Hi guys, welcome to The Valerie V Show. I’m Valerie V and this is Freestyle Friday.

Hi guys, welcome to The Valerie V Show. Freestyle Friday means we can talk about anything we want all day long and it’s Friday the 13th, woo-hoo! A little recap on what we’ve been talking about all week. We’ve been talking a lot about personality marketing and the M.E.R.Y. method, M-E-R-Y, which means being magnetic, being everywhere, being real, and being you. Being real and being you is kind of the same thing so we call it a three-prong approach, so magnetic, everywhere, being real, being you, we talked about that all week.

If you haven’t watched those videos please be sure to subscribe, subscribe, subscribe, subscribe, wherever it says subscribe at least. If you’re watching us on Facebook please like our page and you’ll get all of our cool videos. With the M.E.R.Y. method where we bring all those approaches together it’s something we call the axial effect, so today we’re going to talk about the axial effect. That’s what you need to be amazing in your online marketing and even in your offline marketing. We’re going to talk about the axial effect today. Ready? Here we go.

                              Okay, here we are with the axial effect.

Can you see how all this works together? Being magnetic, being everywhere, being you and being real is kind of the same thing but we divide them out because, I don’t know, there’s something about being real and being you to me is two different things. Anyway, whatever the case, this is the axial effect when you bring it all together. The axial effect is about more than just growing your home care revenue, it’s about creating a more evolved home care business; one that’s sustainable, scalable, has a rock solid foundation, and is future proof from any economic collapse.

     Three things that happen when you active the axial effect;

    • you grow a larger, more attentive, engaged, and more responsive audience;
    • you have social proof because of the size of your audience;
    • you have a larger platform to get your message out to your audience.


When you need to hire caregivers or key staff you have access to people who already know you and your message and you’re able to profitably launch new home care services on demand. Woo-hoo!

   You make more sales and generate more revenue.

You are able to effortlessly close deals and you are able to create cash flow that allows you to both grow and take profit out of the home care business. You create deeper, more meaningful relationships. One-to-one relationships are better than those with your audience members. When you have a growing home care business and an audience behind you you’re able to also grow your relationships.

   You get access to better marketing partnerships.

You find yourself getting into media outlets and leveraging PR. You have a network strong enough to build a powerful marketing partner mastermind and you get access to new and exciting opportunities. Simply put, these are the three currencies that have been missing from your home care business. This is what online marketing has completely overlooked and this is what’s going to help you build a foundation for seven figures and beyond and make you number one go to expert in your niche nearly overnight.

When you plug M.E.R.Y., M-E-R-Y, magnetic, everywhere, being real, and being you, into your home care business these three currencies begin to build off of each other. This currency flow generates momentum without you directly hustling and grinding every day. It allows you to sustainably grow to seven figures without feeling like you’re going to melt.

How to blow up your industry in the next 180 days. When I developed the M.E.R.Y. method I realized that I had been lacking being real and being me in my own business. Thus, I wasn’t generating clients that were a 100% great fit nor was I connecting deeply with my audience. Once I began to be more me in my marketing it immediately changed everything. Many home care entrepreneurs are exactly where you are today. They struggle to connect, they have trouble finding the right home care clients or they aren’t making good margins.

If each one of them committed to bringing together being magnetic, being everywhere, being real, and being you, they would see massive results. They would be certain about where the next home care client was coming from. They would have a proven predictable system that works now and for years to come, which enables them to actually have the freedom they want in their home care business.

Now if you want these results and you want to see the axial effect, you can blow up the size of your audience, exponentially grow your revenue, and create deeper, more meaningful relationships. This is more than just another grow your home care business program, this is for entrepreneurs who are ready to impact their home care business at the highest possible level.

For those who are ready to grow revenue, audience, and relationships, who are ready to create a legacy that will last for years and who want the strategic guidance of a mentor, not a coach, we will walk you through what it takes to increase your home care business over the next 180 days. In 180 days we will help you implement a massively magnetic marketing message, be everywhere with it, and be real, and be you.

If you’re ready to blow up in your industry and massively grow your audience revenue and relationships over the next 180 days, please join Valerie V Mentoring Program. We have our May group about full as of the recording of this video and we are going to start working on our June group. Do not delay. The minimum price to join is $395 a month and yes there is a set-up fee but that is for everything we do for you plus everything we teach you. That’s an amazing deal so get on it and join today so you can enjoy the axial effect. Woo! There it is.

Okay, that’s the axis effect. I will talk to you all next week on Monday-ish. That’s it for today. This is Freestyle Friday, have a great weekend. By the way, as of this recording we are almost full for our May group so if you’re holding on one of those contacts get it in because the deadline is Monday. We’re almost full, I’m so excited about that. The axial effect, the axial effect, the axial effect. Bye.