Hi guys, Valerie V Show. Today we’re going to talk about being magnetic. What does that really mean? Are you a magnetic marketer? So, in person you might be really super magnetic. You might be happy and smiling and and shaking people’s hand and looking them in the eye and telling them all about your home care business. What I’m talking about is equally important and that is being magnetic in your online marketing. Without being magnetic, your kind of boring. So we want to make sure that we are attracting the right clients and that we’re showing them that we can solve their problem. So let’s talk about being magnetic.

So being magnetic isn’t what you normally think of when you think of marketing. When I say ‘magnetic’, I mean your marketing message. Remember, there’s a very specific process for becoming “magnetizing” to someone. First they must admit there’s a problem in their life and for most of our clients, we know that they have an elder care issue of some kind. That’s the only reason they would call us. So, an elder care issue, a problem, or a crisis. Oftentimes, they’re in a crisis. They go into “discovery mode”. So they’re starting to get educated on the cost, the solution, what that looks like, what it means for them and for their family member.

You show them your process and your method and they think about buying into you as an authority. So, when you have everything lined up in your online marketing, you need to be showing the process and showing how you can solve their problem. And we’re talking about doing that on your website, in your social media and in video and everywhere else. So, you show them your reason for getting into the home care business, your personal beliefs and values. And you forge a true connection.

So, when you’re real and your you and your everywhere. You also, help that magnetism. So, you don’t have to go into great detail on these things. Everybody has an About Us page. What some of the About Us pages are lacking on their website is, there’s no human connection on that About Us page. It’s a company About Us, it says no … It has no names. It shows no people and really, what we want is to forge a real connection with these folks. So, you want to help them understand your vision, your mission, your values, and the reasons you got into the business.

Now they decide if they want to go from that pain that they’re feeling with their elder care issue, to the solution that you’re offering. And you show them how your solution helps them do that. And finally, you show them the commitment is worth the result and you close the deal. So the commitment means their financial commitment or their parents financial commitment or their family member’s financial commitment. And, the commitment of having someone come into the house every day or every other day or whatever that is. So, they are entering an emotional, financial and physical commitment to this process of home care.

So, we can break this down into three main components. You have your offer, your messaging and your positioning. Your offer is whatever your selling. So in our case it’s a Senior Care Solution or a Home Care … Elder care, senior care … Whatever it is that in your Senior Care business that your offering. Your offer is what you’re selling. It doesn’t have to be money by the way. So, you don’t have to start out with. “Okay, that’s going to be $22 an hour times 40 hours a week is …” So, when we talk about offers, we’re including things like eBooks, free reports, a free consultation, which is kinda getting old folks signing up for a webinar. Or actually buying your services. So, that would mean that financial commitment.

You customize your offers based on where someone is on their journey. So, if they’re still in the discovery phase and they’re still learning. You don’t have to have them commit to a financial solution. Offer them something else. If they’re ready to buy from you, you offer your program or service. Okay, for example, one of my core offers is a guide like this. So, the Word document you see in front of you will eventually be something that you can download for free. Or, you can join our Home Care Marketing Mery Group on Facebook, which is our Elder Care Entrepreneurs private group. So, you can join that group. We just renamed it to Home Care Marketing. You can join that group for free. And this guide that you see in front of you, that I’m talking to you from, will also be available soon. We want to get through our videos this week and then, I’ll have it up for offer.

Your messaging is simply what words you use to describe your offer. What it does for you prospect and how they will benefit if they take you up on the offer. You align your messaging with your lead’s mindset whether they’re in discovery mode, that’s the free stuff. Or you’re looking for … They’re looking for a paid solution. For example, when someone is in the solution stage obviously, you offer them your home care services. And your positioning is how you differentiate yourself from the competition. So essentially, it’s showing what makes you special and presenting your unfair advantage. I’ll give you that example according to us. So, our unfair advantage is that, I’ve co-owned a digital marketing agency for 10 years and have run a seven figure business strictly devoted to marketing senior services. Now, your unfair advantage might be, that you have an Alzheimer specific program with training. Or that maybe, your specialty is in movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease.

When you have these things, these three things, you can be magnetic. You can go deeper on each of these things, of course. By identifying your audience, their pain points and how you solve them. You can craft a better offer. And that determines tighter messaging which in turn, influences your position and each element is connected and they are all necessary to have a magnetizing message.

So, we are going to talk about magnetizing messages a little bit. And, I’m going to give you some examples in our next video. But that is, our video for today on being magnetic. So, that’s a lot of stuff to absorb in one setting. But, I want you to know that this offer, this free report, or this guide … I guess guide is a better word, that you see in front of you. Is going to be available to all of you for free. I just want to get through the pieces of it in video. And then, we’ll offer it to everybody. So, we’ll have videos to accompany this guide.

Okay folks, so that’s the Valerie V Show today. This is all about being magnetic. And I know that’s a little hard to absorb right off the bat. However, we’re going to talk about it a little more in depth and give you some real life examples in the next video. So, be magnetic. Think about how you are magnetizing in your offer, in your positioning, in your solutions. Think about all those things. Not just in terms of, in-person marketing but also, in terms of your website, your social media, the content you’re providing your community. Think about all those things. And, we’ll be back with you tomorrow.

Thank everybody, have a great Tues …