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Yay, we’re gonna beat PewDiePie. PewDiePie, awe what a guy. Anyway, today we are going to talk about Google My Business. Google is what I call or refer to as the Google monster. Google controls our online search life pretty much, and a lot of other things. It lets us control … It controls as much as we let it control. Well here’s the deal. Google My Business listings are really important and we can never get away from that, at least not right now. Bing is all right. Yahoo’s all right, but what are people really searching on?

Google. So your Google My Business listing has to be correct and I am going to show you how to make that correct. There are some thins that you gotta know in order to help yourself with SEO and Google My Business.

Okay. In order to manage your Google My Business listing you go to this address, google.com/business. So you can also read how it works in all the resources. That would be the best thing for you to do. Well we’re gonna sign in. Now if you can’t sign in to Google My Business, then you have a problem. This is the only listing that I care to manage.

These two we no longer manage and haven’t managed in many, many years. So this is the only one we care about from our business perspective, you can not have duplicate listings. So if you see this error or this error, that means these ads or these listings are not live. That’s okay. We don’t want these two to be live in my case, but in your case you want to have at least one that says published and if you can’t find that user name and password to log into an account where you can see that or you don’t have access to it, or somebody else set it up and you don’t know who that is, then that becomes problematic.
So we’re gonna look at one that we do have access to and that we can manage and by the way, if you log into this account and you see all reds here, just adding another location which is the same as one of these other two listings is never gonna help you. So here is … So I’m clicking on the link and I open up and now I can see all the things I can do with my listing. The most important piece is that you have all of your address, location, website, your phone number, your hours, all of this needs to be correct. So you go to info and you scroll down here and you make sure all these are correct. We put in lots and lots of photos, by owner, by customer. So if you own a restaurant, lots of your customers would probably add some photos, maybe of their food or of the venue or of them having dinner. You can add any of this. I don’t have any need to add interior or exterior photos. That’s not the type of business at work team identity. So let’s see by owner.

These are mostly all by owner. By customer. 360. That’s added by Google. Video. Yeah, we added some videos. Interior, we did not have. Well, we don’t really have any interior or exterior. That is the exterior at work. Team. We didn’t put any team pictures up. Identity. All that’s fine. You can use some of them for, same pictures for different things. So add pictures. Users. You can add a user. I just put in here that the messaging is on and it tells them to call our toll free number. You can say whatever you want there. Now let’s talk about posts. Now once you get most of this. I don’t wanna do that. Sorry. No. Once you get most of this set up, you don’t have to do anything else, but now Google is encouraging you to write posts. So we can write a post. So what I do in this case is I go to my website and I’m gonna go to Valerie’s Blog and we’re gonna take the last post we did. Write your post. Oh, it says 100 to 300 words. Okay.

So then what I would do is, read more. Add a button. Learn more. All right and then we need to add a photo. Okay. There is a photo. All right. So now we have episode 47. I don’t do this regularly because it’s a manual process. Google will remind me to add those, so if you wanna do this, this is gonna be something that you’re going to have to do on your own or assign someone in your office to do it. So the key things to remember are number one, you have to have access to your Google My Business listing, but if you haven’t done this and you’re not our client, you need to make sure your Google My Business listing reflects the correct address, phone number, website and add pictures and all kinds of other things that would be helpful for someone who were looking for home care.

So we’re gonna talk about reviews in another video, but the challenge with reviews of Google My Business is that in order to leave a review the person has to actually have, they have to have a Google account or a Gmail account and a lot of our seniors or adult children are not web savvy. They do not have a Gmail account. They’re still working off of AOL or something, or they just, or looking at Hotmail or whatever, or yahoo. They just don’t have a Google account. They’d never needed one. So it’s gonna be really hard to get them to leave you a Google My Business review, but if you have a client who has a Google account and you know it because they have a Gmail address, then go ahead and ask them to leave you a review if you know they’re happy. All right so we’re gonna find out now, we’re gonna go and see what our Google My Business listing website address is. So we’re gonna do a search and we’re gonna do LTC Expert Publications 63301. All right, there it is.
So I’m logged in so I’m seeing all this junk over here, but what I really care about is how all this looks over here. So you can see our last blog post is now up. If I go to website, directions you can see all that stuff. So a lot of people will ask us, “Well how do I get the link to this business listing?” So what I do is this, click on the map, and then I go to share. So this is the link to my Google My Business listing, right here. So you go to the map and then you go to share and it will show up right here. If you want to embed a map on your website, then we would copy HTML like that and we could put that on our website. Okay, so that is how you manage your Google My Business listing.

If you’re not our client, become one and we will absolutely help you if we can. Today is Marketing Monday and tomorrow is Tech Tuesday. So stay tuned for tomorrow’s Tech Tuesday edition. See you soon guys. Bye.