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Hi guys, welcome to the Valerie V Show. Don’t forget to subscribe. Subscribe, subscribe, and if you’re watching this on Facebook, please give us a thumbs up on our Valerie V Show Facebook business page. Thank you. Today we are going to talk about Reviews, Reputation Management, Home Care, and all the things that are happy and sad about that, and all the places you can get reviews. Boy, this is the bane of our existence some times, these review things. They’re so important, and yet they’re so difficult, so we’re gonna talk about that.

We’re gonna go to my screen and we’re gonna look at several different review options. Okay, the first option we’re gonna look at is Google My Business. So most of you out there, and I did a whole other video on Google My Business listings on Marketing Mondays, so beep, watch that for more descriptions on Google My Business. Getting reviews here for a home care agency is a lot different than if you were a famous steakhouse in your town. Let’s look at the difference. Let’s go to steakhouse Chicago. Oh, that was a nice misspelling.

All right, let’s look at Chicago Cut Steakhouse. All right, 642 Google reviews, 4.3 stars. Okay, so this is a food and entertainment venue. This is a place where people feel happy about leaving reviews all the time. Let’s look at a few. Okay, so we get 5s and 5s and a 4. All right. Oh, okay so they have a 1 star review here, but notice they have 642 other reviews. Oh, they have another 1 star review, that are kind of cover that up and keep their average pretty high because most of these are gonna be 5, and 4, and 3 star reviews, so when we get the occasional 1 star, 2 star review it’s probably not that bad, but you can’t please everybody all the time when you have that kind of volume.
Here’s the challenge for home care. We don’t have volume. We may have home care volume, but we don’t have Steakhouse Chicago volume. Let’s go to a home care agency. Let’s just type in home care. We got to make something up where nobody lives, Wyoming. All right. What do we have in Wyoming? Okay. We have Sheyenne or Cheyenne, sorry, Evanston, Rock Springs. All right. Look at how many they have, 5, 1, none, 1, none. All right. That’s how it rolls. Sometimes you get a few. Sometimes you don’t. All right. They said 1, wait a minute let’s see if there’s any. Oh, 14 reviews, look at that. Ding dong, somebody’s been working on stuff, okay. We know that if they have 14 reviews or any of these, if they have 14 reviews, 1 review, there’s a chance that someone, maybe a crazy family member, maybe a disgruntled employee who are all suddenly very web savvy could go on here and leave a horrible review.
Let’s look and see what they have, and no, I do not know these folks. I’m gonna guess that Shantel Hines is a disgruntled employee, so you see how that works? They’ve done a lot of good work, but you get one or two people, and usually I’m saying it’s that age group that are extremely web savvy, who are gonna leave a bad review and bring your numbers down. Luckily, they have 14 really good reviews with … I’m sorry. 12 really good reviews with a couple that aren’t so great, but you can kind of read between the lines if you really want to take that into consideration. The rest of these folks have 1 review.
One bad review is going to make it really awful for them, so Google My Business isn’t really set up in a way that is productive for home health care. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use it. If you have a good client, a good set of family members who are happy with you, and you know one of them or all of them have Gmail accounts, or ask them. Do any of you have a Google account where you can leave us a review? Send them the link to the Google My Business listing and get them to leave you a review. It’s something you have to work on all the time. Let’s look at another option.
Let’s go to Yelp. Boy, this is a bad news thing. Ding. All right, look at all these, 1 review, 3 reviews, 2 reviews, 1, 5, 4, 2, 1 bad review, 2 reviews, 3 reviews, and of course if you went to steakhouse oh, 532 reviews. I mean come on. So, in home care we suffer because we don’t have a demographic of client who’s really going to do this. You have to have a Yelp account. I am not a fan of Yelp. I do not recommend you have Yelp. I do not recommend that you advertise that you have Yelp on your website, or anywhere else. You can not get away from the Google My Business listing, but you do not need to have a Yelp account in home care. Yelp and Four Square, and places like that are for people to check in. You do not check in, or people do not check in at your business. You check in at their house, so you do not need a Yelp listing. Google My Business is unavoidable.
Some of the other things that people ask about are Care.com and Caring.com. If you want to have a listing there that is most appropriate, absolutely. I mean, you don’t have to pay their fees. I don’t know what they are, but if you wanted to have listings there that would be okay. The one that we created many years ago is called, Senior Service Reviews. Okay, so Senior Service Reviews is a website that we created with some help from some developers. We have all of our clients here, so you can go by state. Not all of them, but anyone who’s enrolled in one of those programs. You can see them here. What happens is when someone wants to leave a review that’s fine. They can leave any review they want.
We will go to, which one of my favorites? Here we go. Let’s try this one. Okay. They have 120 reviews and 120 ratings, so if I look up here at all reviews I can see that as the last one that was uploaded was December 21, 2017. 120 reviews, that is amazing. The reason that this is so easy is because they can direct somebody here. This is the website, their little Senior Service Reviews website. There’s no logging in. There’s no creating account. It’s just filling out a form, giving them stars, picking an option, title, full review, done. That’s it. Submit review. There is no complicated stuff here. It’s really super easy.
Let’s also take this address and see if they have a Google My Business listing because this client’s been really good about this stuff. They may have quite a few reviews. Let’s see. I don’t know. They have 31 reviews here. That is excellent, folks. You see it’s really about reaching out to those people who do have Google accounts, and just asking them, hey, can you do this for us? This is three months ago, a month ago, a month ago, great. Great job. This is doable. It just takes a lot of work and effort. Okay, so in order to get your link if you wanted to share this there it is right there. Copy link.
Okay. The other thing I want to show you is this. I talked about Senior Service Reviews. If you’re in one of our programs and you have Senior Service Reviews, you can see that on their Google My Business listing that service that we provide shows up under reviews from the web. They also have home advisor that’s showing up here, but Senior Service Reviews definitely shows up. If you have Facebook reviews that will also show up here.
Okay, everybody that is my scoop on testimonials and reviews. This has been Tech Tuesday. Watch out for Web Wednesday coming your way tomorrow. Thanks, everybody.