Hi guys. Valerie V Show. Today is Freestyle Friday, and we’re gonna talk about a couple of motivating things for your weekend and for next week. Freestyle Friday, coming up in just one second.

Hey guys, Valerie V. Welcome to the Valerie V Show. Today is Freestyle Friday, and we can talk about anything we want. Ask me any questions you want. I’d be happy to answer them. So today, we’re gonna talk about a little bit of motivating stuff. I know it’s Friday, and pretty much everybody’s just mailing it in today. But don’t be that guy or that gal that’s just mailing it in. One of the things that I’ve learned from being a care manager or case manager, I should say, in the hospital many years ago is that on Friday at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, all the doctors would come by because they don’t wanna be hassled over the weekend, and they would start discharging people. And probably because the insurance company told them they had to discharge people.

So, in order to get everybody out the door, all of us case managers had to scramble around and either find home care, a skilled facility, or somewhere to put these folks when they go home. And when we had a home care agency that would rise to the occasion and help us out on a Friday afternoon, they became our favorite home care agency. So, don’t be a slacker on Friday. If somebody calls you and needs help at 5 o’clock, and you’ve really wanted to get in with that company, then make it happen.

Also, I was on call, or I was actually had to do rounds about one weekend a month, and I had to be on call that weekend for discharges and things like that. It was really hard to get people discharged over the weekend unless it was already planned on Friday. So, if you’re wanting more business from your local hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and what have you, rehab centers, you need to make it clear to them that you will take anything that comes your way for home care on a Friday or Saturday or Sunday. If you can do that, you will get more and more business from them. So, that is one of my motivators. Get up off your butt, and go out there and make some new friends because I guarantee you case managers and social workers in the hospital setting and skilled nursing facilities and rehabs will be your best friends on Fridays and Saturdays.

I know everybody’s tired. I know everybody’s kinda like, uh. I am too. But, I know today is really important in a lot of the healthcare world, so get out there and make it happen. What else are we gonna talk about on Freestyle Friday? We still have to talk about Instagram, and I’m still gonna make some of those videos for you. Also, Twitter. Twitter is one of those things where I know for a fact that you’re never going to get a client in 160 characters or less, or 260 characters or less or whatever it is. That’s probably not gonna happen. But having a presence on Twitter is still important. All of our clients have a presence on Twitter. We tweet for them every time we blog post. It’s an automated process, and you can set that up too but you actually have to blog post. So, get out there and get that Twitter account setup, start blog posting on your own website.

And that is Freestyle Friday. That’s the stuff I had in my brain today. Tell me more about what you have in your brain in the comments below. And by the way, subscribe, subscribe, subscribe, subscribe, subscribe to our YouTube channel and if you’re on our Facebook page, please give us a thumbs up and like our page. We’ll see you on Monday, and we will hit it hard on Instagram. Bye.