk about an interview that’s coming up on June 20th that you’re not going to want to miss, especially if you’re in the home health care market. This interview actually applies to hospital health systems and home health care. We are going to talk to the CEO of Synzi and they’re going to tell us all about their technology and their platform that can help you minimize the amount of actually visits you have to make and maximize your reimbursement by doing teleconferences. It’s pretty cool.

We’re excited to have him on. That will be Lee Horner. Welcome, Lee, we’ll see you on June 20th for a great interview. Let’s talk about interviewing you on the Valerie V Show. It is possible and something that I’ve been thinking about. If you’re a home care agency owner and you’ve found some success in your business, you’ve been around the block for a while, you are doing great, and you want to talk about your successes, how you got there, and any advice that you might want to give to other home care agencies that are starting up, that are feeling that pain that you felt when you were only six months out, a year out, two years out.

If you would like to be interviewed on the Valerie V Show, I would love to talk to you. The way we do that is through a program called BeLive TV. Every time you see me interview someone and you see that split screen where they’re on one side and I’m on the other, that’s called BeLive TV. We do that interview and we broadcast it live. We can also do those interviews in a taped format so that you’re not actually live on Facebook instantly. That’s okay too, and a lot of people prefer that because I can edit that video a little bit.

We can do it any way you want to do it. We can go live on Facebook if you’re brave enough or we can tape it and I will do all the edits or I’ll team will edit and we’ll edit out all the crazy stuff. If you’re interested in being interviewed and I will give you that video and you can use it for any of your own marketing, and you can share it with whoever you want, you can put it on YouTube, you can put it on your website, you can do whatever you like with it, you can blog post it. If that something that interests you, then let me know.

The way to get a hold of me is through our Facebook Business page at The Valerie V Show, so Facebook.com/valerievshow or you can email me directly at Valerie@LTCEP.com. If I don’t answer you right away, email me again because I get a lot of emails. If you message me, you’re probably going to get me faster. If you’re interested in doing that and I’m talking criteria of successful businesses that have been around the block for maybe two years or more, then please get a hold of me and we will do an interview that you can keep and use for your own marketing, and of course, we’ll market the wazoo out of it.

Let me know. I hope you guys are having a great Thursday. This is Think About It Thursday. Next week, I’ll be on vacation, but I’ll send you lots of messages from the beach. Have a great rest of your week. Talk to you soon. Bye.