Hey guys, Valerie V. And in one second I am going to tell you about the best Facebook tip of all time.

Hey guys, Valerie V Show. Glad you could make it for Think About It Thursday. A friend of mine named Gregg Mazza put up a great Facebook tip. In fact, he emailed it out to all of his people and I just happened to get it, and then I just happened to do it, and he was right.

So, I am passing this tip on to all of the folks that watch and read our newsletters, because I think it’s a fabulous one, but I have to give all the credit to Gregg Mazza from Home Care Breakthrough, so thank you Gregg, and here is your fabulous Facebook tip.

Hey guys, I just saw Gregg Mazza do this so I’m going to copy off of him and I am going to send you the same type of video. Facebook has changed their algorithm a little bit. They change it all the time, but there’s something really important about our group that I want you to do. If you are on your log into Facebook account, go to home. And then you’re going to go over here and go to groups.

You click on groups and you can see all your groups, you can see all my groups. So what I you do is to make sure you’re seeing everything, I click on this little settings thing. You’re going to edit notification settings. What you want to make sure it’s set on is all posts. So you want to notify me about all posts and make sure it’s there, and then hit save changes.

Let’s see if we have one that is not set at all. That’s all posts. Let’s see, under Entrepreneur Hustle, let’s see, edit notification settings, highlights, we need it all posts, save changes.

Okay so, if you wanna make sure you see all of our group posts in our group, the one I’m talking about, there are two. Home Care Marketing, Magnetic Everywhere Real and You would be https://www.facebook.com/groups/homecaremarketingmery and there’s also our private group, which is our mentoring group. If you’re in the mentoring program. So go ahead and do that and make sure you never miss a thing.

Thanks everybody and thanks Greg Mazza for letting me copy off of you. Bye.

And that’s it for Think About It Thursday. Make those changes on your Facebook account so that you can see all the cool stuff that we post every single day. Have a great day and we’ll see you for Freestyle Friday.