Hey guys, Valerie V Show. Happy Thursday to you. Today we’re going to talk about being real and being you.

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So being real and being you, what does that mean? Of course, you’re real and of course you’re you, right? But not everybody is exactly the way I’m describing it. So let’s look at what I mean. Okay, being real is about creating real relationships. So that’s hard to do online, but you can let people know that you are a real human being, and you can develop some online relationships with them, you can gain their trust. And then when they do talk to you on the phone or meet you in person, they’ll feel like they’ve known you forever.

In today’s world, we face constant automation and technology. The people you serve are craving a real connection with a real person, and that is so important in the home care industry. This is a very real, emotional, financially overwhelming situation for these families. So they want a connection with someone they can believe in and trust. Somewhere along the way online marketing became less about human to human connections and more about advertising a faceless business, and I see lots of you doing that out there. You want to drive traffic to your LinkedIn business page. You want to drive traffic to your Facebook business page, which I totally agree on both of those. But without your inner action and your face and your comments and your engagement with the people who read your stuff, it just really doesn’t make as much of a difference to them, you have to get involved.

When you focus on being real with your audience, you develop insanely strong relationships. When we think about being real we’re talking about these three things; connection, conversation and community. When you create connection it means you’re being honest and open with your audience about what’s really going on in life in your home care business. Now you don’t have to tell them every single little thing, but just being a real human person with real kids who are really in the fifth grade, who are really triplets, who are really 11 years old, and having a husband and two dogs and living in a fairly small house, that’s me and those are the kinds of things that make me a real human. You don’t hide things, you don’t fudge numbers or pretend that life is awesome when it’s not. You’re real. You open up about things and get vulnerable.

Now everybody has their limitations on this. Some people are fairly private and they really don’t want to talk about anything that’s not happy, and I totally agree with that. I’m not going to go online and talk about every time Charlie and I don’t agree on something, and I’m not going to talk about necessarily how many times my kids got in an argument with each other today. I’m going to kind of keep it on the happy, I’m going to keep it on the positive because that’s what people need from me and that’s what people need from you. They don’t need to know all the down and dirty details, they just need to know that you really are real and you’re celebrating successes in your personal life and in your business life.

So many people online will run ads and don’t even do the most basic things like reply to comments, be involved in the conversation, respond to your emails, reply to comments, foster discussion in your Facebook groups. Care about your people enough to have deep conversations with them. And finally, when you create community, you build a safe place for your audience. This isn’t just about having a Facebook group, and we are going to talk about groups, but it’s about creating a place for your audience members to network, support each other, and interact with you and your content. Humans have always needed community. Build a tribe that you support and who supports you in return. Furthermore, when being real and being you is included in your service offering, you’re able to produce the highest level of trust and authority for your potential home care clients. We have talked about trust and authority for years, and I need you guys to understand that just having content and just doing all the things that we do, although it is 90%, or maybe it’s more like 80%, of the important stuff, there’s 20% that’s you, and the more you engage and interact and actually talk to people online, the better your business will do.

In other words, when you’re selling home care services, you add being real and being you to your offer. We live in an information age and an automation first society. People are drawn to authentic human connection. Before you implement this, each of these concepts are powerful by themselves, but when you combine them, that’s when the magic really starts to happen. If you have been stuck in a certain level of billable hours, or stuck at a certain amount of revenue, it’s likely that you have one of these three working in some way. When you implement all three, meaning you’re magnetic, you’re everywhere, you’re real and you’re you, you’ll blow up in your niche very quickly.

But before we look at what happens when you have all three components in your home care business, you need to be careful about focusing too much on any one of them.

Wow. That is a lot about being you and being authentic. I think maybe another term for being you and being real is personality marketing. You’ve got to have a little bit of personality. Even if you think you’re not a great personality, or you’re more business orientated, or you’re better one on one, just having a personality and being nice to people online and making that part of your marketing strategy, is so important. So it’s not just about the content, it’s not just about being magnetic, it’s not just about any one thing, it’s putting all of these things together so that you can shine and win your local market.

The next video we’re going to talk about being a marketing ghost. Don’t do that. Okay. Talk to you later. Bye bye.