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This week we have had tons of videos. All five days have had a video go out so if you haven’t seen them all, you might want to go back and watch. We talked about so much stuff this week. I feel like this week’s been really long. Today, on Freestyle Friday, I’m going to talk about anything but marketing. I’m not talking marketing today. I’m going to tell you about a couple of things that came up this week that I thought were really interesting that you might want to check out too.

First of all, we have three kids, if you didn’t know that. They’re triplets, they’re girls, and they all were at fifth grade camp this week, which means we got a break. For the first time in 11 years we were home for four nights in a row with no children. Yes, we travel and yes, we’ve gone away without them, but to be at home in our own home all day, all night with no kids, haven’t done that for four days straight in 11 years.

That was awesome.

They come back today on Freestyle Friday and let’s see, what else? I watched two documentaries this week that I thought I would pass along because they totally grossed me out. One was The Magic Pill. It’s on Netflix and it talks about how we’ve been deceived for the last 50 years on the way we should be eating and it’s gross and we’re killing ourselves, so if you get a chance to watch The Magic Pill and see how these people’s lives have changed. In fact, one family has a little girl who’s autistic and her entire world changes in just a few short weeks of eating clean and she gets off a lot of her medicines.

There are other people in the documentary who are diabetics that get off their medicines just from changing the way they eat. Food is medicine. I’m 47-years old, it has taken me a long time to really understand that or to care to understand that more likely. Lately we’ve been really on the roll of eating healthy and of course, we feel better but we haven’t been doing it long enough to see any dramatic changes.

The other documentary I watched was What The Health and that’s also available on Netflix. I’m sure you can find these other places too, and that talks about more … It’s more dedicated to the food industry and the drug industry and how they kind of work together. It talks a lot about the pig farms and the cattle, how they’re treated and everything. It’s disgusting. After watching both of those, it makes you not want to eat period, but of course, you have to. Choosing to maybe not eat as much meat or maybe choosing the meat differently. So important.
The amount of pork and chicken that we eat and the beef and the way it’s fed is just killing the human race. It’s just gross. Anyway, I’m not going to get too deep into that because we all got to eat and we have three kids, so we’re not making super dramatic changes but certainly eating cleaner and healthier and watching what we purchase at the store is coming into play very significantly.

I’d encourage you to watch both of those documentaries. They kind of take different perspectives on the food that we eat but they’re both very enlightening. Let’s see what else. Oh, and tonight I’m going to see a scary movie called A Quiet Place or yeah, something like that. We are going on our last date night tonight to see A Quiet Place at the movie theater, no popcorn and we’re going to have a great time.

It’s Freestyle Friday, take the time to make a comment, post a like, or share something that has nothing to do with marketing about your week under this video. Have a great weekend everybody. The weather is finally beautiful here in St. Louis, Missouri and it went from winter to summer in one week. Yay! Talk to you soon, everybody. Have a great weekend and we’ll be back for Marketing Monday. Bye!