Hey, guys. Welcome to the Valerie V Show. Today is a Monday, marketing Monday, and in a minute, we’re going to talk about something that I have that’s free for you that’s going to help your marketing.

Hey, everybody. Valerie V Show. It’s marketing Monday, and if you haven’t heard, we have something free for you. It’s a 20-page PDF that talks about M-E-R-Y, the MERY method. This is something I did videos on. You can see on our YouTube. Oh, by the way, subscribe, subscribe, subscribe. If you’re watching this on our Facebook business page, please give us a thumbs up.

Okay, marketing Monday. Over the weekend, I put out a 20-page PDF that talks all about the MERY marketing method, which is M-E-R-Y, being magnetic, being everywhere, being real, and being you in your online marketing and even in your offline marketing. You are welcome to download it. It’s absolutely free. All you have to do is go to ltcsocialmark.com/mery, M-E-R-Y, and you can just download that for free, and have it, look at it, and ponder about it. I’d love some feedback.

We also, for Marketing Monday, I want to talk about some of the things that we’re doing for our mentoring clients, which by the way, I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you again to everybody. Our May group is oversold, and so we’re awesome and happy about that, and our next group is starting for June 2018, so we’re almost to May. Our May group is about to kick off.

If you want to get into the June group, now, I know it seems like it’s far away but it’s not. It’s only 30 days away-ish, 30 some odd days away, so if you want to get in the June group, the deadline to get the contracts into us and to get all your stuff uploaded and all that is May 15th because it takes our team working with you about one to two weeks to get everything up and running and ready to go depending on your situation, so we want a little time in there. Our June program will kick off the first week of June, so you are welcome to join us. Deadline is May 15th. That’s a Tuesday.

For Marketing Monday, I want to share with you what we’ve been doing for our clients. We have, or for our mentoring clients, everybody asks what they could use to go by and visit their potential referral sources every week. Now, when we were on the conference line or on the live, Facebook live with Cheryl Peltekis last week, she mentioned this too. I will say that I believe this is a really good way to have a reason to go by and see your referral sources every single week. Make a list. Go by and see them. That’s having a leave-behind that is something beyond your business cards and your flyers or brochures.

I wrote up four different one for each week in May, four different marketing leave-behinds. May is Older Americans Month. May is gifts from the garden month. May is … There’s two other things that we did. I don’t know, ALS and something else. I can’t remember. We wrote those up in a Word document. We gave them to our clients. Now, they have four items, one for each week in the month of May, to go by and leave with their referral sources or potential referral sources.

Now, in order to make that worthwhile, they have to jazz up those Word documents, make them their own, put their own logo and contact information on them, and maybe put together something super little and cute to leave behind, nothing expensive, something little like a tiny little, super little bag of Hershey’s Kisses or something like that to go with each leave-behind. Maybe you know three or four people in that facility or that organization that you want to reach out to, so you can put their names with that information and give it to them or have the receptionist give it to them so they’ll know you were there. Super cute ideas. You can do it too.

If you’re in our mentoring program, you have access to all four of those leave-behinds, so probably what we’ll do is we’ll do that every single month. What else can you do with those leave-behinds? You can use them as blog posts, you can mail them out to potential clients, you can do anything you want with those leave-behinds. That is our marketing tips for Monday. Download your 20-page PDF, make sure you’re looking at all the different opportunities to celebrate. I know. The first week in May is National Nurses Week or it’s the sixth through 12th I guess, so we did want to make National Nurses Week. That’s a big one.

If you become our mentoring client, you have access to those four leave-behinds every single month, so get on the stick and join us for our June group. Deadline is May 15th, so if you want in and you want cool marketing stuff, now’s the time. Thanks, everybody, and we’ll see you on Tuesday.