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Hey, guys. Valerie V Show. Today, we’re going to talk about LinkedIn. LinkedIn is your professional-to-professional networking. Some people will tell me that LinkedIn is their personal account. LinkedIn is not personal at all, or it shouldn’t be. LinkedIn is your professional-to-professional outreach. Facebook is your community outreach. LinkedIn is your professional-to-professional networking. When you are on LinkedIn, you are representing the company that you work for, or that own, in a most professional way possible. You should have a professional profile that’s set up in search engine optimize, and you should also have a company page. We’re going to look at mine as an example so that you can see exactly how your LinkedIn should be set up and what should be happening with your LinkedIn on a daily basis. All right. Let’s go to my screen.

Okay. Right now, you’re looking at the screen. I have logged in as myself on LinkedIn. We’re going to take a look at Valerie’s LinkedIn profile. You only need the free account, unless you’re a recruiter, then I recommend you get a paid account, but free is good. Let’s take a look at my profile and see what we can notice. LinkedIn is changing. LinkedIn was purchased by Microsoft, so you will see changes with LinkedIn. First thing you’ll notice is that I have a cover photo, much like we do with Facebook. Can you see the similarities there? I put a representation. Sometimes this changes. This is our professional representation of us on LinkedIn. There’s my goofy picture. This is my full name with my maiden name included.

So, headline. Now, for this headline, what I put in here is what we currently do or who I am currently representing, and this is who I’ve represented for the last 18 years. Digital Home Care Marketing Online, Home Care Content for Websites, SEO, social media, leads. I can change that up at any time. I can do … Maybe I’ll just do home care website. Then, I put my summary. I repeated some of those keyword phrases. You can see I put a long summary there. Media, I can upload it if I want to add some stuff. These are some of the presentations we’ve done over time. LinkedIn and SlideShare are very connected. Everywhere that you can put keyword phrases, do it, because this will show up in a Google search probably before your website does. If somebody’s searching on your name, or what you do, then this LinkedIn profile’s going to show up.

This is my dashboard, how many people have viewed my profile, how many people have viewed my post, search appearances, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh. Your articles and activity. Activity is stuff that is coming into my LinkedIn profile. These are things that I share or do. I have it set up so that every time our website Home Care Daily or ltcsocialmark.com posts an article, it actually posts in my profile as if I posted it. Let’s see all activity.

So if you scroll down here. You can see all the stuff. Now, some of this comes from our websites, like Home Care Daily. But, this, I posted yesterday myself. I post videos directly to LinkedIn because LinkedIn is getting into the video thing. And if they’re getting into it … I mean, the videos have to be under 10 minutes. But if they’re getting into it, that means they show them more, and that means that more people will view my profile and get to know me. I keep my videos under 10 minutes, and I post them directly to LinkedIn, as well as Facebook, YouTube, and a bunch of other places. So, you can see some of my information there.

Articles are a different thing all together. Articles are like blog posts. If you wanted to post a bunch of articles, you can do that. You just take your blog post and you can also post them here. I just pick and choose. I could actually probably post every day to LinkedIn, but I also have all the stuff on my website, so I kind of alternate, pick and choose. Sometimes I duplicate what’s on my LTC S Social Mark website with what I have in LinkedIn. That helps set you up as an influencer. Articles are long blog posts. You can add videos, text, whatever, that are actually on your LinkedIn account.

Let’s go to LinkedIn from my homepage use so I can write an article or I can just post an idea. I can just write something simple, or if I go back, well, or refresh, I can write a whole article. Now, if I want to write an article, it opens up in a completely new place. I can put the picture here, headline. I can write it. I can add. If I click here, I can add images, videos, slides, links, snippets, whatever. Those are much more time intensive. Just having my stuff come into LinkedIn automatically is generally speaking what I do, except for these videos. But, the main thing to know is that your personal profile, we get it. We get it. We get it. Your personal profile is your professional profile. There’s nothing personal about this.
All right, so here is our company page. Now, I can change this background any time I want. There are some parameters that we can use to makes these prettier. It’s a little bit challenging on LinkedIn, but this is all supposed to be mobile-responsive. 776 followers. You can see here that we have all of the blog posts from our various websites post in here as well. They post on my profile and they also post here on our business pages. Business pages are the same thing. We want to make sure that they’re a professional representation.
If you’re an admin, you should be able to manage your page. I don’t put a lot of clout into these pages. I know that people visit them once in a while, but they really want to get to know me. Frankly, in the home care business, people really want to get to know you, not necessarily your logo. So if I want to make any adjustments to this, I can. If I want to add a post, I can. If I go to overview, this is where I can change things around a little bit. Jobs, life, overview, about us. You know, there’s lots of things that we can do here. I haven’t managed this in a while. But, so this is your company page. If you want us to manage this for you, what we will do is when you create, you have to create your company page, and this is for our clients only, then add us as an admin.

Oh, admin tools. Page admins. Here I can add Dawn or anyone else that I want. You can add me. I’m ready to publish. This is the person people are looking for when they come to LinkedIn. They’re not looking for my company page, necessarily. If they stumble across it, that’s awesome, but they’re really looking for me. In the case of home care, they’re really looking for you, so connect with as many people as you can. If I go to home, I have no pending invitations, but usually there’s two or three a day. You can see I have 7,518 connections. It’s going to give me recommendations of people I may know who I can connect with. Now, I say connect with as many people as you can, but if you go crazy here, it can put a governor on how people you can reach out to. Just make sure it’s folks that you know.

The other thing that’s interesting about this is that I can … If I go to see all and I go here to manage synced and imported contacts, I can export all of my contacts. I can do that, and what will happen is I will get all 7,500 or whatever email addresses. I can use that and put that in my newsletter. Lots of people will unsubscribe. This is true, and that’s okay, but there are a lot folks who haven’t ever been on our newsletter list, and they love it, and they want to be on it, and they never unsubscribe. This is a great way to increase your subscriber list for your monthly newsletter. Think About It Thursday. Have a great day. We’ll see you on Freestyle Friday.