Hey, guys. Valerie V. Show. In one second we’re going to talk about some important announcements and some things coming up that you’re not going to want to miss this month.

Hey, guys. Welcome back. Valerie V. Here, and today is Marketing Monday. Did you miss me last week? I didn’t make one video last week. Can you believe that? It was kind of good to take a break, though. I hope everybody had a great Mother’s Day weekend, and we are going to talk about some announcements and some things that are coming up this month that you’re definitely not going to want to miss.

So, the first thing that we want to talk about is our mentoring program, of course. We are signing up for June right now, and this week is the deadline. I usually say like the 15th of the month is the deadline. We can usually go a couple day here or there. We have oversold every single group, and we are just about full for May, which is awesome. I think we might have two spots left, which is okay, but so you want to get in with the June group, then this week is your deadline. We need your contract in, and we need you to start getting us your information because it takes a couple of weeks for us to get your program set up. So, if you want to get in, go to ltcsocialmark.com. I think it’s up here, up here, up here somewhere, or down here. I don’t know. And go to ltcsocialmark.com/mentor, and we will get you all signed up. It’s awesome, it makes a lot of sense, it’s us doing everything for you, but also teaching you how to combine that offline marketing and that online marketing for better visibility for being magnetic, for being everywhere, and for being real and being you. So you definitely want to get involved in that.

The year is almost half over. I mean we are middle of May, so if you don’t feel like you’re getting enough home care clients and you want to change what you’re doing so that you do get more home care clients, then please take a look at that mentoring program page and read about it and see if it might be a good fit for you.

Okay. Next things that are coming up. We are going to go to my screen because I want to show you how to see all the events that are coming up in the month of May. Okay, so if you go to Facebook.com/valerievshow, you can see all of our events that are coming up, so all you have to do is go to Facebook.com. Let’s just do that here. Valerie v. Show. Now, you’re going to see a lot of admin stuff that you wouldn’t normally see, but that’s okay. All right. Now, we’re on the Valerie V. Show page, and we’re going to go down to events, and we have a lot of events coming up.

The first one coming up is May 17th, and that is an interview. We’re going to be live right here on this page, so all you have to do on May 17th at 3:00 eastern, 2:00 central, 12 noon pacific, is come to this page and you will see us. You’ll see a note that says that we’re live, and you can just click the play button and you’ll be live with us, or you can watch us live, with Matt Rozno from Rompora. Now, they are a home care home heath care, software company and much like ClearCare Online, Access and some of those, we’ll try to interview everybody, but I wanted to get Matt done first but they reached out to us. So, if you’re investigating software or you’re tired of the software you’re using or you’re not sure if there’s something else out there that might be better, be sure to tune into that.

On May 30th, we’re going to interview Gregg Mazza of HomeCare BreakThrough. He is a sales and marketing consultant for the home care industry, and he is one of the newer folks on the scene, so he is a former home care agency owner who did really well, and now he’s helping others learn how to do that. So, we’re going to interview Gregg Mazza, and then on May 31st at 3 p.m. eastern, all of these are at 3 p.m. eastern, 12 noon pacific. We are going to interview Aaron Marcum of Home Care Pulse. Now, most of you have heard of Home Care Pulse. They seem to be everywhere, and they help you make sure that you’re clients are satisfied. So he’s got a lot to share with us, and I’m sure that there’s more to that story than what I just said, so we have three big live interviews right here on Facebook coming up. If you don’t catch it live of course, you can watch the replay later, but we love it when you folks come on Live, ask questions, and do things like that. So, these are three upcoming events that are public for everyone. If you’re in our mentoring groups, we have other events that are coming up, like our May group meeting is coming up this week, and we will have a June kickoff for the June group the first week of June. So, watch your email for those private events.

So that’s it for Marketing Monday. I hope everybody is enjoying their great weather. It is already summertime here in St. Louis. We went from winter to summer. We just skipped spring. Everybody have a great rest of your week. Tune in for Tech Tuesday, and we’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks, everybody. Bye bye.